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This page may contain affiliate links, which means I will make a small commission for products purchased through my link.

Hey beans! I’ll be leaving links to all of the shoppable items in my home. I figured it would be easier to keep it all in one place, and if I’m unable to find a link, I’ll try and include something similar. Also, if I have a discount code to share, I will include below as well so you can save while you decorate!

Veggiekins Bedroom Tour



We opted for this clean, neutral but warm toned bedframe. It’s a frame (on the shorter/lower side) with a headboard and we have it in a king size to accommodate our mattress. It’s the perfect height for sitting up in bed and leaning your head and I think it adds a clean, scandi/boho look to any room. The colour is a cream, toasted marshmallow colour.

Veggiekins Bedroom Tour


When picking a mattress, looking for a vegan and nontoxic mattress was really important to me! Mattresses are a huge investment, and definitely one of those things that is worth spending on, but only if it’s made to last. We have a vegan Avocado Mattress in a king size and it’s inarguably the comfiest mattress I’ve ever owned. The only thing to note is that it’s extremely heavy and even with two sets of hands, getting it upstairs was no easy feat. A few nails may have been broken in the process too!

In addition to the mattress, we have the vegan pillows as well. Like the mattress, they are incredibly comfortable!


I stuck with my tried and true Brooklinen sheets when purchasing bedding. I had to repurchase a set in a king size and I also tried a new material, the washed linen material. It’s light and airy, breezy and actually really forgiving because it naturally has a bit of a rumpled look. It makes the bedroom look very inviting and it’s also perfect for California weather or anyone who heats up in their sleep. It’s 100% vegan and fair trade.


The comforter is a Buffy cloud comforter. I swear by this comforter and I love that it’s not only vegan, but also eco conscious. I don’t have a discount code for you but they do have a year long trial deal where you can try and return if you don’t like it. Trust me when I say you will, though!


This is one piece of furniture that I lugged with me to LA from my last New York apartment. It’s an arched mirror I was given as a gift from my aunt, but I found some similar looking mirrors here!

Side Tables

Our side tables are from Wayfair. They have only one drawer but we don’t have many things that need to be by our bedside so they’re the perfect size for us. A little squeaky in the drawer but we love them!

TV & Console

We have a TV in the bedroom, which is a 50″ screen TV and it sits on a console which also holds extra books and things like the PS5 and Nintendo Switch (for animal crossing!).


Living Room


We have a Sabai Design couch in Oat, which is a sustainably made couch using recycled, up-cycled and natural fabrics. It’s 100% vegan, made with FSC certified wood, shipped plastic free and made with locally sourced materials.

Coffee Table

Our marble coffee table is from Poly & Bark, it’s a great height and size especially paired with the couch we have.

Display Shelf

My personal favourite detail in the house so far is this decorative display shelf. It sits in the kitchen and we store our most used ceramic pieces on it. It’s functional and decorative!

Counter Chairs

This is one of my favourite details in the kitchen/living room! These blush pink counter stools. They’re great for breakfast on the kitchen island and add a nice pop of colour.


In the kitchen, I try to keep things bright and airy, with pops of subtle pink. Brightening up the kitchen (by painting our island/cabinet doors a warm off-white) was amazing for lighting. It used to be a dark grey but the brightness of the cabinets helps to amplify the existing beautiful natural light.

Pots and pans

I use Caraway Home pans for all of my cooking needs. They’re the best non-toxic and nonstick pans I’ve found yet and have lasted me 3+ years. You may recall a couple years ago I did a big round up of popular nonstick pan brands and have tried 6+ brands. This is the winner for me! They also recently introduced bakeware.



I use major appliances like my Vitamix Ascent, Instant Pot and Airfryer regularly. You can check out this YouTube video where I highlight my favourites!

Cleaning & More

When it comes to cleaning, I try to keep things as sustainable as possible. It’s better for the planet of course, but also usually better for your wallet. Making investments in one time purchases (meant to last a lifetime) ultimately saves you from repeat purchases! They are purchases that pay for themselves. With cleaning products especially, I also try to keep things non-toxic, because I prefer to avoid some of the harsh chemicals used in mainstream cleaning products. If you have pets, it’s also a great idea to look into what’s in your cleaning products because you don’t want them stepping on floor cleaner chemicals or licking remnants of cleaning products off of surfaces.

Cleaning products

Some of my favourite cleaning product brands include Clean Cult, Grove Collaborative and Branch Basics. They each have an option to purchase containers that are refillable with solutions and concentrates. This helps to save on packaging and usually saves you money as well. For tools specifically, I love Full Circle Home products. They do an incredible job curating sustainable/earth friendly products and even have their own product line of home cleaning goods. Beyond just the earth friendly aspect, however, they also look amazing in the home.

Also, I have to give a shoutout to my Dyson vacuum. Inarguably one of the best adult purchases I’ve made. If you have a lot of hair (as I do), or a pet that sheds, or generally just like a good strong vacuum, I highly recommend it.


Ok, this is one that I am extremely excited about (is this adulting?). For the kitchen, I got a Simple Human split canister trash can (one part for recycling and one part for regular waste). It also has an attachment for compost, which I have picked up weekly by Compostable LA!


House Plants

Throughout the home we have plants in most corners–I love that plants not only add some green to the house, but also many of them help to filter the air. It’s like a functional piece of decor and really cozies up a space. We have a variety of plants, primarily from The Sill, just like in my last apartment. I love not only their plant selection but also the planters (hint: lots of blush tones and minty greens! You can also catch a house plant tour over on YouTube.

We have a ZZ plant in the large pallas planter, mini monstera and snake plant combo and a peperomia ginny

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