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Veggiekins Vegan Guide to Bali

I spent the last two weeks traveling in Bali, Indonesia and it is easily one of my favourite places because it checks all the boxes for me! Good weather, good food (and lots of vegan food options), good yoga and nature in abundance. I split my time between Canggu and Ubud. My initial plan was to make a third stop in either Seminyak or Uluwatu, but I ended up coming back to Canggu after Ubud (in part, due to an injury after a traffic accident).

Based on my own research, and recommendations from friends who live/have lived in Bali, my main areas of interest were Canggu, Ubud and Uluwatu. Seminyak and central Kuta were areas I was warned against visiting because they are overcrowded and tailored more for tourists’ experience. And, there’s nothing wrong with that of course, but the culture in Bali is so beautiful, and worth experiencing. Of course, even Canggu and Ubud have become tourist friendly destinations, but much of the local culture is still accessible.

Update (Dec 2019) — I’ve come back to Bali, this time with family! We stayed in Nusa Dua, and spent a day or two in Uluwatu. I’ll be sharing a quick few faves below for those two locations as well.

Before visiting, it’s best to research what areas you might be interested in visiting and what the area is best known for. If going to surf for example, you’ll want to stay in a different area than someone interested in yoga and raw food. Keep in mind, the island itself is small but it can take anywhere between 1-2 hours by car to get to one area to another. This is mostly due to traffic, but I personally didn’t find it practical to go to a different area just for lunch, for example.

Last thing to note is that most of the restaurants and cafés listed below offer gluten-free options as well. If you’re eating local Indonesian food, there’s a chance you may be consuming a sauce containing gluten. Also, this is NOT an exhaustive list of vegan options in Bali. There are simply far too many, so this is my list based on what I ate myself and combing through the menus to find the options that seemed to be the best of the best. Check out Happy Cow for a complete list.

Without further ado, let’s get into the Veggiekins Vegan Guide to Bali! If you want more insight into my experience, make sure you check out the Bali vlogs on YouTube and if you’re interested in visiting Bali again and joining a retreat I’m hosting, make sure you sign up to my newsletter for more information!

* Denotes a must visit and a Veggiekins favourite.
~ Denotes a spot I had on my list but didn’t have the time to visit.



*Nude Café – A beautiful, sunlit café and restaurant with bowls, burgers and salads on the menu and delicious protein shakes. I had one of the best nourish bowls at this restaurant, which we ended up trying on a whim, and their vegan salted caramel protein is delicious when added to your drink of choice. Not all vegan.

*Give Café – One of my absolute favourite spots in all of Bali. This all-vegan café and restaurant is 100% non-profit and donates towards people, planet and animals. You’re actually given a wooden coin after you purchase food and you can choose to put your coin towards your cause of choice. Give offers both veganized Indonesian food, warung style with a pick-your-own situation, as well as western favourites like burgers and breakfast pancakes. I highly recommend ordering the Mie Goreng or Nasi Goreng (both come with a vegan fried egg) and don’t forget to ask for a side of Krupuk (vegan “shrimp” crackers). Very instagrammable, and all vegan.

veggiekins vegan guide to bali

Varuna – An Indonesian warung (local restaurant) with rotating daily offerings and a build your own plate set up. This warung looks a little bit more modern in the interior but Mo and I preferred the food more at Warung Bu Mi just a little bit more. Still good, but not our favourite. Not all vegan—ask for the vegan options and they will let you know what you can choose from.

*Warung Bu Mi – Our personal favourite warung experience in Canggu with delicious hearty food packed with flavour. It’s not an establishment with Insta-esque interior, but it has a charm of its on and local flavour to it. Not all vegan – ask for the vegan options.

veggiekins vegan guide to bali

~Warung Padang Vegan – Another warung recommended to me by you guys on Instagram! It’s amazing that this warung is all vegan, so you can build your nasi campur plate without having to check if something’s vegan.

~Ona Canggu – Ona caught my eye because they have an entire vegan and vegetarian menu with beautifully plated food and items like vegan and gluten-free ravioli (hello??). I sadly did not have the chance to make it to Ona, but this would be a great dinner date spot, and is closer to the beach area if you want to catch a sunset afterwards. Not all vegan.

The Shady Shack – This restaurant does indeed resemble a shack in its architecture, and provides plenty of shade with lush plants and greenery all around it. This restaurant is not all vegan, but vegan friendly, I highly recommend this spot for a late lunch or early dinner and if you can, snag a table outdoors.

Veggiekins Vegan Guide to Bali

Motion Café – Ok—I have mixed feelings about this place and I’m going to keep it real. Mo and I loved this spot but for very functional reasons, and by that I mean this: we crushed a work out and although vegan restaurants are everywhere, it’s largely food like rice, noodles or western burgers. We loved that Motion had a variety of vegan protein powder options, which they blend up with ice and vegan mylk. The food at Motion is based on optimizing nutrition, and we described it as a nutrition fill versus a delicious meal experience. I was really happy with my custom bowl with grains, greens and tempeh with peanut sauce, but everything was undersalted (and the peanut sauce quite bad), and I even caught Mo salting his burger. Keep in mind, both of us usually eat very low sodium at home and find most things too salty. Anyway, the point is, come for the protein and nutrition, but don’t expect the best meal you’ve ever had. Breakfast protein waffles are the same—nutritious but not something I’d be excited to eat again. Not all vegan, but very vegan friendly.

~Warung Dandelion – This warung came highly recommended to me, and was described as romantic, too! I unfortunately didn’t make it, but I believe they do offer vegan options and really good food in general.

I Am Vegan Babe – This is a bright, all vegan restaurant with outdoor seating and a pretty expansive menu from sweet to savoury breakfast dishes and mains like quesadillas or burgers. I personally wasn’t too impressed with the food here given how much but it was a solid vegan option. Get the cinnamon bun, it’s delicious.


*Crate Café – A spacious, Aussie style café perfect for brunch or lunch. They have smoothie bowls, toasts, savoury dishes and sweet breakfasts plus baked goods on the counter. We loved this spot, but make sure you’re prepared for a wait. Lines are usually incredibly long and you may wait up to 45min for your food. Not all vegan.

veggiekins vegan guide to bali

Organic Café – This café is a great place to brunch. I don’t recommend the juices unfortunately, but the pancakes are delicious and offered both vegan and gluten-free. Not all vegan.

veggiekins vegan guide to bali

*Made’s Bakery Banana Flour – Gluten-free baked goods made with banana flour, with a variety of vegan options as well. This bakery sells its products to a few cafes throughout Bali as well, but have their own standalone bakery you can visit. I recommend going in the morning! Not all vegan.

Mindful Munchies – A shoutout to one of my favourite local bakers offering mindful vegan and gluten free options. You can find her baked cookies, muffins and more available at cafés all over the island, including many of the spots I’ve listed on the guide.

The Loft – A solid breakfast spot for both vegans and non-vegans. Great smoothie bowl options, and one of the few places offering smoothie bowls with added vegan protein. Not all vegan.

veggiekins vegan guide to bali

Nalu Bowls – I think I’ve known about Nalu Bowls for a few years now—back when smoothie bowls were still all the rage. This is one of the OG spots for a good smoothie bowl. I’m talking thick, spoonable smoothie bowl! A must visit if in Bali and you enjoy smoothie bowls done well.

Earth Café and Market – A little health food shop offering essential oils, super foods, a couple raw vegan treats and ice pops. I recommend getting the Peace Pops, which are popsicles wrapped in banana leaves with a coconut milk base. The shop is small and doesn’t have too much selection, but has many Peace Pops flavours.

BGS Coffee – Mo’s go to coffee on the daily while in Canggu. I don’t know much about coffee, but for coffee lovers, you can trust my coffee snob boyfriend and grab a cup at this spot in the morning.

Matcha Café – While I wouldn’t recommend the matcha drinks here (clumpy, culinary grade), they do have an amazing menu full of matcha infused dishes. From pancakes, to savoury dishes, there is definitely an interesting selection. Worth trying, but don’t come with high expectations for the matcha drinks alone! Not all vegan.

Fitness & Wellness

Finn’s Rec Club – This gym/fitness center is located inside Finn’s Rec Club, which is a primarily expat focused club (think restaurant, pool, tennis courts etc.). We really loved using this gym because it had AC, and high quality equipment. The night before we tried Victory Gym, which is affordable, but unbearably sweaty and with equipment that is about to fall apart (actually quite dangerous). Drop ins available at Finn’s.

The Practice – Hatha focused yoga studio with a beautiful shala. If you’re into Hatha yoga, this is the studio for you.

Chillhouse* – My personal favourite yoga studio is located at the Chillhouse. Go for the morning 90minute classes, and enjoy a green juice at the Cassava Café beforehand, or refuel with a vegan bite afterwards.

Samadi – Yoga studio, restaurant and the location of the Sunday organic market. I’m personally not a big fan of the restaurant but the yoga studio is beautiful, and on the cooler side. As most of the yoga studios are outdoor and open air, this one does have glass windows, and is more shaded than most. Note: evening classes = mosquito risk as the studio is atop water.

The Nest – A fitness studio offering open gym sessions, weightlifting classes, boxing and more. This studio is on the newer side and reminds me a lot of a New York style boutique gym!

Maria Curau Nail Salon* – This nail salon is fully vegan and non-toxic and is well known for its minimalist nail art designs. It’s a beautiful space and the treatments are wonderful, at a reasonable price. I highly recommend stopping in before you fly home for a treatment.

veggiekins vegan guide to bali

Tonic – A pink and flamingo themed massage spa with affordable, quality massages. My personal favourite massage is the bamboo stick massage but they offer a variety of other treatments as well.


Indosole* – Sustainable shoes made from tires. These slides and flip flops are fashionable and come in a variety of colours for both men and women. They’re ethically produced, and perfect for your time in Bali. They also float in water in case you lose a shoe at the beach!

veggiekins vegan guide to bali

Cove Island Essentials* – Sort of a “has it all” store. A little bit of jewelry, home décor, ceramics and clothing. I love the curated selection here and actually ended up picking up a wrap dress, ring, home décor piece and ceramic salt holder.

Zero Waste Bali – Fully zero waste store offering products to reduce waste in your life. Worth checking out, especially if you forget any reusable products with you or would like to invest in a reusable product! Bali is not only innovative but passionate about reducing waste and plastic.

Alive Whole Foods Store – A small market offering produce, specialty goods and bulk items. This store is fairly low plastic and low waste, offering bundled and wrapped produce in banana leaves and brown paper bags for bulk. BYO shopping bag or purchase a bag there.

Samadi Sunday Organic Market – Every Sunday morning there’s an organic market at Samadi, offering produce, baked goods essential oils, spices and more. Worth checking out if you happen to be in Canggu on a Sunday!

veggiekins vegan guide to bali

Beachgold – A store close to BGS with everything from sundresses to bikinis. It shares a street with 4-5 other clothing stores but this was my personal favourite. They carry a lot of easy breezy pieces, perfect for Bali weather.

Sunbe – Bikinis in all colours and designs. I picked up a deep maroon suit on sale at this local designer and I loved it. It’s comfortable and I recommend sizing up.

Quince – Quince is actually a little café but they also have a shop where ceramics are sold. This ones for all my kitchen ware and ceramic lovers—check it out!

Things to Do

La Brisa – Hands down the best place to watch the sunset in Canggu. I recommend grabbing a seat by the water around 4:30-5PM before things get busy. There’s no minimum cover charge, you can just purchase drinks and watch the sun set, or you can enjoy dinner with a view. They have seafood and sushi but lots of vegan options.

veggiekins vegan guide to bali

The Lawn – Another beach hangout, perfect for a day when you want to lounge around comfortably in a sunbed. There is a minimum charge here, and as you order food and drinks it comes off of your charge. Ultimately, it’s a more expensive experience, but if you want to sunbathe for the day, it might be worth it! Vegan food options are very limited, but they do have great local kombucha by the brand Happy Kombucha.

veggiekins vegan guide to baliveggiekins vegan guide to bali

Where to Stay

The Chillhouse – A yoga and surf hotel with free breakfast and yoga included for guests. Location is pretty good, but a little ways away from the main road.

The Slow – A very modern LA/industrial design hotel. Highly recommend this for a special experience, and when you’re looking for a higher end stay. There’s also a restaurant at the hotel but we weren’t blown away by the food. Limited vegan options and the only memorable dish was an edamame hummus side.

Como Uma – This hotel is one of the most luxurious (5*), but located close to the beach. If you’re visiting for a special occasion, I highly recommend this hotel. There’s also a beach club, swimming pool and a beautiful spa.

Airbnb Villa Love is Simple – This is the first Airbnb we stayed at in Canggu, which is walking distance from the second Airbnb as well. It’s located on one of the main roads in Canggu, which is really convenient because you can easily bike down to the beach or more “downtown” area. It has 2 bedrooms, sleeps 4, a full kitchen, private pool and living space. Design is beautiful, and it’s quiet and very private.

veggiekins vegan guide to bali

Airbnb Casa Soleil – Our second Airbnb had 3 bedrooms and sleeps 6. It’s very affordable, and we booked this quite last minute, which is why we ended up with a 3 bed instead of 1 bedroom. There’s a private pool, outdoor shower (as well as indoor bathroom and shower for each bedroom) and large kitchen and living space.

veggiekins vegan guide to bali




~Melting Wok Warung – This spot came highly recommended and we actually had plans to have dinner here one night, but came without a reservation. Hot tip: make one. We were told the wait would be an hour and a half so we ended up going elsewhere, but try it! From what I could tell it was popular.

*Sage – An all vegan restaurant offering everything from morning smoothie bowls to monstrous breakfast sandwiches (I surprised myself and finished one, which turned into my brunch because it was so filling hah). They have fun menu items like a Naamlette (vegan omelet) and dishes like pasta, salad bowls etc. Probably one of our favourites in Ubud.

veggiekins vegan guide to bali

*Bella by Sage – Sister restaurant to Sage, Bella, was walking distance from our villa in Ubud, so we ended up going multiple times during the trip. We went for dinner, unch and breakfast twice, and the menu never disappoints. Tons of GF options, and extensive menu just like it’s sister restaurant Sage.

veggiekins vegan guide to bali

Zest – This spot came highly recommended to me by so many, but especially my friend Emily, who says she ended up going multiple times. We did too! Well, we went twice, and it’s always a really satisfying meal. They focus on high quality ingredients, and I believe everything was gluten-free. I’d describe the menu as fusion, but each dish had elements of Indonesian spice or flavour.

Veggiekins Vegan Guide to Bali

Alchemy – A fully raw vegan spot which was right across the street from our villa. While Mo is not too into raw food, I personally loved it (having been raw vegan for a few months myself). They have a healing soup bar, raw vegan salad bar with toppings like raw crispy onion (tastes like fried onion), dehydrated broccoli salad with almond crisp, tahini kale salad, etc. It’s not your average salad bar trust me. For breakfast there’s a “smoothie bowl bar” which I’d describe more as a fruit cereal bar. Pick fruits of choice, toppings like granola or dried nuts and fruit and either mylk or a smoothie to pour over it. They have a full menu of food to order as well.

*Moksa – Before Bali was even on my to-visit list, my friend Marina told me that if I ever went to Bali, I HAD to go to Moksa. It stuck with me for an entire year, until we finally decided to go and I knew I had to try the restaurant. It’s a primarly raw restaurant, but I’d say the menu is split about 50/50 between raw and cooked food. The ingredients are grown on the premises and everything is prepared so thoughtfully. This was our favourite restaurant experience in Ubud.

*Sayuri Healing Foods – All vegetarian and vegan restaurant with an extensive menu of healing tonics, lattes and smoothies. I recommend stopping by for the Matcha Swirl Pancake breakfast (only avail on weekends). Lots of raw foods, but also a lot of cooked foods, and everything is cooked with healing the body in mind. Nuts and seeds are activated, and they really put love and time into food preparation.

~Watercress – Not all vegan, but very vegan and gluten-free friendly spot in Ubud (with another location in Seminyak also). The food here is beautifully prepared, with an elevated feel (think microgreens, colourful garnish and edible flowers) and the menu offers toasts, breakfast bowls, and really amazing warm plates. I stopped by but didn’t end up eating here because I was on my way elsewhere, but it’s on my list to visit next time.

~Locavore – I was told that you need to make a reservation for this spot as soon as you know you’re going to Bali, and it’s true. It was recommended to me only a few weeks before my trip and reservations were already completely taken. With a tasting style menu, and a veg/plant based option as well, it makes for a really great dining experience for a date, or just a special evening. Highly highly recommend making a reservation for Locavore. It was described to me as Michelin worthy and 10/5.

Kafe – Organic vegetarian and vegan café using all natural and local ingredients. It’s a good mix of cooked and raw foods, and even the cooked foods I’d describe as very fresh. Come for a meal that will fill you up but also energize you! The food leans healthy but isn’t all just salad.

~Kafe Batan Waru – A great spot to enjoy some really delicious Balinese favourites. Some vegetarian and vegan options, but make sure you ask! We didn’t get a chance to stop by ourselves, but it came highly recommended by many friends and locals.

Fitness & Wellness

*Yoga Barn – One of the most well known yoga spots in Ubud, and for good reason. Take class at Yoga Barn and choose from a variety of yoga styles. The practice is is an open room, and I recommend the 90 minute classes starting around 4-4:30 if you want to catch a gorgeous sunset while you flow.

*Karsa Spa – Our first Bali spa experience, that really blew us away. When you first arrive at the spa, it’s very unassuming, but you’re led to a private room that is fully outdoors. Inside the room are two massage beds, and a beautiful outdoor tub full of flowers. The outdoor temperature makes for the best experience because you do tend to get chilly during the massage and scrub. We chose the massage, scrub and body mask experience, finishing with a flower bath. When in Bali, you have to go to a spa at least once. We thought it was incredibly reasonably priced for what you get (really, a steal).

The Udaya – Our second spa experience was at the Kaveri Spa at The Udaya. We chose to celebrate our anniversary day here with a couple’s massage, body mask and flower bath. Bali flower baths are one of the most beautiful experiences, and this spa in particular was incredible. It’s a little more high-end in feel than Karsa Spa, but we actually preferred the more natural, outdoor experience at Karsa. With that said, walking through The Udaya Resort to get to the spa, we realized it would have been a really nice place to stay. They offer yoga as well in a gorgeous, outdoor yoga shala.

Hanging Gardens – One of the most beautiful hotels you’ve certainly seen on Instagram (it’s one of those break-out-the-drone hotels) with a wonderful spa. A higher end experience, but worth it for a special occasion! It is a little bit removed from the center, which is why we ended up not making it ourselves, but for an experience, worth the drive.


Ubud Art Market – We didn’t do very much shopping in Ubud, but it’s a great place to pick up handmade pieces and art. Defintely check out the art market, even if you don’t end up buying anything.

Ubud Night Market – This is the best place to get local Indonesian bites. Stop by the night market for the experience.

Things to Do

Bali Swing – Perhaps one of Bali’s most famous tourist attractions. It’s kind of a once in a lifetime experience, and it’s recommended that you go early in the day to avoid lines. We actually went later in the afternoon and found that it was no wait. There are 4-5 swings to choose from, at different heights, and one you can do as a couple, so you can also choose a higher swing which usually = shorter line. You can also pay to cut the line, or look for a swing elsewhere in Ubud (there are many all over, and at almost any tourist attraction you visit).

*Tegallalang Rice Terrace – One of the most beautiful rice terraces. It’s a must visit, and it’s really gorgeous a sunrise or sunset. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch local farmers at work while you’re stopping by too. Don’t forget to make a donation when you enter to support the terrace.

Waterfalls – Waterfalls are everywhere in Bali, and Nungnug and Tegnungan were both highly recommended to me. My suggestion is to go with a guide, whether that’s a driver you hire to get you there and guide you to it, or a tour guide specifically. You can find many on Airbnb experiences, or simply ask a driver or taxi stand you see in the area. Some are harder to find or reach and some are hidden so it’s best to go with someone. We ended up going to Tibumana because I was injured and it’s an easy trek to get to.

Veggiekins Vegan Guide to Bali

Mount Batur Sunrise Hike – We didn’t end up making this hike, but it was described to me as one of the most beautiful experiences you could have. The hike starts incredibly early in the morning and you arrive at the peak for sunrise. You may have to pay high tourist prices, but you do need a guide to lead you and a car to get there, so again, go with a guide and pay for the experience.

Monkey Forest – I passed by the Monkey Forest in Ubud several times, enough to see some monkeys by the road without even entering. It’s a wonderful experience if you’re an animal lover, but be aware these monkeys are now so socialized, they have no fear of humans and will actually try to steal things from you. Hang onto your belongings!

Where to Stay

Tiny House Airbnb – We opted to stay at this Airbnb so we could easily walk to and from vegan restaurants and attractions in the area. It was really not that tiny, and one of the most beautiful Airbnbs. Floor to ceiling windows all along one side of the room, gorgeous interior design and an outdoor shower.

Alila Hotel – The only reason we didn’t stay here is because it’s a bit far north and removed from many of the attractions and local restaurants. Great for a retreat-like experience, or a honeymoon. It goes without saying the hotel is absolutely stunning and I have many friends who have stayed here and loved it.

Bisma Eight – A stunning luxury hotel with an infinity pool and incredible rooms. What sets this hotel apart is that it’s actually central to many of the attractions and restaurants, unlike many other luxury hotels. This is great for a traveler that wants a beautiful place to stay and a luxury experience but also enjoys exploring and getting out and about.

Soulshine Hotel – We considered staying at this hotel, because it has its own great organic farm to table restaurant, and luxury rooms. We ended up staying a little closer to the central area, because we planned to spend most of our time out and about, but they offer yoga retreats, and it would be a beautiful place to stay for a retreat.




*Kynd Community – We spend only about a day in Seminyak, and our first stop was the infamous Kynd Community restaurant. It’s all vegan, and the sister restaurant to Give Café. Although we didn’t come too hungry, we did love the main course we shared, and he experience in itself was so enjoyable. Like Give Café, it’s very photogenic, with lots of pink walls and even a pink bathroom. Next door you can find their ice cream spot, which we sadly didn’t have the appetite for. Next time!

veggiekins vegan guide to bali

~Balibola – A restaurant similar to Kynd, that we didn’t end up visiting. This restaurant describes itself as flexitarian, or primarily plant based with some meat options. Just driving by it, we could tell the interior was beautiful, and like Kynd, pink walls were a plenty.

~Kin Café – Described by many as the best vegan spot in Seminyak, offering everything from breakfast to veganized classic Indonesian dishes. Some western options like avocado toast and burgers are available too. They also offer cooking classes!


*Coffee Cartel – It’s not often that my coffee snob of a boyfriend is impressed with coffee abroad, but when we got to Coffee Cartel, he said it was the best coffee he had had in Bali yet. As a non-coffee drinker, I really wanted to go more for the latté art. We went after Kynd so were not hungry enough for food, but I got the beetroot latte with custom latte art. You can write whatever you’d like on your latte, or choose a photo of yourself to print on it too!

~Shelter Café – A rooftop garden restaurant with lots of vegan options and gluten-free options a well. I saw a photo of the waffles at this restaurant on Instagram while doing my vegan research and then looked into the rest of their menu. I’m sad to say we didn’t make it here but definitely will next time! Only note is that judging by their menu, there are very few Indonesian dishes on the menu, if any.

Fitness & Wellness

Canopy Spa – Stunning spa, and one at the top of my lists if we were to have spent more time in Seminyak. Bright white with tropical greens everywhere and outdoor tubs as well. Located at Lloyd’s Inn, which I’ve included as a place to stay below as well.

Spring Spa – This spa has multiple locations in Bali (and New Zealand!) with two in Seminyak. It’s a great place to come for nails and more than just massages and body work.

The Cottage – This beauty house offers facials and manicures from shellac, to acrylic if you’re a serious nail aficionado. Massages are also offered, but I’d say this is the spot for nails and facials primarily!


Auguste the Label – An Australian brand with a Seminyak Storefront. The brand designs are very easy breezy and again, perfect for Bali weather. If you’re coming from somewhere colder, it’s a great place to pick up some weather appropriate pieces and very vacation style clothing.

Gooseberry Intimates – An intimates and swimwear label with 2 locations in Bali, one in Seminyak (the other in Uluwatu, with a café of it’s own too!). Bali is the only place with physical stores in the world, and you’re most likely familiar with this beautiful brand already but have both intimates and swim pieces.

Satunama – A home store I discovered while looking for ceramics and beautiful woven pieces in Bali. Worth a stop by if you’re into the Bali baskets, and want to bring some of those accents home with you, or you’re looking for dishware, especially wooden.

Kevala Ceramics – I just can’t stay away from ceramics and as you know, I love to pick ceramics up when I travel in particular. Worth a stop by if you appreciate ceramics and are looking for some pieces for your home kitchen.

Where to Stay

Lloyd’s Inn – Home to the Canopy Spa, this hotel is the most beautiful in Seminyak in my personal opinion. Very clean design, bright whites and touches of lush green everywhere. They offer suites with private pools, or more modest rooms and this hotel is located near Double Six beach, a little ways away from the Potato Head Beach Club area.

Alila Seminyak – Another Alila location, but located right on the beach. This is a great place to stay for a luxury experience, but access to the beach. It’s right next to the famous Potato Head Beach Club as well, and the rooms are just stunning.


Nusa Dua & Uluwatu (under construction)


De Verdant Kuma (Nusa Dua)

The Loft –

Nalu Bowls –

Ours –

The Place With No Name –

Land’s End Cafe –

The Cashew Tree –

Livingwell Restaurant –

Suka Espresso –

Gooseberry Intimates –

Yoga Searcher –

Alila Uluwatu –

General Travel Tips

Timing: We visited Bali the first two weeks of November, which some may say is a bad time to go because of rain. We had rain on arrival, and no rain at all afterwards, even though the weather forecast showed rain many days during our stay. Keep in mind that rain is more likely in Ubud, which is central and more jungle-y versus coastal, sunnier areas of Bali. Coming during this low season time was great because although things were still quite busy, we were told it was nowhere near as busy as it would normally be with tourists in town.

Transportation: The most convenient way to get around is probably by motorbike. You can rent one at any local motorbike shop, and there are many on every single road. If you prefer, you can also download the Gojek App and hire a Gojek Bike, to sit on the back of a motorbike and leave the driving up to a local. I will say that motorbiking can be dangerous (I got into 2 accidents myself) and roads are very narrow, so if you choose to, be careful and wear a helmet. You can also hire local drivers, or local cars, but do not hire a Gojek Car or Grab Car in an area with a local taxi business. They will literally pull you out of the car, and sometimes beat up the Gojek or Grab driver. Most of the time, Gojek or Grab drivers know what areas not to pick up in anyway, so they may just not show up at all.

Apps: Definitely download Gojek, which is the do-it-all app that allows you to book massages at your own villa or hotel, get bikes and cars, and order in food (the equivalent of Uber Eats. Halodoc is a great one for having pharmaceutical products delivered to you, and something I used when I was injured.

Safety: In general, Bali feels very safe and locals are incredibly friendly and kind. For the most part, you want to make sure you’re being safe when walking roads, as again, motorbikes are everywhere and roads are narrow.

Water: Do not drink water straight from the tap in Bali. I have many friends who have gotten sick from doing so, and part of this is also just adjusting to what’s in the water in Bali. I personally have spent a lot of my life in Thailand, and I got sick my first time there, but afterwards, never got sick again. With that said, the best thing to do is unfortunately purchase bottled water. You can minimize waste by purchasing the biggest bottles you can find versus small individual bottles on repeat, or if your villa or hotel has a water dispenser, BYO water bottle to refill constantly. Stay hydrated as Bali is very hot!

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