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Healthy Vegan Philadelphia Guide

I’ve been to Philadelphia so many times in the last few years but I have yet to create a Healthy Vegan Philadelphia Guide. As you may know, I love creating travel guides to cities I visit, because part of the fun of travel is discovering vegan spots and wellness gems. I actually enjoy the planing and hunt for wellness spots in new cities, and I love discovering spots not otherwise recommended by Google. If you’ve read my vegan travel planning blogpost, you know my procedure is thorough!!!

Luckily for me, my good friends Chris and Kate live in Philly and have made the search much easier. They’ve introduced me to some of the best vegan food the city has to offer, and connected me with new small business owners in the wellness space. I’m not kidding when I say I could live in Philly–it’s an up and coming vegan + wellness destination in my mind and it’s only an hour away by Amtrak. Or, if you’re the rare New Yorker that drives a car, an even quicker drive.

With that said, welcome to my Healthy Vegan Philadelphia Guide! I won’t be including too many tourist attractions for first time visitors, but I’ll be highlighting my favourite vegan and gluten-free friendly eats, wellness spots, concept shops, where to sweat and things to do. For a firsthand look and a peek into the vibe and energy of Philadelphia, you can check out some of my Philly vlogs on YouTube!

As always, this is not a complete guide to all the vegan eats in Philadelphia, but rather my personal recommendations for worth-it-eats. You can check out HappyCow for a more complete list of vegan restaurants. Keep in mind that I am allergic to gluten, therefore most of my recs are gluten-free, but check out the end of the post for some must-tries if gluten is your friend!

This guide was last updated February 2020. Always check to make sure restaurants are still open for business before visiting.

What to eat

/ restaurants

PS & Co. – I have eaten at this homey café nearly every time I’ve visited Philadelphia. It’s one of my favourites because it’s 100% vegan, gluten free and organic and the menu offers everything from salads to heartier food like breakfast burritos. Oh, and a lot of desserts. Really good desserts.

Healthy Vegan Philadelphia Guide Veggiekins

Healthy Vegan Philadelphia Guide Veggiekins

HipCityVeg – The first time I ate at HipCityVeg was in college. It’s an incredible, quick, vegan spot that offers salads, burgers and sandwiches. They have a lot of gluten-free options and noted menu items that can be made gluten free easily. I personally love their banana whip–ice cream made of just bananas!

HoneygrowA super fast casual spot with really delicious vegan and gluten free options. They offer customizable stir fry and salad bowls that make for a perfect working lunch or take out. It’s not 100% vegan, but they have excellent options and it’s a good spot to eat with mixed groups of eaters.

Goldie – If you like tahini and you like falafel, you have to make a stop at Goldie. Come hungry, because their falafel is a must, as is their Tehina Shake–a vegan milkshake made with tahini. It tastes like halva in a cup but believe me when I say you that shake is fiiiilling, and you’re going to want to finish it once you try a sip.

Vedge – I probably don’t need to say much about this award-winning restaurant. It’s well known among vegans as one of the best restaurants in the world by James Beard nominated chefs. A delicious fine dining experience that will make your tummy sooo happy. Get a reservation, try the food and thank me later. You just can’t do Philly without Vedge!

V Street – By the Vedge team, a slightly more casual spot offering lunch and equally delicious food. I’ve been only once, but they are usually great about working with gluten allergies.

Bar Bombon – Puerto Rican inspired food made 100% vegan by the wonderful woman behind HipCityVeg. Great for brunch or dinner, and highly recommend going with a group so you can try multiple dishes on the menu and share. Gluten free friendly and servers are great working with restrictions.

Charlie Was a Sinner – One more by the HipCityVeg boss lady, I’d describe this spot as half bar, half restaurant. 100% vegan menu with a mix of Asian and Italian food–the best way to put it simply is just really good vegan food. Gluten free friendly and servers are great working with restrictions.

Front Street Cafe – A great place to enjoy brunch or lunch (and outdoors when the weather’s nice). Not all vegan, but has a bunch of vegan options including a vegan cheesesteak and french onion soup, and gluten free options on the menu as well. Good for mixed groups of eaters.

Real Food EateryFarm to table fast casual spot, perfect for fast lunches or to-go meals. Customize your own salad/grain bowl. Tofu is offered and lots of vegan sides and sauces. Not 100% vegan.

Mom’s Organic Market (Naked Lunch) A healthy all organic market with a fully vegetarian spot, Naked Lunch. Healthy, cozy food that makes you feel good! I’d recommend stopping here if you need something quick but nourishing at the same time.

Miss Rachel’s Pantry – It’s hard to describe the magic that is Miss Rachel’s food. The pantry is a cozy space with limited seating (that’s often sold out far in advance) where you can enjoy a 5 course vegan dinner by Rachel. I’ve eaten here once and have had vivid dreams about the biscuit since, and that was just a starter or side! Note for my gluten-free friends, call to ask because I ate gluten here with no ragrets.

Dig (Inn?) I walked by Dig on my most recent visit to Philadelphia and then shortly after realized it was Dig Inn! Customizable, create-your-own bowls with some vegan protein options. Not 100% vegan.

True Food Kitchen – I’ve talked about this restaurant in my Chicago and Arizona guides. It’s just a great place to get a delicious, vegan, sit down dinner made with seasonal, high quality ingredients. Not 100% vegan, but super vegan and gluten-free friendly.

Soy CafeNo frills, low-key vegan spot with simple and healthy options. Sandwiches, wraps and a great oat soft serve (date sweetened!).

/ cafés & light bites

Menagerie CoffeeGreat for coffee, but also, surprisingly great matcha and most importantly, great milk alternatives. Cozy with some seating space and bonus: pretty latte art too.

Bluestone Lane – Reliably good wellness lattés, I used to get my matcha lattés here whenever I visited and they have light bites too.

Sip-N-Glo Juicery – My smoothie spot of choice, and a great place to get cold pressed juices. They offer high protein smoothies and are always great about filling your own cup if you remember to BYO.

/ other

Dottie’s Donuts – Good vegan donuts! Do you say doughnut or donuts? Made with gluten, so if you can eat gluten, get ’em early because they tend to sell out towards the end of the day.

Blackbird Pizzeria / 20th Street Pizza – Really good vegan pizza. Sadly not gluten-free friendly, but hey, if you’re looking for vegan pizza, this is your spot.

Triangle TavernAs recommended by my friend Chris, they offer classic Philly dishes like philly cheesesteaks and pub-style food. It is a bar, but they do have some non-alcoholic drinks too!


Things to do

The Wellness Refinery – An infrared sauna center and tonic bar. Get your sweat on in this beautiful new wellness sanctuary and grab an adaptogenic drink on the way out! Love their matcha glow, and you can find some great wellness products on the shelves too.

Healthy Vegan Philadelphia Guide Veggiekins

Healthy Vegan Philadelphia Guide Veggiekins

Magic Garden Philly This is a fun place to stop and sort of a must do for any first timers in Philly. A cute

Murals – Check out this site for some great mural art. Art is everywhere in Philly and it’s fun to walk the city and discover them as you go!

Palo Santo Wellness Shop – Yoga studio slash wellness shop offering tinctures, crystals and more.

Transcending Roots Herbal Apothecary – An herbal apothecary where you can purchase specialty herbs. I wasn’t in need during my last visit, but thought I’d throw this into the guide!

Barefoot Clinic – A community clinic center with really accessible and affordable acupuncture ($15 Fridays!). Worth a visit if you’re in need of a little balance while visiting the city.

Haven Wellness – A one stop wellness spot with yoga, bodywork, southbaths and acupuncture.


Where to Sweat

Rumble – Its no secret I love a good Rumble class, and they recently opened in Philly. Half the class is punching bags and half is floor based, weight and equipment work. You will definitely leave sweaty, with sore arms and it’s great cardio and full body strength work.

Solidcore – One of the toughest workouts, another fave of mine in any city they’re open in. You will leave sore. I promise! Think quivering muscles and abs in pain the next day. Low impact, very effective.

Maha Yoga – One of the only Philly yoga studios I’ve been to. I took an advanced class here and absolutely loved the level of challenge. Check out their community classes if you’re looking for something affordable or to try for the first time.


Well that wraps up my Philadelphia guide for now. If you try any the restaurants or found these recommendations helpful, let me know in the comments below, tag me on Instagram @veggiekins or DM me!

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