Hi, I’m Remy

Recipe developer, food photographer / blogger, health and wellness writer, and lover of cats and kombucha.

About Me

Hi there! My name is Remy Park.

I am an NYC based lover of cats and chocolate chip cookies. I am the head home chef and photographer here at Veggiekins Blog (that’s this website!) and a health and wellness writer. I create vegan and gluten free recipes with a focus on whole food plant based ingredients and the healing power of plants. You’ll find that the majority of my recipes are also refined sugar free and made without added oils.

You may have seen me and my recipes featured by ACBNews, NBC News, News12, Whole Foods Market, or Thoughtfully Magazine. Browse more of my featured work here!

Outside of the kitchen, I am a certified yoga and meditation teacher, mindfulness coach and holistic nutritionist. You can usually find me at the farmer’s markets, watching sunrises and traveling!

My Story

I discovered my love for health and wellness after becoming unwell. At age 7, I developed Anorexia Nervosa, and coupled with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, took to a variety of consequential destructive behaviours including self harming and substance/alcohol abuse. By age 17, I had reached my rock bottom, with my graduation from high school in jeopardy. My health, mentally and physically, had fallen apart.

In college, I was introduced to the vegan lifestyle and after eating only vegan food for about a week, noticed significant improvements in some of my chronic stomach issues (residual from my eating disorder). In addition to physically feeling better, I felt a new, strong connection to food and found appreciation for how food could heal and nourish me. I recognized my passion for vegan-izing recipes, cooking, and eating once again. For the first time in a long time, I was excited about food instead of being afraid of it.

After learning about nutrition, permanently removing substances and alcohol from my life became much easier too, because feeling energetic and healthy was far more appealing than the feeling of hangovers and withdrawal symptoms.

The ethical and environmental motivations for being vegan came to me later, and really encouraged me to live in alignment with my lifestyle choices. I became committed to living the most compassionate lifestyle possible, with regard to myself, the animals and the environment.My approach to health and wellness is a holistic approach because I believe that to be well is not only to be physically healthy, but also to have a healthy mind and spirit. Having come from the opposite end of that spectrum, my purpose is to spread love and light in the form of delicious and nourishing vegan recipes, health tips and positivity.

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Fun Facts

You can usually find me browsing farmer’s markets, practicing acroyoga or visiting animal shelters and rescue cat cafes. I not-so-secretly have always wanted to adopt a cat, but my boyfriend is allergic, so I have to get the cat cuddles in where I can!!!

Travel is huge part of my life — I grew up moving often and living in many countries overseas. I’m also Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese, so you’ll find influences from countries I’ve lived in, and my parents’ ethnicities in some of my recipes!

I am a professional vegan and gluten-free chocolate chip cookie lover. When I find a new one, I have to try it! I also love creating cookie recipes (no really, I have over 30 cookie recipes on the blog), and I also do cookie taste tests on my Instagram stories every week or so. It’s serious business 😉

I have a house plant problem. As in, I always want more even though I’m definitely running out of space! I have my eye out for a Maranta plant right now 👀

The only food I don’t love is cilantro. You know how it tastes like soap to some people? Yup, that happens to me.