Healthy + Vegan Guide to Paris

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This is not my first time in Paris–I actually love visiting cities more than once because after your first visit, you’ve got all the tourism and sight seeing out of the way and you can explore more of the hidden gems. Some of the best finds are accidental, when you have the time to walk leisurely through a neighbourhood. The last time I visited Paris, I was also living a very different lifestyle. At the time, I was not vegan, nor interested in my health whatsoever, and I was still eating gluten (more on that later).

Here’s the thing about travel guides—there are M A N Y of them and this is especially true for major cities like Paris, but there are also a million ways to experience a city. For example, someone interested in fine wine will have a completely different list of recommendations than would a museum maven or trail hiker. With that said, if you’re on the hunt for healthy vegan and gluten-free options, unique little concept shops to browse and places to get your zen on, this is the perfect guide for you.

You probably associate Paris, or French cuisine in general, with lots of butter, wheat and well… not so vegan food, but you would be surprised to find that it’s actually an incredible city to be vegan, and there ARE gluten-free options nowadays. If you’re looking for a complete list of vegan friendly spots, I’d recommend checking out Happy Cow, because I won’t be covering all the spots, but below I’ll share my personal favourites and my “worth it” spots to eat, sweat, stretch, shop, hang and stay. And finally, you can expect this list to grow as I update because this time around, Mo, my boyfriend, got really sick and we spent a few days just hanging in our hotel. I’ll be paying a visit again soon in the spring, so stay tuned!


/ r e s t a u r a n t s

Wild & The Moon – This beautiful plant based spot came highly recommended to me by all of you on Instagram and you know me so well because I absolutely adored this spot. It’s a great place to hang, get some work done, and enjoy really wholesome, vegan and gluten-free food. The menu is small, offering one daily hot meal and soup that rotates, and a selection of always-available smoothie bowls and avocado toast, plus juices and treats like raw bars and granola. There’s a great grab and go fridge section if you’re in a rush too, and the matcha latte is one of the only good ones I’ve had while in Paris (or Europe for that matter!). I ordered the nice cream bowl, which tasted like strawberry shortcake, but I also had the quinoa to-go bowl. Know that some of the locations are not as large/intended for hanging out. I had stopped by 2-3 of their locations and liked the Saint Honoré location best.

Liife – I would equate this spot to more of a quick salad spot, but kept it on the list because it has some really healthy vegan options and is great for when you’re in a pinch. I spotted Liife from across the street when we were roaming, and in need of something quick, and it just looked like it would have vegan options. You know what I mean? Sometimes I just look at a place and can tell that they probably have something vegan. We were pleasantly surprised by the menu and while it might not be one to put on the top of your list, or a “must eat” it’s great in a pinch and back up spot to be aware of.

Hank Burger – Another highly recommended spot, which was I would describe as just a solid place to have a vegan burger. Hank also has a pizza spot, which seems to be well loved, but unfortunately doesn’t offer gluten-free menu items. If you’re not gluten-free though, eat your vegan heart out! The burger menu offers “almost gluten-free” buns, which are gluten-free, but cooked in the same kitchen as their gluten-full buns, so it’s not suitable for coeliacs or anyone with an acute gluten allergy, but otherwise you’re good to go. The food leans a little more junk food, and I will say it’s not as great as the vegan burger options in the US, but it’s still pretty good, hearty vegan food for when you’re craving a burger or some cheezy fries. They offer one burger patty, and you customize it by picking one of their sauce + topping combos on the menu.

Abattoir Vegetal – A great spot for brunch or lunch, with beautifully plated plant food. I highly recommend the colourful brunch dishes, like the smoothie bowl, or the flower topped lattes. They do really stunning spreads, and believe me when I say the food is very Instagrammable, but also delicious, which isn’t always the case. They have breakfast weekdays and special brunch menus for weekends. Put this one on your list!

Comptoir Veggie – Healthy comfort bowls, perfect for lunch or dinner. I was actually recommended dessert here—the matcha white chocolate cake in particular, but they have really delicious savoury food too. I think this spot leans a little healthier, with some nourishing bowls and platters on the menu, so this was a really nice break from some of the heavier food we had tried while on our travels.

Le Potager du Marais – Looking for veganized traditional French food? This spot has a vegan french onion soup, crème brûlée and even offers a variety of gluten-free options. While I didn’t have a chance to check this out myself, it should be a stop on your list if it’s your first time in Paris, and you love exploring veganized classic cuisine while traveling.

Sol Semilla – This is a cozy little bohemian spot that was a short walk from my Airbnb. It has some really soul-warming, healthy yet comforting plant food and is a great option for lunch. The menu is centered around superfoods and seasonality, as well as high quality ingredients, thus the offerings rotate frequently. They sell herbs and superfoods in the shop as well, and also have a juice bar. This is a great place to get colourful, healthy, vitamin rich vegan food that is also flavourful and delicious, at a reasonable price. A little more casual, but if you find yourself in the area, definitely stop in. They also have great dessert, and offer a raw vegan dish every day.

Le Tricycle – Recommended to me by my friend Sabrina. I happened to walk past this spot, on the way to Laélo, but unfortunately caught them during off hours and didn’t have a chance to eat here. Could be a fun place to grab a bite before heading to Laélo for a baked good or pastry–think soul bowls, but also vegan hot dogs, and brunchy plates like pancakes and waffles on weekends. They also opened Jah Jah, another vegan spot.

Gentle Gourmet – Croissants, high tea, pastries, macarons, beautifully plated food with microgreens galore. This is more of a fine dining experience, and really lovely for dates, or special occasions, or you know, just really good vegan dessert and pastries. I’ll definitely be back the next time I’m in Paris.

/ c a f e s  &  b a k e r i e s

Love Juice Bar – This was one at the top of my list and boy am I glad that I had the time to check this spot out! If I had more time, I would have definitely gone back for another smoothie bowl because unlike most smoothie/juice bars, they actually know how to make their nice cream bowls thick. I ordered the salted caramel bowl, and also had a matcha latte. I might not have chosen the best plant milk, because my matcha latte separated while I was taking smoothie bowl photos, but the smoothie bowl was an A++. They also have a few raw treats and dishes along with smoothies.

VG Pâtisserie – I put up a poll on my Instagram story to ask you where the best vegan croissant in Paris was and the majority voted VG Pâtisserie. Unfortunately, while I was in Paris, the bakery was closed for a little holiday, so I wasn’t able to make it, but they have an incredible offering of croissants and beyond. Éclairs, macarons and other little cakes were in some of the images I had seen, but of course, make sure you grab a croissant. From what I had read online, they may offer a few gluten-free bites, but everything is definitely vegan.

Laélo – In second place for best vegan croissants was Laelo. This is a casual salad spot that also offers vegan desserts from palmiers to croissants of course. Though I didn’t see more than a few gluten-free options, I actually ate the regular vegan croissant and it was amazing. Funny story, I waited until the last day in Paris to eat the vegan croissant because… vegan croissants are hard to come by in general. People say that gluten in Europe is doable for some with gluten intolerances though, due to the agricultural regulations and the way they’re processed, but who knows! All I can tell you is, that vegan croissant was worth the tummy ache I got (although, I will also add, that the tummy ache wasn’t as bad as they usually are when I do eat gluten). Wouldn’t recommend this spot for savoury food, as what I saw while I stopped by didn’t look too great or fresh, but the baked goods display….. yup.

Cloud Cakes – I stopped by this vegan bakery/café for a quick croissant (yes, that’s right, your girl ate 2 vegan croissants, with gluten), and I will say that Laelo’s croissant is much more croissant-y. What I mean by that is, the one at Cloud Cakes I believe is made with Spelt, or another whole grain, so it has more of a bready, whole grain taste… makes sense right? Still good, just not AS good, and not the most authentic vegan croissant in my opinion. I would actually recommend coming by for brunch, however, because most of the other diners were enjoying pancakes, or of course cake! I’m not much of a cake lover myself, but if you are, their cake selection was incredible. They also have two little outdoor tables, if the weather allows.

Peonies – We stopped by this café mostly for coffee/tea, but the interior is really sweet and it is also a flower shop. The interior has touches of pink and is a great place to take a breather or a break from walking if you need. Not at the top of my list, but a great one if you’re into café hopping. Unsure if menu items are vegan, as I didn’t eat here, but they have a few things that likely are, like avocado toast.

Boulangerie Chambelland – Once again, I turned to handy Instagram polls to ask where, or whether I might find a vegan and gluten-free baguette and what do you know. Boulangerie Chambelland has several vegan and gluten-free bread options. Not all the bread is vegan, but allergens are clearly labeled, and you can find an ingredient list for everything they offer on their website.

Noglu – Perhaps the most well-known gluten-free bakery in Paris. I didn’t get a chance to visit myself, and am not sure whether there are vegan items (as you probably know, gluten-free and vegan together are a tough combo because eggs are used as a binder for gluten-free flours), but it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re gluten-free.

/ g r o c e r y

La Vie Claire – Multiple locations throughout the city—lots of vegan friendly options and general health food items! They also have a little bakery with freshly baked goods in the morning.

Bio c’ Bon – A bio (organic) health food store, that offers regular groceries and a few health food items. There are multiple locations around Paris, and you’ll likely come across one while walking around the city. I passed by several by accident!

Naturalia – Another health food store with multiple locations, this one all vegan.

Un Monde Vegan – I didn’t get to check this store out, but its another all vegan grocery store, and seems to be one of the larger ones!

Mon Épicerie – An all vegan grocery store, fun to stop by if you want to check out some of the local French vegan options. There’s a location right down the block from Love Juice Bar, and they have a fun cheese selection, plus lots of chocolate.

Biocoop Dada – One of the bigger health food stores I happened upon in Paris, this location in particular with a bakery/café corner with plenty of vegan and gluten-free options. Worth a visit if you’re looking or any vegan groceries or health food items. I stopped by for tempeh, but ended up browsing all of the goods.


Mirz Yoga – An airy, plant lined yoga studio. Traditional styles offered, but also some hip hop yoga, and meditation classes. I came after my flight landed and absolutely loved my experience.

Omm Studio – Yoga and pilates reformer studio that I didn’t have a chance to stop by this trip, but did on my last trip to Paris.

Kshanti Yoga – Damn good yoga in a beautiful studio. Reminds me a lot of PURE Yoga.

Ici Selfcare – A small, intimate studio with a focus on self care. Yoga for all purposes (including prenatal etc.) and lots of yin classes. Have not gone myself, but came highly recommended to me.

Yoga Village – A beautiful, bright yoga studio, offering all styles of yoga and some pilates. No frills, just yoga.

E X P L O R E  &  D O

Marche Bastille & Moufetard – Parisian markets are a must. Whether you’re stopping by just to browse, for fruit, or for small bites, walking through a market is always a fun way to pass the time.

Aujourd’hui Demain – A concept shop slash cafe slash restaurant–whatever you want to call this place, everything is vegan, ethical and cruelty free.

Place A – Stop by this concept store to browse through fun gifts and design pieces. I was drawn in by the ceramics, but they have home items and novelty gifts too.

Fleux – If you have time to browse, and want to find some fun design or novelty pieces, definitely check out Fleux. They have 5 shops, all sprinkled along the same road, with home goods, a dedicated kids’ shop and a plant shop. Give yourself plenty of time and hang on to your wallet because you’re going to want to buy everything. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!

The Catacombs – This is perhaps one of my favourite tourist attractions because it’s a little different, a little dark, but rich with history. One of those things you just cant believe is real. Be warned it’s a little slimy, musty and… sewer-like, but one of the most memorable experiences for me.

Pont Alexandre III – A great photo spot to catch a little bit of the Eiffel Tower in the background. One of my favourite bridges and favourite views. We didn’t get to stop by this trip, but it’s a great one to add to your list.

Unicorners – A cute co-working space/café for any other self-employed travelers, or anyone looking to get some work done while on the trip. The name actually caught my eye more than anything, but thought I’d throw this on the list because it came in handy for us! Also, unicorns.

Canal Saint-Martin – This quaint area was a favourite find of mine this trip. The Airbnb I stayed in was right by the canal and it’s like a mini city of its own little cafes, bookshops and restaurants.


Le Narcisse Blanc – A luxury hotel and spa in Paris with gorgeous décor and a menu offering of a few vegan + gf items too.

Le Belleval – The first night in Paris, I stayed at Le Belleval, a fairly new boutique hotel. I love this hotel because it has the typical, luxe, Parisian décor, but also has a gym and sauna in the lower level. The hotel also offers a continental breakfast in the morning. Location wise, this hotel was one of the best I’ve stayed in too. If you’re looking for giant Parisian windows, look no further.

Airbnb – I love to explore different areas of cities I stay in, or in this case, arrondissements, so after the first night we moved to an Airbnb in the Canal Saint-Martin area. We stayed in a beautiful walkup, in such a neighbourhood-y area, just far enough away from all the tourist attractions, but also very reachable by métro. I’ve had some not-so-great Airbnb experiences in Paris, as many buildings tend just to be old in architecture and plumbing, but this Airbnb was incredible.

I hope you enjoy your time in Paris and are as impressed by the growth in the vegan scene as I was. Eat lots of vegan croissants! If you’re traveling to any nearby countries while in Paris, check out my London guide and Amsterdam guide coming soon.

Love and light,

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