Watermelon Acai Bowl Recipe (vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free)

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watermelon acai bowl

Watermelon Acai Bowl

Now that summer is in full force, I’ve been taking advantage of all the fruit (and honestly, have no appetite for warm things right now). In particular, watermelon is one of my absolute summer favourites. It’s refreshing and is always sweetest in the summer months so I’ve been incorporating it into a lot of recipes lately while they are at their prime.

By now, you must know I make an abundance of smoothie bowls so before my last trip, I thought I’d throw my leftover watermelon into an acai bowl I was making, to use it up. The result was a super summery, watermelon acai bowl. I also threw in some dragonfruit, and finished off with watermelon radish garnish, which was purely for garnish (no really, don’t add them to your smoothie bowls)

Since tomorrow is National Watermelon Day, I thought this was the perfect recipe to share with you and of course, I’m always a fan of easy peasy blender recipes. You can garnish your bowls with more summer fruit, and really play around with the ingredients. Optional fruits I’d recommend adding if you’re feeling creative are pineapple, mango or cherries! Passionfruit also goes really nicely, I just wish they were easier to find here.


– 1 cup watermelon
– 1-2 frozen bananas
– 1 frozen acai packet
– 1-2 tsp pitaya powder (optional, for colour)
– squeeze of lime juice
– coconut water or milk (if needed, but watermelon adds a lot of liquid so it shouldn’t be necessary)


– chuck it all in a blender (I use the Vitamix Explorian) and blend
– top with all the summer fruits your heart desires! I used white mulberries, dragonfruit and coconut flakes.

If you try this recipe out, be sure to share it with me by tagging me on Instagram @veggiekins


Love & summer fruit,

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