Vegan Winter Fashion Guide 2019

Inspired by my own hunt for winter fashion pieces that would A) keep me warm and were B) cruelty free, I’m sharing my first vegan winter fashion roundup! I am by no means a fashion blogger but I do love sharing my vegan fashion finds because when I first went vegan, options were fairly limited and many items just weren’t my style. As cruelty free fashion and veganism become more popular, the available options continue to increase and I love to support the people making this possible.

This roundup will be winter fashion specific, plus a few year-round fashion pieces and if you like this guide, we’ll do one each season! For a complete guide to winter clothing, check out these guides by Peta, VegNews and OneGreen Planet. You can also check out last year’s Eco Fashion Holiday Gift Guide for more. Below are my personal recommendations, pieces I’ve invested in over the last few New York City winters, and things I’m loving right now.

Materials to Avoid

Wintertime clothing is the trickiest to shop vegan because so many of the materials used are animal byproducts. Sometimes, it’s tougher to identify because the fashion industry uses alternative phrases to describe material or because some of us simply are unaware of what goes into our clothing. A few examples of things to avoid include wool, feathers/down, silk, cashmere, alpaca, angora, leather, suede, mink and fur.

While there is always the argument that animal byproducts are taken without any harm done to animals, it’s sadly not the case in most situations. Even sheep used for wool are very commonly mistreated, and by principal, those who subscribe to the vegan lifestyle just avoid animal byproducts period. The good news is, there are plenty of alternative materials that don’t even bother the animals and can keep you just as warm. Now let’s get to the vegan winter fashion guide!

Coats & Sweaters

Noize Original – It wouldn’t be a vegan winter fashion guide without coats right? So to start, this brand makes incredible PETA certified, cruelty free, sustainable, 100% vegan coats and outerwear. Their coats are made for serious winter weather and they not only have winter style puff coats, but also wool-style coats which are often hard to find. You can use my code veggiekins20 for a discount (this code will be active AFTER Black Friday sales end).

vegan winter fashion guide veggiekins

For All Kind – Canadian brand For All Kind makes cruelty free, kind outerwear. Their products are made to keep warm in Canadian winters (which, in my experience are insanely cold), and they offer parkas, knit sweaters, puffers and bombers. I personally own the parka, as well as the sherpa jacket and grey knit sweater! (code remy10 will give you 10% off your order)

Aritzia – I’ve been shopping at Aritzia for several years, and even before I went vegan. Unfortunately they have always used materials like silk and wool, but fortunately, they launched a fully vegan puffer coat this year. It comes in their original Superpuff style, for both men and women, and there’s also a vegan leather-look puffer with vegan fill.

vegan winter fashion guide veggiekins

Matt & Nat – One of my first vegan bags came from this incredible all-vegan brand but I was surprised to learn that they also offer outerwear, shoes and accessories! Sustainability is also a big part of their mission and they incorporate recycled materials such as nylon, cardboard, rubber, cork, plastic bottles and bicycle tires. They have a great vegan leather jacket and classic machine washable black puffer jacket.

vegan winter fashion guide veggiekins


Vaute – My first winter after going vegan, I was really dedicated to finding a vegan winter coat. I found Vaute, a local NYC fashion brand that makes winter coats, sweaters and dresses. At the time it was one of the few options available, and I can happily report that my coat kept me very warm. When I purchased my coat, the styles offered were somewhat eclectic, with cuts that were perhaps a little too fashionable for me, so I ended up selling my coat to another local NYC vegan. Still, I can vouch for the warmth of these vegan coats made with love.

Stella McCartney – For those looking for luxury/designer fashion, Stella McCartney is one of few vegan friendly high end designers on the mainstream market and they are committed to sustainability as well. They offer handbags, but also a few vegan winter coats!

vegan winter fashion guide veggiekins

Nois –  I randomly came across this website that curates all vegan fashion pieces and fell in love because, let’s be honest, not all vegan fashion is always on trend. They do the work for you and curate incredible vegan finds. Most notably, they have a great sweater selection, and they also have coats as well!

vegan winter fashion guide veggiekins

Remy x ConsciousTee – I just had to include the pullover crewneck sweaters from the collection I created with my friend Clara at ConsciousTee. Clara, the founder of ConsciousTee is also vegan, and one of my environment activist inspirations. Her tees are sustainably made, ethically produced and fair trade. They are packed with recycled materials and the new designs were hand drawn by yours truly. I’ve been wearing my grey pullover non-stop this season, and can vouch for it’s cozy-ness AND soft feel. Bonus: a portion of profits from every sale will be donated to BEAT UK, an eating disorder charity.

vegan winter fashion guide veggiekins

ASOS – This site actually offers plenty of vegan friendly options. A quick search for “vegan” or “faux” will bring up hundreds of styles. They offer free shipping and returns, but be aware this is not necessarily a sustainable or dedicated vegan shopping site. ASOS does a great job of listing material composition, so be sure to give it a quick read.

vegan winter fashion guide veggiekins


Dr. Martins – This staple boot brand offers a range of vegan styles nowadays. I actually have the classic vegan 1460 on my wishlist (I just cant’t decide if I’m edgy enough to pull it off haha). Just be sure to make sure you’re purchasing a vegan style, especially if not purchasing from their site directly.

Pawj Boots – UGG boots, but make it vegan. Everything from the classic slip on boot styles to the fuzzy slippers–this is it.

Avesu – This brand specializes in all vegan shoes, and the NAE Etna boot specifically caught my eye. It looks warm and sturdy for winter weather and is similar in style to Timberland boots. That’s right, if you’re looking for a vegan dupe, this is it!

Vessi – To be completely honest, I discovered this brand through an Instagram ad, but I was glad I did. I have two IRL friends who wear their sneakers on the daily, and they’re not only vegan but also waterproof. This is an essential if you live somewhere with lots of snow, but need to wear sneakers for whatever reason. Also great if you live somewhere rainy. I’m adding the pink pair to my wishlist… so cute!

Cariuma IBI Sneaker – Cariuma reached out to me to let me know about their new IBI sneaker, a very sustainably made, all vegan sneaker. I own a pair now and can tell you they are incredibly comfortable white sneakers, and also very lightweight. Also, per a family member’s personal experience, the founder is incredibly kind.

Thousand Fell – While we’re on the topic of vegan sneakers, I just wanted to throw this one in because I’m a sucker for a good white sneaker. My friend Kat introduced me to this brand and they make their sneakers using recycled plastic water bottles and other plant materials (check it out on their site!). They are committed to sustainability and deliver by bicycle if you’re in NYC (free otherwise) and have a 30 day return trial period. But what really caught my eye? The pink style. Well, they’re all white sneakers but the back tab has a little pop of colour.

Matt & Nat – As mentioned earlier, Matt & Nat make some really beautiful vegan shoes. These boots caught my eye but there are so many styles that would be great additions to your boot collection.

vegan winter fashion guide veggiekins

Native Shoes – A brand with a commitment to “living lightly”, offering truly lightweight shoes free of animal products. They have a great waterproof style, the Treklite, which would be great for avoiding wet feet post snow.

Beyond Skin –  All vegan shoe brand with a range of boot styles from knee high to snakeskin. Also offers high heels!

vegan winter fashion guide veggiekins

Moo Shoes – 100% vegan shoe retailer with a physical location in New York City as well. Stocks many of the vegan boot brands listed above, and great if you want to stop by to try on in person before buying.

ASOS, Free People & Lulus – You can find a lot of faux material shoes on these sites as well. Again, make sure you read through material composition before purchasing. Free people has filters for vegan products specifically.


Angela Roi – While bags aren’t necessarily a winter necessity, I do find they’re a fun way to spice up an outfit especially since most of our outfit is covered up by a coat. Vegan bags are easy to find these days, but some are simply cheap plastic and fall apart within a few months. I’ve been using this Angela Roi bag for the last few months (even survived a motorcycle accident with it in hand, and it still looks brand new). If you’re looking for a fashionable, luxury vegan bag make sure you check them out.

vegan winter fashion guide veggiekins

JW Pei – Asian female founded brand JW Pei is one of my personal favourites. This sustainable, vegan bag brand creates gorgeous designs and elevated handbags that are 100% cruelty free. I personally own the outlines style bag, but all of their bags are wonderful.

Gabrielle By P – A fun random find from Stockholm, Sweden. These are vegan bag straps that you can use to customize your vegan bag. I personally picked up 2 studded bag straps to spice up my vegan bags and support a small vegan business. They also recently started to offer a vegan handbag! Ships worldwide.

I hope you enjoyed this vegan winter fashion guide. If you’d like to see more recommendations or fashion roundups like this in the future, let me know! Keep warm & keep it cruelty free my friends 🙂 


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BY Remy • November 30, 2019

Vegan Winter Fashion Guide 2019

vegan winter fashion guide veggiekins

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