Hi friends! Today I thought I’d share a brutally honest review of every meal delivery service I’ve had the opportunity to try.

As a food blogger, I’m lucky to be able to try various services that are either gifted to me or part of PR events I attend. I’m truly grateful for that because it gives me the opportunity to share with you an authentic review of what each meal service may be like, and help you decide what’s worth it and what isn’t. Or rather, which meal delivery service could be the best fit for you. I do share on my stories, and love doing live taste tests for you, but I thought I’d compile them all in one place.

I’ve tried a total of 8 meal delivery services, and want to share with you my overall thoughts, the average price, the taste (v important, right?) and the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision, in no particular order. It’s also important to keep in mind that I do work from home, and I am a recipe developer, which means I don’t really have a *need* for meal delivery services in general. Also, prices are subject to change, but reflect the price at the time this article was written.

Ok let’s do it!

Purple Carrot (~$72/week for 3 recipes, 1-2 servings ea.)

Overall thoughts: Purple carrot is a fully vegan meal delivery service that sends you the ingredients, pre portioned, so you can follow along with the instructions and create delicious meals at home. They also offer a fully gluten-free plan as well! I actually cooked one of their meals in this video, if you’d like to see an example. The idea is to make cooking at home easy/simple. I really liked Purple Carrot and would spend my money on it.
Standout items: The Tandoori Chickpea Lettuce Wraps are still a dish that my boyfriend and I both talk about. The flavours in the spices provided were on point and it was so easy to put together. I’d re-order for that meal alone.
Pros: You have three options–choose between Quick & Easy, High Protein or Chef’s Choice. I love that it’s 100% plant-based, and also offers modifications for those who prefer to cook without oil. Very inclusive, and thoughtful. Also, most importantly, delicious.
Cons: Definitely some significant plastic usage in terms of packaging. Not recommended for those who don’t wish to actually cook.

P.S. You can use the code “veggiekins” for a discount on your order.


My Cocobox (~$30-45/meal, 2 servings ea.)

Overall thoughts: Cocobox, like Purple Carrot, delivers ingredients and a recipe so you can cook a better dinner at home. The portion sizes are generous, serving 2 (to even 3), and they have a huge range of vegan menu items. At the moment I believe they are only available in some regions. On an unrelated note, the branding and peachy colours are really lovely.
Standout items: Tempeh Bowl and Asparagus Zucchini Soup. Both deliciousssss!!! I want to try to recreate both.
Pros: This brand is one of the best when it comes to minimal plastic usage. They are mindful about single plastic usage and I really appreciated that. The vegan selection is huge, and the options are not just a salad (if you know what I mean). Additionally, I found the portions to be quite large, so I ended up with about 3 portions from a recipe intended for 2.
Cons: This service is delivered by the meal, so this wouldn’t be a great option if you’re looking for something to cover you through the week, unless you’re going to order multiple kits for the week. Looking at price, the cost is about equivalent to what I’d spend at a restaurant for dinner with my boyfriend (sans drinks/desserts). It’s a little more costly when compared to the value per meal of other meal delivery services. Also, not suitable for those who do not wish to cook.

Daily Harvest (~$70/week, 9 servings)

Overall thoughts: This company started off as a smoothie delivery service, with frozen cups that you add liquid to and blend. You can then pour it back into the cup and take it to go. They’ve expanded their offerings to warm grain bowls, functional lattes and higher protein smoothies. Most recently, they’ve also added cookies that you can either eat baked or raw… hey cookie dough lovers. I’ve tried the majority of the products, and my absolute favourite product they offer is their cookies. In my honest opinion, the smoothies can be hit or miss, but tend to be on the thinner side as far as texture. I found some of them not to fit my nutritional needs or dietary goals, but I will (and have) ordered the cookie dough again. Some of the meals in a cup I find to be a little bit light for someone who is so active, however I think they’d be perfect for office/school lunches. All that’s needed is a blender or microwave and an oven for cookies (or not).
Standout items: The chocolate chip + dark chocolate cookies. Period. I also loved the chocolate hazelnut smoothie but wouldn’t consume it on the reg based on my nutritional needs.
Pros: Convenient, and wide variety of offerings from smoothies to actual meals. Great for work/school, and many of my friends religiously order to bring with them to work. The cookie dough is a game changer, and made with such good ingredients.
Cons: Single use cups! Also can take up a decent amount of space in the freezer due to the cup shape. As mentioned earlier, nutritional values are not where I would like them to be for my personal preference and way I like to eat, and wish they were thicker in texture (however you can also just decrease the amt. of liquid you use to blend).

See the black sesame smoothie + dark choc cookie here:


Project Juice (~$7-9/single serve smoothie, or complete cleanse kit at ~$90/day)

Overall thoughts: Project Juice offers both a cleanse kit (including juices, smoothies, soups, shots) and single serve smoothie cups that you can blend at home, similar to Daily Harvest. They also have brick and mortar locations and emphasize the quality of their ingredients, and using organic produce. You can check out the San Diego location in this vlog. I really loved the SD location, and enjoyed the smoothies too. I’d go back to the café in a heart beat.
Standout items: I have only tried the single serve smoothie cups and have to say the Cacao Protein and Blueberry Protein were delicious.
Pros: These smoothies are actually thick in texture, which is what I look for when I think smoothie. The ingredients in each smoothie cup are impressive (superfoods like Jerusalem artichoke!) and I love that you can enjoy them at home, or on the go. I really appreciate their commitment to organic ingredients.
Cons: The cups the smoothies come in are not re-usable, and the price per smoothie can be a little steep. They’re about on-par with smoothie prices at an NYC juice bar however, and boast organic ingredients AND a variety of superfoods in each one. You do need a blender for this.


Hello Fresh (~$60/week for 3 recipes, 2 servings)

Overall thoughts: Had to mention because this was probably the first ever delivery service I had ever tried and I might not be able to share a fair review here because when I tried it, I wasn’t even vegan yet, and actually, it was my Grandma who had tried it out. I took a quick peek at the website and it looks like a lot has changed since we tried it years ago. Packaging looks sleeker and more condensed (less wasteful!), and there’s a veggie option, however still no vegan option and it doesn’t look to be dairy free either. I was going to order a box to give it a try as is now, but it doesn’t look like something that would suit my dietary needs/restrictions.
Standout items: NA
Pros: This is a classic meal delivery service brand. Perhaps the OG? If you’re not vegan or vegetarian, the menu offerings are robust. Packaging seems to be recyleable!
Cons: No vegan plan, and doesn’t cater to my current needs. Does require cooking.


Sakara Life (lowest cost $255/for 3 days)

Overall thoughts: For all the health and wellness junkies, this one’s for you. Sakara meals are made with high quality produce and ingredients, with integrated superfoods and intentions behind each dish. There’s a real emphasis on detoxing the body (not like detox tea B.S. but rather feeding the body GOOD instead of bad). It’s plant-based, but not vegan as some dishes are made with honey. In addition to meals, you can add on things like functional superfood chocolates, supplements for your water, probiotics, protein powders etc. Sakara may be one of the priciest meal services I’ve tried, but it is also really delicious and the ingredients get an A++ in my book.
Standout items: Sakara always KILLS it with the breakfasts. I’ve loved every single breakfast I’ve tried and I think we cook in a similar way as it applies to breakfast–tastes like dessert, but is made with ingredients that really feed you. I also love their protein powder, and chlorophyll water drops. One of my all time favourite dishes was a Chickpea Pasta Bolognese of some kind. *drools*
Pros: High quality ingredients–you get what you pay for. Gluten-free, and plant-based (option to indicate vegan only), only requires re-heating or toasting. No cooking necessary. Lots of variety in the meals too!
Cons: Price is high and not accessible for most people. Plastic is used quite a bit as well. Portion sizes are great, but not for someone doing vigorous exercise or at an activity level like mine. I had to eat additional food or supplement with snacks due to my active lifestyle (although this may not be the norm), so for me personally it wasn’t quite enough in terms of quantity.

Splendid Spoon (lowest cost $65/5 lunches)

Overall thoughts: Soups and smoothies for breakfast and lunches primarily. This is a great convenient option that requires no cooking whatsoever, simply reheating. The smoothies are pre-blended and come frozen, so you can store them frozen and take them to go, letting them thaw before enjoying. Great variety, and fully plant-based. I’m obsessed with the soups and have tried to re-create them numerous times.
Standout items: the Green Split Pea Soup + Kabocha Congee (Y U M). I also liked the Red Lentil Dahl.
Pros: Always plant based, always gluten-free. Serious superfoods like spirulina and baobab used. The soups are freakin’ delicious! Requires absolutely zero cooking, only microwaving.
Cons: Smoothies were not my favourite–thinner and lacking in flavour in my opinion. Also, this service offers lots of liquid-like foods so if soups + smoothies don’t satisfy you, this may not be the one for you.

You can check out a fridge tour article of mine here!


Hungry Root (~$69/week incl. 4 meals, 2 servings each)

Overall thoughts: My aunt used to order from Hungry Root back when they had first launched as a company. I remember her really enjoying the healthy convenience items because she wasn’t much of a cook, and preferred having things at least halfway prepped for her. I remember her obsession with the bean-based cookie doughs. The brand has expanded to offer things like veggie noodles, high protein pastas, soups, curries and oats, and of course still offers their cookie doughs.
Standout items: I really love their dips/sauces like the Cashew Cheddar, and the Alfredo. The cookie doughs are also good, but not my favourite. I wouldn’t eat them regularly.
Pros: Makes healthy eating convenient, takes prep time out of your schedule. Bomb sauces!!
Cons: I find the cookie dough to be healthiER but still not quite something I’d eat on a regular basis. I also find them to be very salty, and trust me when I say I do like sweet + salty together, so this is extra salty. Packaging is also something that is hard to avoid, however if you’re looking to cut out prep time, this is your best bet.


Misfits Market ($20-35/box)

Overall thoughts: I love this brand but I don’t know if it exactly counts as a meal delivery service, so let’s just call it a bonus. They save produce that is “imperfect” or doesn’t meet the industry standards to be sold. Think funky shaped produce. It’s really fun. You get a delivery weekly with a variety of produce items and everything is plastic-free. The only bags used are biodegradable bags and the best part is the price is a fraction of the cost of what it would be at a regular grocery store. In addition to adorable and quirky produce for less, you’re helping to save food waste too.
Standout items: NA
Pros: Everything mentioned above!
Cons: Only con is this requires cooking and no recipe involved. It’s really more of a grocery delivery service versus meal delivery service, but it will save you time as far as grocery shopping and hopefully provide inspiration for seasonal dishes. Ok, I’m sorry I just wanted to shout them out because I love them and think you will too. 

P.S. You can use the code “veggiekins” for 20% off a misfits box.

Have you tried any? Do you have a favourite? Let me know if there’s one I NEED to try.

Love & light,


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BY Remy • May 9, 2019

A (Very) Honest Review of 8 Meal Delivery Services I’ve Tried

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