Vegan in Amsterdam: Best Guide to Restaurants & More!

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A curated guide to finding all things healthy and vegan in Amsterdam! Restaurants, snacks, cafes, grocery stores, workouts, shops, hotels, and more from a seasoned vegan and traveler!

a vegan in amsterdam standing in front of a brick wall with posters of "ditch milk" behind her.

How to be Vegan in Amsterdam: A guide!

The first time I visited Amsterdam as a vegan, I was really sustaining myself by eating freshly baked bread from Albert Heijn and french fries (lol). The produce in the Netherlands is of incredible quality, but as far as vegan-friendly restaurants in Amsterdam, my choices were somewhat limited back then.

Fast forward 4 years, and the vegan scene has grown–not quite as much as other vegan-friendly cities in European countries in recent years, but still massive growth when you compare it to the (almost nonexistent) scene in those French-fry-eating days.

In addition to growing vegan food options, Amsterdam’s fitness scene has really blossomed as well. When it comes to sustainability, they are pretty on top of their game, too, and as far as concept shops and things to do, you’re in good hands. I’ll be sharing fitness studios and concept shops I love to browse, as well as recommendations for some unique to-dos.

My number of visits to Amsterdam is in the double digits now, so keep in mind this list will not include all of the tourist bucket list items but rather a curated selection of my favourite ways to pass the time. So while you’re out seeing all the tourist must-sees (Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, etc.), keep this local guide in mind for the best restaurants and best vegan food around the Dutch capital. 

As always, this is not an exhaustive list of vegan eats either, but my personal list of go-tos whenever I’m in town. And eating good food at the best spots is always at the top of my list! With all that said, here’s your vegan guide to Amsterdam!


Vegan in Amsterdam / r e s t a u r a n t s

I curated this list based on my own experiences at the best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam. It also includes many vegetarian restaurants and restaurants that are not strictly vegan but offer lots of delicious options. 

Spirit – I first tried this restaurant in Rotterdam, and I have to say that the Amsterdam branch is spacious, beautiful, and almost elegant? It’s a pay-by-weight restaurant/cafe with great energy, and while it’s not 100% vegan, it is fully vegetarian, and all food is labelled clearly. It’s a great spot to eat with friends when you can’t decide on what you want to have for dinner because you can have it all! P.S. They have great sweet treats for dessert too.

Deshima – A smaller, cozy little macrobiotic spot. Healthy food, and similar to the way I like to eat when I’m home. Great for any health-conscious travelers. They also have a little shop downstairs with healthy food items!

Meatless District – A fully vegan restaurant that I discovered my very first time in Amsterdam because they have several classic “Dutch cuisine” items veganized. For example, croquettes, which are a very traditional Dutch food. They have vegan breakfast, lunch, and dinner; this is a great place for a date or a nice dinner. For more classic Dutch snack food, read on!

Deer Mama – This is a cute, diner-esque, all-vegan spot that offers baked goods and soft serve to go, or you can sit in for vegan burgers. They also offer a few more wholesome bowls if you’re not in a plant-based burger kind of mood. I’ve only tried their vegan ice cream, but I have heard amazing things about the actual food. Bonus: The interior is super cute and pink!

a cup of ice vegan ice cream with rainbow sprinkles
a close up photo of an espresso machine.

TerraZen – A vegan spot with dishes inspired by Japanese and Caribbean flavours (unique combo!). You can expect sushi, tempeh, sandwiches, and bowls. I’d call it healthier comfort food. Lots of vibrant veggies but lots of flavour too 🙂

Men Impossible – A vegan ramen restaurant! They have an extensive menu of Japanese ramen dishes that are all vegan. They are often fully booked with reservations, so this is a reserve-in-advance kind of spot. Note that there may not be gluten-free options. I had this on my list and didn’t end up getting a chance to go, so I’m not sure whether there are or not, but I wanted to include it on the list after all the good things I had heard! *Make a reservation in advance–they ALWAYS book up, and I still have not been able to go yet! 

Soil – Cozy vegan bowls. Think Buddha bowls, warm salads–just healthy and comforting food with an Asian-inspired flavour. They offer vegan meat alternatives here, which I didn’t see too much of elsewhere in Amsterdam. You can add vegan “chicken” to your Buddha bowl! This restaurant recently went completely vegan! I highly recommend the peanut curry bowl. Edit: I’ve actually only ever ordered the peanut curry bowl, so I can’t speak for the other menu items, but I do love it, lol.

Lavinia Good Food – A great place to get brunch or lunch, and I’d describe it as “plants done well”. No frills and not a lot of faux-vegan ingredients, just really well-prepared veggies. Think flatbreads, warm bowls, and golden lattes. Not all vegan, but some great options.

Mastino V – So… last time I visited, Mastino V was a dedicated vegan branch of Mastino Pizza, but now the two seem to be functioning independently, as the former Mastino (minus the V) branch has now been renamed to Pizzeria Dope (see below). Anyway, Mastino V is all vegan and offers gluten-free crust options, which is why we went there on this trip. However, I wasn’t as impressed with the pizza we got this time compared to when we last ate at what is now Pizzeria Dope. Nevertheless, as I now have a pretty bad reaction to gluten, we ate at Mastino V, and it was good but not the best I’ve ever had. If you, too, have a gluten intolerance/allergy, then this is your best bet. I’m just grateful to have an option!

Pizzeria Dope – Formerly Mastino, this pizza spot has a beautiful menu full of vegan options and really incredible spelt-based pizza dough. As I mentioned, I am gluten intolerant, but varieties like spelt and barley are sometimes doable for me. However, since I was waiting to indulge in a gluten-full croissant in Paris, I ended up skipping this spot on this trip. On one of my very first trips to Amsterdam, we ate at Mastino, and I specifically remember the zucchini blossom pizza with vegan mozzarella. It was absolutely incredible. I wish I had a photo of that pizza, but if you go, I highly recommend you order that one.

a restaurant that is vegan in Amsterdam called dope.

Plant-Based Sushi Amsterdam – If you’re reading this after January 2020, this colourful vegan sushi spot will have finally found a permanent location! At the moment, you can order their sushi via Uber Eats. As the brand says, plant-based sushi shouldn’t just be cucumber maki, and it is so much more than that. Expect flavours, texture, colourful plants, and unexpected flavours. Tip: ask for no cilantro if you’re not a fan, as it’s used in many rolls.

a photo of a vegan in Amsterdam trying vegan sushi.
a plate of vegan sushi next to chopsticks.

Oliver Green – I discovered this spot on my most recent trip to Amsterdam. They had been open for roughly 3 months when I visited, and the space was beautiful and sun-soaked. The menu focuses on vegan food and healthy vegan food designed for health and fitness. Each menu item is intentional; they even list macros for each dish. I believe everything is gluten-free at this restaurant, and I would highly recommend the peanut curry tempeh bowl and cacao smoothie.

a hand holding a container of vegan food with two chopsticks resting. on the side.

Juice by Nature – This restaurant is located close to Centrum and has smoothies, juices, desserts, pastries, and light bites. I wouldn’t come here for a full meal if you’re super hungry, but it’s a great spot for a light lunch. They have vegan croissants, salads galore, and menu specials that rotate. It wasn’t the most memorable meal I had and doesn’t make my top 10 list, but it is a reliable spot with vegan food items galore! Stop by if you’re in the city centre and need a quick bite.

Dignita – Not 100% vegan, but beautifully prepared and the perfect place for brunch with non-vegan friends and family. There is a solid array of great options that are both vegan and gluten-free. My personal favourite location is the Hoftuin location.

a plate filled with avocado and topped with sesame seeds.

Vegan Village – I didn’t have a chance to stop by personally but was highly recommended this vegan and gluten-free burger spot. If you’re looking for a burger in Amsterdam, this is your spot.

Venkel – Lots and lots of vegan options at this gorgeous salad & more spot. Healthy fares like salads, soups, smoothies, oats, and wraps made with locally grown produce. Comparable to SLA (see below) but with a more diverse menu.

Vegan Junkfood Bar – If you want to enjoy some Dutch classics, Vegan Junk Food Bar has you covered. You can find vegan bitterballen, a definite classic, alongside burgers, loempia, and other very Dutch snacks. It’s not exactly healthy food because a lot of it is deep fried, but if you want to really experience Dutch food but have a vegan meal, you gotta do what you gotta do! Note: they do offer gluten-free options.

The Avocado Show – It’s not really marketed as a vegan-friendly spot. However, they do have a few vegan options, and I love that they utilize sustainable avocados. I was invited when they first opened in Amsterdam a few years ago, and I believe I had the hummus served in avocado and the avocado ice cream. I will say the ice cream was incredible, but it’s definitely more of a visual experience versus a genuine dining experience overall. EDIT: They now have a to-go location with a few more practical menu items.

SLA – Sort of like a Sweetgreen (if you’re from the US), AKA a good spot to grab salads and warm bowls. I wouldn’t put this on your MUST-eat list as it’s not super adventurous, but it’s good to have as an option if you end up needing something quick or are in the mood for something healthy while traveling. Soups and smoothies are available too!

Salad & The City – On my way home from a meeting, I walked by this salad spot, and while I haven’t been yet myself, the online menu boasts many vegan options! Salads, sandwiches, and light bites.

Vegan in Amsterdam / c a f e s  &  m a t c h a

Toki We stumbled upon this Jordan gem of a cafe that offers dairy alternatives on the menu and makes great matcha. In fact, the only decent one I had during the duration of my stay in Amsterdam was this trip. If good, soul-warming matcha isn’t enough of a draw for you, you should know that they also offer delicious vegan baked goods. This would have to be my #1 place to get the best vegan matcha latte in Amsterdam. I said it.

an overhead shot of a matcha latte, a slice of toast, glasses, and a clear cup with pink liquid.
a purse next to glasses, a drink, and a matcha latte in Amsterdam.

Matcha Mafia – UPDATE AS OF 2019. This matcha spot tops the rest. If you want a good matcha, you have to visit this spot. I believe the owner is originally from Los Angeles, and the matcha they use is a ceremonial grade (check out my matcha guide here for more information on that). Delicious, smooth, and rich matcha and vegan milk options galore. If you’re hungry, try the matcha butter toast–cashew butter + matcha powder–minus the honey. It’s topped with banana, and I found it sweet enough. I visited this spot more than 3 times within my last visit, which was only a week long!

a hand holding a slice of avocado toast.

Uncommon – Recently discovered this café (in August of 2020), and both my boyfriend and I fell in love. They offer some really decent coffee, great matcha, and amazing food. It’s not often that I go to a café for the menu items, but seriously, I get the açai bowl and the mushroom truffle toast. They have gluten-free sourdough and plate their food with so much love and care. We must have visited this café about 10 times within the span of 2 weeks!

Hummingbird Coffee – A central cafe with a pink interior, sweet barista, and ceremonial matcha served in a beautiful ceramic mug.

Pluk – A concept store with a little vegan-friendly cafe with smoothie bowls, toast, and other brunchy food items. They sell a great assortment of home and lifestyle products and make beautiful food too. Definitely worth a stop by!

Matchabar – A Japanese cafe offering matcha (as the name would suggest) and matcha-flavoured treats. I ordered a regular matcha latte here with vegan milk. They have many vegan milk options and a vegan + gf matcha brownie. I also shared a bubble tea with my boyfriend, and they had an impressive variety of flavours like hojicha, which is one of my personal favourites. This is probably my third favourite spot to get matcha–not the best, but not bad!

an overhead shot of a matcha latte at a cafe in Amsterdam.
a woman sipping from a white teacup.

Coffee and Coconuts – This spot has coffee, of course, and coconuts, but also light bites during the day as well as vegan breakfast-y foods like smoothie bowls and muesli. Sweet and savoury options are available, and the interior is definitely cute! Also stocks some health food items and snacks in-store. Not fully vegan. Coffee is not the best here, or so my coffee snob of a boyfriend says, but definitely a cute spot. Keep reading if you’re in search of really good coffee.

Onigiri Ya! – This is a small Onigiri shop run by a lovely old Japanese man. They offer several vegan flavours and have vegan daifuku and mochi. They have a miso soup, which is vegan too. The only thing to note is that if you have a gluten allergy, make sure you ask whether the flavour you choose is made with soy sauce. The kombu one, for example, may be, but the edamame one is not.

a hand holding a roll of rice wrapped in seaweed and topped with edamame.
a photo of a vegan restaurant in Amsterdam.

Scandinavian Embassy – If you like G O O D coffee, this spot needs to be at the top of your list. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I know most people are, so here it is. The best coffee spot in Amsterdam, and they have vegan milk. I personally get the coffee-flower kombucha (it doesn’t taste like coffee) or the oat chocolate ball, but they also have muesli or oatmeal that can be made vegan.

Juice Brothers – Juices (as the name suggests) but also smoothies, quick bites, oatmeal bowls, and really good smoothie bowls. I was impressed by their smoothie bowls (as you may know, I have pretty high standards for smoothie bowls) and also tried some of Mo’s oatmeal. Both were delicious, and this is a solid spot to get a nutrient-dense smoothie bowl.

Koffie Ende Koeck – A great place to get vegan pastries, baked goods, and tea. Note: unsure about gluten-free options, last time I went was years ago before I stopped eating gluten. Update as of 2019. I visited, and they seem to have 1 or 2 gluten-free options daily but this one is primarily for the wheat eaters! Delicious nonetheless.

Rainbowls – Probably the most beautiful smoothie bowls I’ve found in Amsterdam. Visually beautiful and has a pretty extensive smoothie bowl menu 🙂

a hand holding a bowl in front of a sign that says "rainbowls".

ROOTS – A bright juice shop with light bites–everything is sugar-free (made without added sugars), and vegan and gluten-free options exist. The menu ranges from juices and smoothie bowls to warm lunch/dinner options.

Health Food Wall –  This one’s kind of hard to explain… basically it’s a wall that stores meals. In Amsterdam, there’s a fast food option called FEBO which is an automated wall of prepared food (kind of junky food), so this is the plant-based, healthy version, with the goal of providing the same convenience but with food that actually feeds you. There’s nothing like it in the States, so it’s hard to describe it but think of it like a wall of lockers. You order your dish and then grab it from the “wall.” I haven’t tried any of their plant-based food, but the concept is really fun, and next time I’m in Amsterdam, I’ll try it out! You can find this at Schipol Airport.

Het Zaanse Bakerij – This bakery is about 30 minutes by public transportation, North of Amsterdam city. It’s a little far out, but worth a trek if you’re looking for vegan baked goods and pastries (incl. bread). Everything they make is vegan, however, please ask in advance about gluten-free options as I’m not certain they have GF items.

Vegan in Amsterdam / g r o c e r y

Vegabond – A little cafe/grocery store for light bites and lots of vegan snacks and treats. I came here to check out some of the local vegan snack brands, but it’s a gorgeous spot to enjoy a drink or read a book, with lots of light and beautiful large windows.

Conscious Café – The cafe and shop are connected to the Conscious Hotel (see below). You’ll find quick bites and snacks for purchase, as well as prepared foods. Most, if not all, of the food is vegan!

Willicroft Plant-Based Cheese – Sustainably made vegan cheese new to Amsterdam as of December 2019! Sadly, I missed the opening by just a few days, but this new vegan shop will offer vegan fondue cheese, truffle, and sauces. Someone, please, for the love of broccoli, check it out and report back. YUM! I’ll definitely be stopping by next time I’m in town. Update–I’ve checked it out, and it’s a cheesy vegan wonderland. Also, check out the chocolate bomb ice cream (cashew based) and grab some seaweed chips to eat with your cheese! Rosie and Riffy’s camembert was my personal favourite cheese I purchased, followed by the g-oat cheese.

Ekoplaza – A health food grocery store with chains throughout the Netherlands. Some great local health food brands, snacks, and grocery items (including supplements, etc.).

Albert Heijn – One of the most common Dutch supermarket chains in Amsterdam. Produce is fresh and high quality, but they also stock a lot of vegan-friendly grocery items. They usually have a section of vegan “meat” and alternatives, and lots of dairy-free alternatives and snacks too.

Marqt – One of the “higher-end” grocery chains with an emphasis on organic groceries and healthy eating. You’ll find lots of great produce + items, and it’s just another great grocery store to keep in mind for your specialty needs.

Little Plant Pantry – Sustainable, package-free shop offering lots and lots of bulk goods. Not just food but beauty items, oils, etc. They also have a little café counter offering soups and light bites.

Klein the Grocer – Beautifully curated shop for foodies! Not 100% vegan, but very much vegan friendly. You can find functional beverages, imported sauces, spices, snacks, and more. Also, check out the UMEA bakery kaneelbullen (cinnamon buns), which are vegan-friendly, by the register! 

De Glutenvrije Winkel – A 100% gluten free store! I stopped by and was excited to see they have freshly baked goods (many of which are vegan-friendly) alongside their impressive selection of gluten-free bread, cereals, snacks, etc. I purchased an oat cookie for my boyfriend’s mum, and she absolutely loved it!

Vegan in Amsterdam:

E X P L O R E  &  S H O P

Foodhallen – The Chelsea Market of Amsterdam. A few vegan-friendly options, but they are fun just to check out as well!

Markthal – If you like food halls and food markets, take a quick trip to Rotterdam, a neighbouring city, for an even bigger food hall–Markthal. It’s architecturally really beautiful and is packed with food, snacks, and more. Fun to check out, and you can also see examples of some really unique architecture around the city, like the cube apartment homes.

Verse – Sustainable fashion and clean beauty! I walked by this shop and took a quick peek–this is a great spot for conscious shoppers and is located right across Living In (see below).

Living in by Romy – Another curated shop I walked past that seems to carry everything from interior, clothing, accessories, and home items. Worth checking out, especially if you’re on a leisurely walk and window shopping.

Vegalife – An all vegan shop stocked with clothing, accessories, and a few food items. Fun to check out if you’re looking for clothing in particular!

Hutspot – A concept shop highlighting individual artisans and their products. Everything from ceramics to clothing, and there’s even a cafe and hair salon inside the store. Think Urban Outfitters meets cafe meets hair salon… yeah, I don’t know, it’s cool, though!

Botanical Garden – For my flora and fauna lovers. The botanical garden is a beautiful way to spend an afternoon. The last time I visited, I went during the rose season, and there was a beautiful archway of roses.

Bloemenmarkt – A floating flower market in Amsterdam with B E A U T I F U L flowers. It’s built on the canals, and it smells divine. I think it’s worth checking out if you’re a flower lover like I am.

Amsterdamse Bos – Triple the size of Central Park and perfect for any nature lovers. It’s a really beautiful place to walk, bike, run or picnic.

All The Luck in the World – This cute jewelry store sells dainty pieces and also a few other items like ceramics and knick-knacks.

Things I Like Things I Love – Another cute concept shop. They also carry a lot of ceramic pieces (and many from my favourite HK Living).

The Maker Store – A collective of local brands and small businesses, each with unique stories and products. Some focus on sustainability as well, but definitely a fun one to check out and support local brands.

Gekaapt – Interior and fashion items with a focus on sustainable brands!!

Markets & Canals – There are several markets and canals all throughout the city. One of my favourite things to do with Mo is to stroll through the markets, pick up produce or light bites, and sit by a canal and people-watch. There’s something so calming about it.

The CatBoat – De Poezenboot – This is kind of a funny one, but I’m a cat lover, and this is definitely a unique experience. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to go myself because Mo is allergic to cats 🙁 but it’s essentially an animal sanctuary that happens to be on a houseboat that floats on a canal. Entrance is free, but donations are welcome to support cats <3

Vegan in Amsterdam:


Rocycle – The SoulCycle of Amsterdam, basically. Same vibe, the same decor, and is likely less intense than SoulCycle (I’ve found that few studios are up to par level-wise as I’ve traveled and tried other studios). If you’re missing the good old soul bike, this will definitely be up your alley.

High Studios – HIIT-based workouts and a split between floor work and treadmill intervals. First class is discounted.

Clubsportive Zuidas – This is Mo’s gym, so I went to train with him while I was visiting, and it reminds me a lot of Equinox in the US, but much more spacious. It’s a modern, well-equipped luxury gym and also has a Juice Brothers connected to it. There are classes and plenty of space to do your own thing, including a plyo area, turf, weight section, and more.

Vondelgym – Another great option. The West location is big on CrossFit, and I must say that my experience with the staff has been really unusual at every location (my boyfriend can attest to this, too, haha), but nevertheless, it has everything you need, and I recommend purchasing a short stay pass via GymNomad if you’re just visiting and don’t want to purchase a long term membership.

Saints & Stars – A trendy HIIT-based workout class, very much based on Barry’s Bootcamp style! They recently added a boxing-style class reminiscent of Rumble (switching between floor/weight work and boxing on water bags) and a booty targetted class with a stair-stepper and weights.

PLTS – High-intensity pilates and barre classes. This is similar to US-based classes BodyRok and Solidcore. Workouts are offered on the reformer or barre!

For yoga and meditation in the most beautiful studios, I recommend The Conscious Club / Bluebirds / The Cosmos!

Vegan in Amsterdam:


Conscious Hotel – An eco and conscious hotel with beautiful, modern rooms and a great location. Highly recommend this hotel and its café!

Zoku – Arguably some of the coolest rooms in Amsterdam and in a pretty convenient location as well. My boyfriend loved working out of their rooftop cafe, and I will stay here the next time I visit!

Houseboat – There are a few houseboats (a home that floats on a canal!) on Airbnb, and I think it’s a really fun way to experience something new. They’re actually really beautiful and can make for a memorable trip. I have yet to stay in one, but it’s on my list the next time I visit.

Other guides: London, Paris, and don’t forget to check out my 20 best healthy travel hacks!

Love & light,

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