The Veggiekins Preset Pack is a set of 5 peachy and warm toned presets – Matte Mauve, Rose Gold, Bleached Peach, On Toast and Send Nudes. I created these presets to help you edit your photos the way I edit most of my photos, so if you’re into a golden hour inspired, pastel, soft and peachy feed, these presets will be right up your alley. I typically don’t edit every photo the same way, but I do like for my photos to have a harmonious feel, so all the presets in this family were designed to look good together. I’ll describe each in detail + the type of photo they work best with.

These presets are compatible with the Lightroom Mobile App for the iPhone, which is free and requires no subscription.

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I recommend using these presets on photos that are already well lit. You can achieve this by correcting the exposure beforehand, or you can adjust the exposure as you see fit after applying the presets. I wouldn’t recommend using these on food photos. I edit my food photos very differently and will be releasing another set of presets with food in mind, but feel free to play around regardless!

P.S. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #VeggiekinsPresets so I can see your edits + share them on Instagram!


I N C L U D E D   I N   T H I S   P A C K :

Matte Mauve* – I love this preset for travel photos and lifestyle shots in particular. It’s great for toning down blue and cool hues, adding a mauve glow and making photos like they were taken just after golden hour or sunset. If you like a darker, more faded look, you’ll love this preset. I like to use it to tone down some of my photos taken in harsh outdoor and contrasted lighting. *This preset will tone down blues and greens, but there is a V2 version included that will keep those tones in tact.

Rose Gold* – This is the style of editing I apply to the majority of my photos. It adds a rosy and golden tone to the photo, warms up the photo and will make your photo look like it was taken with what I’d call sunrise lighting. I love this for lifestyle + portrait shots, as well as interior shots. It can be used for food and flatlay shots, but I’d recommend toning down the oranges or yellows to maintain the natural colours of your subject. *This preset will tone down blues and greens, but there is a V2 version included that will keep those tones in tact.

Bleached Peach – If you like pastels, and soft, muted colours, this preset is a great one for you. It tones down harsh colours, saturation and gives photos that soft, bleached look, while also enhancing the peachy tones in the photo. I recommend using this for photos that are less saturated to begin with (e.g. not great for use on photos with bright, bold backgrounds).

Send Nudes – I liken the tones in this preset to nude lipstick shades. In fact, it’s best used for toning down bright pinks and giving you a muted, peach-ier result. I use this especially when editing shots where a bright, true pink is present. Although I love pinks, I think they look best turned down just a little bit, and you’ll notice that on the @veggiekins feed. When used on a standard photo, the result is a sepia toned, look. You can use this on photos of people as well, however it will tone down natural pinks in your skin (like lips etc.) as well. I find this is best used for full body shots, lifestyle, and travel.

On Toast – This preset was created with Paris in mind. No really, I used this preset the most when I was traveling around Europe, because it’s a great preset for warming up the browns, and neutrals on European streets. Also, it adds beautiful colour and life to baked goods and coffee. It’s a very bright preset, and of all the presets, gives the most golden glow, and the least peachy-ness. I’d recommend using this preset on photos that are a little dull/blue in colour, and could use a little *toasting* up.

All preset files are in .DNG format and will be sent to your e-mail or available to download directly after checkout page.


I N S T A L L A T I O N :

Download and save files to your computer. Be sure to unzip the file.  Transfer the files to your mobile device by airdrop, dropbox or your preferred method and save to your camera roll. Open the Lightroom Mobile application on your phone. Click on the “…” button in the top right hand corner, then select “Add Photos”. Choose the location in which you stored the files on your phone, and select the preset files.
To use, open the preset file/photo and click “…” followed by “Copy Settings”, “Select All” and deselect “Crop”. Click “OK”. Now open a photo you’d like to apply the filter to, and click “…” followed by “paste settings”. After filter is applied, you can adjust exposure, and other settings.

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