Healthy Bangkok Guide: Vegan Food, Fitness & Fun

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B A N G K O K 



Vegan in Thailand is incredibly easy. In addition to the abundance of tropical fruit and fresh vegetables, it’s common in Thailand to find a lot of vegetarian an “J” food because many Buddhists in Thailand are vegetarian or follow the J diet. Most restaurants are familiar with J, or have a separate J/vegetarian menu. I was actually surprised to find out that many restaurants I went to unexpectedly had a separate menu. Below is a list of my personal favourites + most noteworthy plus some honourable mentions and light snacks. There are so many vegan friendly spots in addition to the ones listed below, so I highly recommend browsing Happy Cow for more suggestions.

Broccoli Revolution – One of my favourite vegan spots in Bangkok, that offers a variety of dishes both Thai & Western. They also have desserts and fresh juices as well. My usual order is the Teriyaki Bowl, which is really a macro bowl, and I also love the breakfast pancakes (vegan and gf). If you order a smoothie or juice, you may also be served with a plant straw (made from the morning glory vegetable), which is really fun and of course, eco friendly. As a whole, this restaurant is very eco friendly and the Sukhumvit location has a beautiful and spacious interior as well.

Veganerie – Tied with Broccoli Revolution, another one of my favourite spots. I met the owner the first time I had visited their restaurant, and she’s truly a beautiful soul with a beautiful mission. They are best known for their desserts (found in several locations), but their largest location Veganerie Concept serves meals as well. The interior is super instagrammable, complete with hashtags on the walls and a large vegan mural and the menu is HUGE.

May Veggie Home – A low key, very homey vegan spot near Terminal 21. I love to order more Thai dishes here, but they also have a variety of salads, and a few western dishes as well. Great for a casual lunch or dinner!

Bonita Café and Social Club – I have personally not been here myself but friends of mine really enjoy the Western dishes at this spot. It is highly rated by many, and a great option to have on your list!

Raw Vega – This new vegan spot unfortunately had their grand opening just one day after I left Bangkok this year (ONE DAY!!), but I was so interested in trying it out after seeing their menu. Offering raw vegan dishes, this spot is very health oriented, and has a beautiful interior as well.

Nourish Café – I didn’t have a chance to check this spot out, but from what I saw they have raw bites, treats and chia pudding jars. Seems worth checking out!

Theera – You can find some of the baked goods sold at Broccoli Revolution, but there is a standalone Theera café offering breakfast, desserts and more. All the items are labeled very clearly (including things like gluten, soy or nut free for anyone with allergies), but it is not a fully vegan spot.

Mall Food Courts – In almost every mall, you’ll find a food court that is usually organized by cuisine or specialty. For example, you might find a Boat Noodle stall, and a stall for mango and sticky rice. In most cases, you’ll also find a dedicated vegetarian stall, where you’ll usually find vegan friendly options (and at a very affordable price). I can confirm that a few of my favourite malls have one: Terminal 21, ICON Siam, Em Quartier, Emporium, MBK.
You’ll also find stands in front of the grocery stores in the malls that have roasted Japanese sweet potatoes, grilled Thai plantains, sticky rice, cut fruit, and other vegan friendly options like soymilk drinks or coconut treats.


Baiyoke Sky Hotel – The first time I came back to Bangkok as a vegan, we went to try out the Baiyoke Sky Hotel’s fruit buffet. It’s a fun way to sample all the tropical fruit varieties Thailand has to offer, with a view. A little less impractical and more for the experience, but a lot of fun for first timers.

Brekkie A beautiful café with a bright and airy interior. Lots of smoothie bowls on the menu, but not a completely vegan spot. Highly recommend for meals with groups of mixed eaters as there is something for everyone—vegans and omnivores alike! Featured in my birthday vlog last year.

All Coco Usually found in mall basements or near the food courts, this is something I have almost every time I’m in Bangkok. I get the coconut slush, which is a 100% coconut ingredient drink. It’s made from blended frozen coconut water and added pieces of coconut meat. I usually get the no-sugar-added drink, which is just an upgraded way to enjoy coconut water. They also have coconut soft serve, sorbet and charcoal-coconut flavours.

Summerbowl – A cute acai bowl shop that I give an A++ to for topping skills. Very instagrammable mural outside the shop and all the pink + tropical vibes you could ever ask for.

Acai Story – A to-go acai bowl spot, found in several malls in Bangkok. The EmQuartier Mall location specifically has a large seating area, and pink + purple décor.

Makai Acai – I didn’t end up checking this spot out, but it came highly recommended for acai as well so I thought I’d include it!

ATM Tea BarAs seen on my Instagram, amazing vegan bubble tea. It’s not a vegan shop, BUT they offer soymilk, and you can swap it out for almost all of the flavours. I highly recommend the genmaicha bubble tea with roasted rice, or the strawberry matcha.



I highly recommend using ClassPass if you’re just visiting Bangkok, because it’s a great way to try a variety of studios and gyms. All of the below (except for Yoga Elements) is available on ClassPass and you can get a free month via my link too!

Space by Ener8ie – A joint studio with pilates and RYDE indoor cycling. Located at SeenSpace in Bangok and surrounded by quirky cafes. Also next door to Summerbowls.

Yoga Elements – My personal favourite yoga studio in Bangkok. I recommend class with Note.

Stories to Tales A fun bungee workout where you’ll jump and fly while secured in a harness. Don’t let the fun deceive you though, it’s a very cardio intensive workout, and the bungee adds heavy resistance you have to push against the whole time.

Physique 57 – I was surprised to see one of the most popular classes in NYC in Bangkok! If you’re looking for a barre class, look no further.

Base Bangkok – CrossFit and functional training in a gorgeous space. I took “Base Build” which was a circuit based class, but they seem to offer private sessions for power lifters as well.

The Aspire Gym – Offers CrossFit, HIIT classes, bootcamp and yoga. The staff at this gym are all super friendly, helpful and fun. I took CrossFit with Ray, and HEAT with Chaii–both of which were great.



Temple Visit – Make sure you don’t miss out on visiting a temple or two while in Bangkok. Even if you’re not usually into sightseeing, Thailand has some of the most beautiful temples I’ve ever visited. Grand Palace or, Wat Phra Kaew, is the most important, while Wat Arun, located just opposite, is my personal favourite. It’s an iconic and really beautiful temple to visit.

Malls + Shopping – Like I mentioned earlier, Bangkok has a LOT of malls. If you’re looking for a way to escape the heat and spend time indoors, definitely check out the malls for shopping and food.

Markets – I highly recommend visiting Chatchuak Weekend Market, where you’ll find everything from birdcages, to ceramics and Thai snacks. It’s a gigantic market! I also recommend checking out a Floating Market. There are several bordering Bangkok, just a short drive away and I believe there are a few within Bangkok. It’s a really fun experience, and the food is usually very authentic.

Rooftop Sunsets – If you’re into rooftops, Bangkok sunsets are absolutely stunning. My personal favourite is the Vertigo and Moon Bar atop the Banyan Tree Hotel. Great for dates, celebrations, birthdays (I usually do mine there) or just drinks!

Rabbito Café – On my birthday this year we went to a rabbit café, called Rabbito Café where you can order food and drinks while playing with bunnies. The café supports rescue rabbits through donation, and the bunnies will definitely melt your heart.

Café Hopping – There are so many cute cafes in Bangkok you can check out. I don’t drink coffee myself so I don’t café hop too much, but I did also check out Nahim Handcraft, Pink Planter (not great, but v cute) and Wallfower Café. Both cute, both very instagrammable.

Massage + Spa – I mentioned this in my Phuket guide, but if I have to recommend one massage or spa chain, I always recommend Let’s Relax. They have locations all over Thailand, and even internationally and services are always professional, hygienic and reliable.


To be honest, writing this Bangkok guide was a little tougher for me, given that I lived here and coming home, I don’t often do any of the more “touristy” things, but I hope these recommendations are helpful if you’re making a trip here soon! If you’re traveling within Thailand, also check out my Phuket Travel Guide and vlog + my previous vlogs in Thailand for more information.


Happy Travels!

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