The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

Just in time for the holidays and gifting season, here are my 2020 Holiday Gift Guides. Something for wellness lovers, foodies, fitness fanatics, the homebody and more. 

This year, the guides include thoughtful and practical gift ideas with input from my boyfriend Mo, and some of the gifts I’ve given him over the years. In general, I like to support small vegan businesses, eco conscious brands, family owned businesses and BIPOC brands where I can, and now is the best time of year to support them!

I wanted to keep it short and sweet this year, with just 9 picks for each category, but feel free to refer back to previous Holiday Gift Guides for more inspiration. I’ll also include a short list of some of my favourite businesses offering great deals through Cyber Week.

And as always, don’t forget that thrifted/secondhand and DIY gifts will never go out of style. Neither will a heartfelt letter or gesture. It’s the thought that matters!

Brand Key

Here are a few keys I’ll include to help indicate brand values. All products listed are vegan friendly and non-toxic.

(E) → Eco conscious

(SM) → Small business and independent artists

(FO) → Family owned businesses

(WO) → Woman owned businesses

(B) → BIPOC owned businesses

For the Wellness Junkie

2020 Holiday Gift Guides Veggiekins Blog

  1. Sundays Studio Vegan + Non-Toxic Nail Polish Set ($56) – SM, WO, B
    This is my go-to nailpolish because it’s vegan, cruelty free and non-toxic, but still effective and opaque. Sundays is Asian woman owned, and the 3-polish set is the perfect gift! You can pick the colours yourself, or opt for a gift card instead so your recipient can choose themselves. Note: they are currently running a 20% off sale.
  2. Walter Ceramic Water Purifying System ($328) – E, SM, WO
    The Walter Purifier is an investment, but definitely a great gift for someone special in your life, or one to share with family or roommates. I was gifted one and have used it every day since. It’s a great way to eliminate plastic water bottle usage and much more beautiful than your average water filter. It’s handmade in New York and uses the Berkey filters inside. Note: currently running a 15% off sale during cyber week.
  3. Cocofloss 2-Spool Tree Ornament Gift Set ($19) – E, SM, WO, B
    I know floss may be a funny thing to get excited about, but I genuinely look forward to flossing with Cocofloss. It’s a vegan, nontoxic floss brand, founded by an Asian woman, with fun flavours beyond mint (think watermelon, strawberry, cara cara orange), and I think this would be such a fun stocking stuffer. I’m all about functional gifts that encourage well-being. Inspire someone to make flossing fun!
  4. G-Tox Drybrush ($20) – E
    Dry brushing is an essential part of my morning routine. It helps wake the body up, encourage circulation and lymphatic drainage and improves skin texture. It can be difficult to find a high quality, vegan brush, and this one is made with biodegradable sisal fibers, with an FSC certified wooden handle.
  5. Heretics Dirty Grapefruit ($65-165)– SM
    Plant based perfumes made with 100% non-GMO naturally derived ingredients that actually smell good. Ok, I really just wanted to throw this into one of the lists because it is a recent discovery of mine and it’s one of those products I just want to share with everyone. Even my boyfriend! The thing about perfume is they are often made with synthetic fragrances, and as someone who prefers to use clean beauty, I typically avoid products made with fragrance. That basically made perfume a no-go for me, until now!
  6. Note and Shine Self-Love Deck ($45) – E, SM, WO, B
    A beautiful gift to share with loved ones, with hand illustrated affirmation cards that encourage self love, introspection and more. Kelsey, the founder, is a Black artist based in the UK and uses recycled materials and paper and vegetable inks to print.
  7. Mount Lai Gua Sha Tools ($19.60) – SM, WO, B
    Woman founded brand Mount Lai has made Gua Sha, an ancient Chinese practice, accessible to all. The brand carries a variety of tools made from materials like rose quartz and amethyst, and while the Gua Sha tools are my favourite, they also carry other skincare tools. Out of all the Gua Sha tools I’ve tried, the Mount Lai tool fits my face shape the best and I love supporting a brand that celebrates authentic Chinese tradition.
  8. Port + Polish Pill Case ($20) – SM, WO, B
    This pill case keeps me on track with my vitamins and supplements, and doubles as a mirror as well. Sleek enough to toss into your handbag or gym bag, and comes in a variety of colours too. The brand is Asian woman owned!
  9. OSEA Malibu Salt of the Earth Body Scrub ($42) – E, SM, WO, FO
    An indulgent body scrub to retain smooth, supple skin from head to toe. The mineral-rich blend of Dead Sea salt, Bolivian rose salt, and Himalayan salt delicately exfoliates, while ultra-rich shea butter locks in silky moisture. A plumping duo of avocado and babassu oils leave skin looking youthful, revived, and radiant.

For the Foodie

2020 Holiday Gift Guides Veggiekins Blog

  1. SMEG Milk Frother ($199.95)
    This was an unexpected quarantine inspired purchase that ended up being one of the best investments. Instead of going to cafés for fancy lattes, I’ve ended up saving the $8-10 dollars by DIY-ing at home. This is a fancier, higher tier frother, but what makes it worth it to me is the sleek design that actually looks good on the counter, and the price is on par with the top 2 best rates frothers. It’s easier on the eyes, IMO, and lives up to the quality.
  2. Le Creuset Dutch Oven 4 1/2 QT ($335)
    Another serious gift for foodies and home cooks, and one of those forever items (with a lifetime warranty). This cast iron dutch oven is versatile and can be used in high heat up to 500F degrees. It’s great for baking bread, making stews, slow cooking, frying and more.
  3. Vitamix A3500 Series Blender ($599)
    I include this on almost every/any gift guide because it is the one appliance I’ve used the most and owned the longest too! Few things will beat a high power blender, and the Vitamix A3500 is my all time favourite. For thick, ice cream-like smoothie bowls, homemade flours, and the toughest of ingredients, this is it. It’s absolutely an investment, but a great gift for families, or a special person in your life that loves to cook! Hot tip: always look out for refurbished units, they are always sold at lower prices.
  4. Ippodo Tea Matcha Set ($125) – FO, B
    I rave on and on about Ippodo Tea, because they are a Japanese owned, family business founded over 200 years ago. When it comes to tea, and specifically matcha, they know what they’re doing! I’ve loved turning people onto their high quality matcha, and think a full gift set with their matcha and the tools to whip up a delicious cup would be an amazing gift.
  5. Brightland Olive Oil ($37) – SM, WO, B
    Local Californian artisan olive oils made with no fillers or artificial preservatives. These small batch oils are consciously crafted with mindfully sourced ingredients and was founded by a South Indian Woman, Aishwarya Iyer. Fun fact, I accidentally met her husband and adorable dog at a Sweetgreen in Santa Monica, but that’s a story for another time! My favourite is the Awake blend.
  6. Food52 Pink Apron ($45)
    A foodie and home cook essential that actually looks good! Protect your clothes with a handy pink apron. Comes with pockets, and a sleek design you’ll actually want to wear. I make use of my apron almost daily in the kitchen.
  7. Earthen Yourself Plant Dyed String Bag ($15) – E, SM, WO, B
    String bags have become all the rage in the last few years but not all of them are packaged sustainably or dyed with toxin-free, plant dyes. Earthen Yourself uses plant dyes only, from flowers, fruits, etc. and uses ethically sourced organic cotton. It’s art from the Earth that saves the Earth too!
  8. Stasher Silicone Sandwich Bag ($13+) – E, WO
    These are a staple in my apartment and the reason I’ve been able to say goodbye to single use sandwich bags for years now. They come in fun shapes and sizes, can be cooked in, and are also useful outside of the kitchen. Help a friend or loved one kick the single use sandwich bag habit out the window with a fun set of stashers!
  9. Intelligent Lids Mason Jar Storage Lids ($13.98)– E, SM, WO
    A great stocking stuffer and gift that will actually be put to use! It’s functional, eco conscious and looks good in the kitchen. It replaces metal lids for mason jars and/or peanut butters jars from the store, so you can use them without worry about rust. They are made from recyclable and recycled materials and also come in sip-top styles.
  10. Bonus: AlmondCow Milk Maker Machine ($195) – E, SM, WO
    The AlmondCow home plant based milk maker goes on sale only once a year, and that is during Black Friday. It’s $35 off, and a great investment if you’re an avid homemade vegan milk maker! No straining required, and it happens in the touch of a button. You can use seeds, grains, nuts and more and it’s a wonderful, low waste alternative to storebought options.

For the Fitness Fanatic

2020 Holiday Gift Guides Veggiekins Blog

  1. Therabody Mini ($199)
    For any fitness junkies, this is an absolute game changer. In between workouts or after a heavy leg day, this is the one thing that helps to get me through and really aids muscle recovery. My building gym has one, and I couldn’t recommend it more! The mini size is a handy size to throw into gym bags, or keep in the closet at home.
  2. Beats By Dr. Dre Powerbeat Pro Wireless ($249)
    Now you may know that I run for fun sometimes, but this gift came highly recommended by my serious runner friends. You know, the ones that run the Central Park Loop for fun, or on a “light workout day”. Anyway, point being, these babies really stay in your ears no matter how hard you’re working, and as a beats headphone owner, I can vouch for sound quality too.
  3. Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag ($185) – E, WO, B
    Founded by a team of 3 women, this bag brand has taken over NYC! I got my first duffel a few years ago and had used it daily because it was both functional but also looked good. I would have strangers stop me in the street to ask where my bag was from (that’s a first for me, as a non fashionista), and they’ve since launched even more colours and styles to choose from.
  4. Reebok Forever Floatride Grow Running Shoe ($120) – E
    I’ve never been able to find a sneaker from an eco friendly sneaker brand that worked for me. I’ve tried many, and found that my joints still felt better when wearing sneakers from some of the OG brands. Sooo I was delighted when Reebok, definitely an OG in the sneaker space, came out with a plant based running shoe made with materials like castor bean oil and eucalyptus bark.
  5. Bala Bangles 1LB Weights in Blush Pink – SM
    This husband and wife duo have had a huge impact on my quarantine home workouts! I’ve actually used their ankle weights in studio before, but hadn’t picked up my own set until 2020 hit. They’re available in a variety of weights, but the 1-2LB weights do wonders if you’re sculpting at home. Add them to your existing routine to spice things up, or try yoga with ankle weights on. I promise it makes a huge difference!
  6. Indie Lee I-Recover Bath Soak ($42) – SM, WO
    Dual action soothing bath soak/skin scrub that provides relief for over-worked muscles. Indulge in this therapeutic blend of Dead Sea and Himalayan Salts combined with Arnica, Black Pepper and Patchouli essential oils which help to ease tension. Rosemary, Lavender and Sage smooth and revitalize the skin while Eucalyptus reinvigorates the soul.
  7. Takeya Actives Insulated Water Bottle ($32.99) – E, B
    My mum put me (and my entire family) onto these water bottles. They actually keep drinks hot or cold no matter what the outside temperature is, and encourage me to drink water throughout the day. I never buy plastic water bottles, and always have this with me! It’s a simple, but useful gift that’ll be put to good use.
  8. Lululemon Double Mini Foam Roller Set ($38)
    I own these mini foam rollers and they’re great to store conveniently (and good looking!). If the Therabody Mini is out of budget, you can foam roll for similar results. This is a must especially if you’re training multiple times a week.
  9. Sprout Living Epic Pro Collagen Vegan Protein ($35) – SM
    While all of Sprout Living’s protein powders are worth trying, my favourite has to be a tie between chocolate and the Pro Collagen protein. I love the Pro Collagen protein because, well, vegan collagen doesn’t exist. You can, however, increase your body’s natural ability to produce collagen with plant derived ingredients, and that’s what this protein does! Read more about vegan collagen here. Note: use code VEGGIEKINS to save 20% sitewide.

For the Homebody

2020 Holiday Gift Guides Veggiekins Blog

  1. Caraway Home Nonstick Ceramic Pot + Pan Set ($395) – E, SM
    I swear by my Caraway Home pans after trying many non-toxic nonstick sets. I’ve had this set for almost 2 years now, and they are a game changer! The fact that they look great in the kitchen is just a bonus.
  2. Bearaby Tree Napper Eco Weighted Blanket ($269) – E, WO
    Weighted blankets have been a game changer in my sleep quality. They limit tossing and turning, can improve sleep, decrease anxiety and overall, feel like a hug. What’s not to love? The Bearaby Tree Napper line specifically is made with earth friendly materials, and of all of the weighted blankets on the market, this one is the most beautifully designed as well!
  3. Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser ($119) – WO
    This is a sleek and modern diffuser that looks great in the home and diffuses safe, nontoxic essential oils. A great replacement for candles, and keeps the home fresh (safely!).
  4. AHeirloom Star Engraved Cutting Board ($64) – SM, FO
    This family owned business crafts the most beautiful wooden cutting boards in state shapes (what they’re best known for) and engraved star patterns. My boyfriend gifted me my first piece from them and I’ve loved seeing them grow as a business! These cutting boards are stunning and made to last.
  5. Parachute Home Classic Towels ($9-144) – WO, E
    It wasn’t until a few years ago that I started to really appreciate basics like towels. A high quality towel is like a warm hug, and once I started to look into materials used to make towels, I landed on Parachute Home! They make towels free of synthetic dyes and are an Oeko-Tex certified brand.
  6. Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirits Gift Set ($45) – E
    Alcohol is often a great gift, but what if you don’t drink? Seedlip’s Non-Alcoholic spirits are some of my favourite, and they’ll look just as great on the bar cart. This Mycelium Gift Set is fully biodegradable, recyclable & compostable. It includes a full-sized bottle of Seedlip Spice 94, a 100% recycled highball glass & a Thyme seed paper neck tag, in plant-based home compostable packaging.
  7. Katie Mudd Speckled Stoneware Mug ($53.57) – SM, WO
    It’s no secret I’m a lover of ceramic pieces for the home. Katie’s pieces are stunning and will make enjoying your daily cup of caffeine that much more enjoyable! For more ceramic artist suggestions, check out my Ceramic Collection video on YouTube.
  8. W&P Design Speckled XL Ice Cube Tray ($10.50)
    Ice cubes really add a little something to a drink, especially when they’re extra large! Gift this fun silicone ice cube tray to the cocktail lover or mixologist in your life. These make a great stocking stuffer too!
  9. The Sill Sunny Sill Duo ($49) – E, WO
    Most of the plants in my apartment come from The Sill! Their beautiful plants come with detailed care guides, potted in gorgeous planters and this sill duo is a great starter for any new plant parents out there. They’re easy to take care of, and will spruce up the home too.
  10. BONUS: For All Kind Vegan Outerwear ($250)E, SM
    Okay I admit I didn’t really know where to put this one, but I had to include it on the list. It’s my go-to winter jacket and it’s PETA certified vegan and cruelty free. They’re stylish, and actually warm and they’ve got a great cyber week deal, offering a free sweatshirt or sweater with every outerwear purchase. You can also double up with my discount code REMY10 on top of that!

For Him/Them/Everyone!

2020 Holiday Gift Guides Veggiekins Blog

  1. Whoop ($30+)
    For fitness lovers, or anyone interested in tracking their health, this band is an easy wearable that helps you understand not only your workouts but also your recovery and sleep.
  2. Matt & Natt Vegan Leather Cardholder ($30) – SM, E
    A clean and simple cardholder made with a vegan leather. This 100% vegan brand is earth conscious, and design focused and make a range of products including backpacks and briefcases as well.
  3. Takeya Actives Insulated Water Bottle ($32.99) – E, B
    My boyfriend’s biggest source of waste was plastic single use water bottles, so I got him a black reusable water bottle and he hasn’t gone back since! It has not only encouraged him to drink more water, but has also become part of his daily essential items. It comes with him wherever he goes and he’s reduced his waste significantly.
  4. Dagne Dover Neoprene Backpack ($185) – E, WO, B
    Founded by a team of 3 women, this bag brand has taken over NYC! I got my first duffel a few years ago and had used it daily because it was both functional but also looked good. I would have strangers stop me in the street to ask where my bag was from (that’s a first for me, as a non fashionista), and they’ve since launched even more colours and styles to choose from.
  5. Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream ($24) – E, SM
    This concentrated, non-lathering shave cream minimizes nicks, cushions against razor burn and naturally nourishes your skin. The sublime texture, robust natural aroma and extraordinary performance will leave you craving your next shave.
  6. Franklin & Whitman Beard Serum ($24.95) – SM, E
    A non-toxic and vegan beard serum for those with beards, because we all deserve clean beauty skincare products! Franklin & Whitman is a vegan owned, small business skincare brand and the Mount Airy scent is my personal favourite scent!
  7. Kosas Clean Sport Chemistry Deodorant ($15) – WO
    deodorant like no other. This innovative, serum-inspired formula contains a smoothing blend of AHAs to exfoliate and brighten the look of underarms while banishing odor. The clear, aloe-infused gel effortlessly glides on via cooling rollerball
  8. Well Kept Safety Razor ($82) – E, WO
    A sleek, sustainable alternative to plastic or disposable razors, meant to last a lifetime!
  9. Ritual Daily Multivitamin for Men ($30/month) – E, WO
    A great, vegan daily vitamin, now available for men. This would be a great functional gift for your partner/boyfriend/SO/dad to help them out with an all-in-one made with transparently sourced ingredient and packaged in a recyclable bottle made from 100% recycled materials.

Gift Ideas for the Minimalist

  1. Charitable Donations – Make a charitable donation on your loved one’s behalf or cause of choice. This is a really meaningful gift to give, especially if there’s an organization you know your loved one is passionate about, otherwise, give them their pick 🙂
  2. E-Books – This is a great way to give a gift that takes up no space at all! It’s also handy to access across devices, and is often a lot more affordable. For vegans and plant based humans, check out the Plant Based Bundle, a collection of 80+ e-books by vegan creators. (Available 11/20-11/30 only).
  3. Baked Goods – Homemade love in cookie form is always something special. Bake something from scratch and send an edible gift to your loved ones. Check out some cookie recipes for inspiration.

If you found this gift guide helpful, and pick anything up, tag me on Instagram @veggiekins. As always, I love when you share feedback in the comments below, and if you have any gift ideas you’d add to the list, let us know!

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BY Remy • November 25, 2020

2020 Holiday Gift Guides for Wellness Lovers, Foodies, Fitness Fanatics & More

2020 Holiday Gift Guides Veggiekins Blog

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