The last time I was in London was probably 3 or more years ago. I had actually been posting on my Instagram account at the time, still using it as a personal food log. At the time, there were vegan options, but nothing to write home about. This time, I was absolutely floored by the sheer quantity of vegan options. In fact, the first thing I saw on the way from the airport into the city were 2 bus advertisements for veganism. In addition to the vegan scene blow up, I also noticed that the health, wellness and fitness scene has really grown too. So, alongside healthy vegan spots, I’ll be sharing a few wellness, fitness and holistic beauty spots below today too.

Let’s just say that before I visited this time around, I had already considered it a city I could live in, and before leaving this trip, already had my next visit planned. Enough about me and more about London! This list is going to be a long long long one because the options were just that incredible. By no means will this be a complete vegan guide because I unfortunately had only a few days, and one stomach, but these are things I personally thought were interesting and worth eating/seeing/doing (and also had gluten-free options). Enjoy!

E A T 

/ r e s t a u r a n t s

Deliciously Ella – Blogger and recipe developer Deliciously Ella’s brick and mortar cafe is a beautiful spot for breakfast, light bites and rotating daily meals. Build your own salad bowl, daily soup, and of course, delicious desserts. One of my absolute favourites of the trip!

Farmgirl – Multiple locations around London, offering lattes, notably the hibiscus latte which I tried, and light bites perfect for breakfast or lunch. I myself did not have a chance to eat here, but the lattes were great, and this spot came highly recommended to me!

Farmacy – Dare I say it? This was my favourite spot hands down in London. There seemed to be mixed feelings about this elegant vegan restaurant but your really get what you pay for here. Beautifully composed dishes made with incredible ingredients and superfoods, plus a wonderful dining experience made it my #1. I came for breakfast, and got the choc chip waffles, while my boyfriend got the farmacy benedict. The matcha latte is one of the only good ones I had in London, and I wanted to go back for dinner but didn’t have a chance to!

The Gate – A finer dining experience. The boyfriend and I actually came to celebrate a special night and it was definitely an elevated experience. The menu isn’t too large, and it wasn’t the most filling food to be completely honest, but makes for a great date spot.

Mildred’s – A London classic on the vegan scene. I’d describe the food as homey, cozy, comforting and the desserts are amazing.

Wild Food Cafe – Recommended to me by so many! I unfortunately didn’t have a chance to stop by, but they have an extensive raw menu, and a very healthy, veg heavy menu. Vibrant, fresh, plant based food.

Kalifornia Kitchen – A new, LA inspired vegan eatery, with no single use plastic. Expect tacos, burgers, salads and a bright, Instagram worthy interior.

Detox Kitchen – There are a few locations around the city, but this is more of a grab and go type of spot. Like Deliciously Ella, there are a few different selections that you can create your own dish, in addition to pre-packaged meals and soups. Also offers baked goods! A healthy, light option if you ever need something casual.

It’s Pleat – Not 100% vegan, but really vegan friendly, plant based and visually beautiful food. Raw treats, salads, drinks, tonics and smoothies. They just opened in London, but are originally Swedish, so you can expect that minimalist, and very aesthetic approach in the food too.

Motherworks – Healthy, fresh and vibrant vegan food. Smoothie bowls, nourish bowls and hot meals like burgers and soups. Colourful and a feast for the eyes too! Yum.

Genesis – A trendy, neon sign and pink walled vegan spot offering a variety of fusion foods, some Indian inspired, some Asian inspired. The food is organic, and the hoisin duck taco was one of our favourite bites. The only thing I’ll note is that the portions are small, and pricey for their size, but flavourful and really really delicious. We wanted to try the char kuay teow Malaysian noodles, which was their best seller, but they were out the day we went! Their shakes were also highly recommended but we saved our room for dessert elsewhere.

Fed By Water – A vegan Italian restaurant with beautiful pizza, pasta and more. I was last here before I was gluten-free, and while most of their menu contains gluten, they do have some sides and appetizers that are free of gluten and worth trying. Incredible cheeses.

Sketch – You’ve probably heard of Sketch or seen the infamous egg shaped bathroom pods on Instagram and I was surprised to find out that they offer a vegan afternoon tea. I unfortunately didn’t have enough time to make time to go, but was told by several friends that it is absolutely a worthwhile experience. It’s pricey, but you get unlimited refills of tea sandwiches, and the decor is alice in wonderland themed in a pink room. A good option if you want to do English tea while you’re here.

Ethos – A buffet style, pay by weight spot offering a variety of dishes. Gorgeous interior, but CAN add up quite quickly, so keep that in mind for your wallet’s sake!

Unity Diner – A not-for-profit restaurant opened by vegan activist Earthling Ed. I absolutely loved what the restaurant stands for and was excited to check this spot out, but sadly was underwhelmed by the food, and had one of the worst matcha lattes I’ve ever had. The food is decent–not bad, but not great or something I’d be excited to eat again. I’d go again only to support the business and of course the vegan movement, but that was just my opinion!

/ c a f e s + m a t c h a

Yorica – An allergen-free ice cream and soft serve shop. I personally prefer and recommend the soft serve over the scoop ice cream. It’s thick, rich and velvety soft serve, and the toppings are also completely vegan and gluten-free. Every time I’m in London, I make it a point to make a visit at least twice if I can! I don’t even like ice cream very much usually, so take it from me when I say this place is worth it!

Vida Bakery – Completely vegan and gluten-free bakery with everything from cookies, to cupcakes and rainbow layered cake! I had a slice of cake, and also a cookie, both of which were delicious.

Matcha – Curators Coffee / Notes – After I had posted about my unfortunate luck and inability to find a food matcha latte in London, I was recommended these three spots by several lovely followers. I should also note that both Farmacy and Farmgirl (mentioned above) had decent matcha lattes I can vouch for.

/ g r o c e r y

Free-From Range – Sainsbury’s, a local grocery chain, offers a line of products free from common allergens, many of which are vegan friendly! Definitely check some of these items out if you find yourself at a Sainsbury’s.

Whole Foods Market – One of North America’s most infamous health food stores has several locations open in London. I loved browsing the products because they’re actually very different and include local brands like Livia’s Kitchen, Deliciously Ella and Rude Health. Also a great range of vegan baked goods.

Planet Organic – A pretty massive health food chain, also offering food, drinks and a smoothie/juice bar. I loved browsing these aisles and found some of my absolute favourite UK/Europe based vegan snack brands here. They also have a great selection of vegan pastries. I picked up Loving Earth Chocolate, Livia’s Kitchen, Deliciously Ella Snacks, some sticky date puddings and Protein Pow cookie dough bars. I also had a great smoothie for breakfast one morning!

Livia’s Kitchen – This is literally a to-do on my list whenever I’m in London. In fact, I’m eating one of Livia’s Kitchen’s products as I type this. The raw millionaire bites are to die for, and I always stock up before I leave. Find it at WFM, or Planet Organic.


GlowBar – This little wellness spot features a menu of tonics, elixirs and adaptogenic drinks. They also offer infrared sauna sessions and the interior is the perfect millennial pink.

ClassPass – ClassPass also works in London! I was really excited to see class options pop up on my app and they have everything from yoga, to HIIT classes. I specifically went to yoga just because I was really stiff from all the flying

Another Space – Another_Space offers cycling, hiit and yoga classes. The space is a minimalist, airy and bright studio!

Chroma Yoga – This studio combined yoga with colour and light therapy. Perhaps one of the coolest yoga experiences I’ve had in a while?

Good Vibes – Everything from pilates, to barre to yoga and personal training. Solid option for a little stretch or low impact workout.

Barry’s Bootcamp – The US classic is open in London too! I didn’t get a chance to go this trip, but Barry’s is always a good all in one option for a quick, intensive, full body workout.

E X P L O R E  &  D O 

Le Fix Spa – A vegan and organic spa. I actually got my nails done here, and they offer vegan and 10-free or 7-free options. In addition to services, they also sell a variety of clean beauty items. As of right now they are the only nontoxic/vegan salon option.

Vegan Markets – There are several vegan market events that pop up either on weekends, or weekly. For example, Vegan Street Market with Fat Gay Vegan, and this list of several other options. I’m telling you–the vegan scene is crazy in London!

Vegan Nights – Vegan eats in good vegan company, featuring lots of vegan food! Follow them to keep up to date on their upcoming events.

Borough Market – A fun little market area with lots of vegan friendly options like Indian, Thai and more.

Boxpark Shoreditch – We stumbled upon this area, which is essentially a big mall of shipping containers turned little popup shops. There is a LOT of food, most of which is actually vegan or vegan friendly! We were surprised to find that. It’s also a fun little area for strolling and for photos.

Saatchi Gallery London / Ocean of Air – This exhibition was actually recommended to me by my friend Clara. Due to popular demand they’ve extended it until May 5th, and although we didn’t have a chance to check it out, I’ve heard it’s absolutely beautiful. Aside from this gallery, London has a variety of wonderful art galleries, which I find perfect for rainy days.

SMUG – A concept shop with home goods, stationery, lifestyle items and more. Great curation, a little out of the way but if you find yourself in the area, definitely check it out!

GoodHood – A concept shop with high end fashion items, home goods, and really well curated bits and bobs. I loved the ceramics in particular (of course), but they have some really great gift items too.

Present + Correct – A fun stationery shop, again great gifts for unique items, and fun ways to spruce up your office or desk. Really loved browsing the pieces here!

Aida Shoreditch – Happened upon this cafe/store, and would liken it to Urban Outfitters. They have some great fashion picks and are probably most well known for their rose latte. A swirly, beetroot rose, caffeine free drink.

Notting Hill Portobello Road – A colourful row of homes in Notting Hill, walk by the market on Portobello Road and then stroll through the fun, pastel houses. Very cute for photos! Just be respectful and remember that these are homes people live in 🙂

Afternoon Tea – Sketch, Ethos and Farmacy offer beautiful, all vegan teas! Kind of a fun thing to do especially if it’s your first time in the UK.

S T A Y 

Airbnb – This trip, we opted to stay in an Airbnb, because I love the convenience of being able to cook if you’d like, check in with ease, and also be extra picky about the location. We stayed in this incredible Soho location on Carnaby Street, but if Airbnb isn’t your thing, check out the below hotels.

Henrietta Hotel – Before we found our Airbnb, I was between this hotel and the one listed below. Located in central London, the Henrietta Hotel is a really thoughtfully designed hotel, with pink bathrooms and modern rooms. It has a very luxe feel, and also has a little restaurant as well.

Leman Locke Hotel – Leman Locke is an apartment/hotel concept in the Eastern area of London. The rooms are spacious, with pops of pink, and the hotel also has a beautiful spiral pink staircase. They have a great bar/restaurant as well, but the location was just a little far out for us. Next time we will definitely consider staying here when we have more time on our hands!

Artist Residence – A very unique hotel situation. The rooms are all different and have a very homey vibe to them. A few feature a gorgeous rustic bathtub, and it would be an incredible stay for a celebratory trip!


Like I said, there is SO much vegan friendly food in London and the wellness scene seems to be blooming. I’ll definitely be back sometime this year, and I’ll be sure to add updates as I go.

Love & light,


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BY Remy • February 16, 2019

Healthy Vegan Guide to London

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