Before I shared this bowl of Matcha Oatmeal on my Instagram feed, it had probably been a good few months since I had eaten oatmeal! Don’t get me wrong, oatmeal is great, but I’m usually a big smoothie-for-breakfast kind of person so it’s been a long while. Now this recipe isn’t one that I had originally intended to share on the blog because it seemed too simple to warrant a recipe. But then I realized, a lot of things that I consider “simple” really aren’t all that simple… I realized this after the high volume of direct messages asking for the “recipe” and of course, the comments requesting that I share. In my mind, saying “just go by taste, play around with it!” makes sense, but to someone who doesn’t regularly cook, or someone unfamiliar with the ingredients used in my recipes, it sounds a little crazy. It’s funny because now that cooking has become such a big part of my life, career and interests, it seems natural to cook by just winging it (and tasting it).

With all that said, I tried to recreate that bowl of oatmeal this morning, while measuring out the ingredients before throwing them into the mix. It’s more or less just a recipe for vanilla bean oatmeal, because matcha is just an additional ingredient that I threw in last minute, so if you’re not into matcha, you can also just exclude it altogether!

matcha oatmeal

I typically like using cashew milk, almond milk, or another creamy non-dairy milk (I home make mine in my Almond Cow Machine) when I’m making my oatmeal. I find that it adds richness, creaminess and fat to the recipe, and has a much better texture than oatmeal made with just water. I also like to stir in about a tablespoon or two of creamy nut or seed butter (usually cashew butter), because it also makes the oatmeal so much yummier.

For sweetener, I tend to vary it up based on what I have on hand, or what kind of mood I’m in, but my preferred sweetener type is a liquid sweetener. Usually, I’ll use date syrup, coconut nectar or maple syrup to sweeten, because it’s far easier to incorporate smoothly than a granulated sweetener or something like dates. If you prefer not to add sugar, you can use a sugar-free sweetener like stevia, or monkfruit, or add a mashed banana to the mix instead.

Vanilla bean is one of the key ingredients in this recipe. You can absolutely substitute it with vanilla extract or vanilla powder (and I do this sometimes because it’s certainly not the cheapest!), but if you have access to fresh vanilla bean I would highly recommend it because the flavour is absolutely beautiful. If you have access to vanilla paste, that also makes an incredible second choice, but just know that vanilla extract works just fine! And finally, if oats don’t digest well for you, you can also try this recipe by substituting with brown rice, or another similar grain.

As with all of my recipes, this bowl of oatmeal is very customizable, and by nature, is an “eyeball it” kind of recipe. Don’t be afraid to play around with ingredients, and be sure to taste as you go to suit your taste preferences. I’ve found that everyone has a different tolerance when it comes to strength of matcha, and of course sweetness level. Below, you’ll find my base recipe, but play around with it until it satisfies your taste buds!

P.S. I know I’ll get this question as I usually do whenever I’m sharing something matcha related–what kind of matcha do I use? One of my favourite ones to cook with is the Matchaeologist Midori Culinary Grade Matcha. It’s not the cheapest out there, but my part Japanese taste buds are picky about matcha, and I can genuinely recommend their matcha because it’s flavourful, very high quality, and delicious. You can also opt to use their Mirai Culinary Grade Matcha, which is slightly lower in grade than the Midori, but still delicious and suitable for cooking with.
When I’m not cooking, (i.e. making matcha lattes or just having a serving of pure matcha), I’ll use the Matsu Ceremonial Grade matcha. As you can imagine, it’s slightly higher in price, but if your primary purpose is to flavour dishes and cook with, then you can stick to culinary grade for sure. In fact, I recommend using culinary grade because you’ll be able to taste it more in the dish. ALL the Matchaeologist matcha is really high quality and delicious so whatever matcha you choose to use, you can’t go wrong.

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matcha oatmeal

Matcha Vanilla Bean Oatmeal [vegan, gluten free, oil free]

  • Author: Remy
  • Total Time: 15 mins
  • Yield: 2 servings 1x


Creamy and comforting vanilla bean oatmeal with a hint of earthy matcha. A perfect, energizing breakfast with a kick of caffeine. Easy, delicious and so healthy.



Recommended toppings

  • Strawberries
  • Cacao nibs


  • Add oats and water to a saucepan and place over medium heat, bringing to a low boil and cooking until almost all of the water is absorbed, stirring occasionally (about 3-5 minutes). The mixture should start to thicken up.
  • Lower heat to low and add non-dairy milk, cashew butter, vanilla, salt and sweetener of choice.
  • Add chia seeds, flax seeds and matcha, and stir to combine until smooth. Continue to cook and stir until all the liquid is absorbed and your desired consistency is reached (roughly another 3-5 minutes). If you prefer your oats more runny, feel free to add more non-dairy milk. If you prefer them thicker, cook for a bit longer.
  • Transfer to a bowl, garnish with toppings of choice and additional sweetener if needed.
  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cook Time: 10 mins
  • Category: breakfast, oatmeal
  • Method: boiling
  • Cuisine: breakfast

Keywords: oatmeal, matcha oatmeal, vegan, breakfast, gluten free, healthy

Want some more matcha? Try this Matcha Bubble Tea or these Matcha Quinoa Bliss Balls. Also check out more oatmeal recipes here!

Love you so matcha,


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BY Remy • January 15, 2019

Matcha Vanilla Bean Oatmeal [vegan, gluten free, oil free]

matcha oatmeal

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  1. Andy says:
    Hi Remy, Time is sometimes short in the morning, so I was wondering if you have any tips for making this in the microwave? Andy

    • Remy says:
      Hi Andy! I'd recommend microwaving in 30 second increments and stirring in between until the oats are cooked to your liking :)
  2. Maya says:
    My favorite recipe by far, I make this at least four times a week! Frozen raspberries as a garnish are a game changer

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