This is a blogpost I never thought I’d be sharing because since I was young, I’ve always maintained that I hated running and was terrible at it. Somehow though, I’ve come to actually love it, but only in specific situations and largely because I’ve adopted all of the tips I’ll be sharing with you today. This doesn’t mean I’m going to be signing myself up for a marathon anytime soon, but running can be so therapeutic and especially as the weather warms up, it’s an amazing way to get outside and also soak up some vitamin D while you’re at it. Multitaskers, you listening? It’s also a completely equipment free form of exercise you can do just about anywhere which means it’s travel friendly and accessible.

Today’s blogpost is powered by lululemon and although you may know them best for their yoga wear, they actually have performance focused apparel for things like tennis, lounge and even running. I’ll be sharing some more about that in a minute, but let’s dive into these tips.

1. Change the way you think and talk about running

This one’s a little out there, but I genuinely believe that the way you talk about something influences the outcome, and I also believe in mind over matter. Running, especially if you don’t particularly enjoy it, is something that will be 100x better if you’re in the right mindset.

Stop saying you hate running, and stop telling yourself (and others) that you’re not good at it! Think about how you’ll feel afterwards, what you’re going to achieve, and focus on the doing, not so much your performance. I no longer say that I “hate running” because it only psyches me out before I run.

2. Set yourself up for success

If you preemptively take care of all the things that may potentially ruin a run, you’ll definitely have a much more successful experience. Here are a few things that really bother me when I’m running: jingling keys, shoelaces untying themselves, hair in my face, clothes that don’t perform/are uncomfortable, earbuds that don’t stay in my ear, socks that slip down, feeling too full or feeling too hungry… I could go on!

Take care of these things in advance because it’s always irritating when something interrupts your run. Bonus: this will also give you less excuse to pause in the middle of a run. Make yourself comfortable and deal with all that before you start.

3. Dress the part

It’s not what you think–when I say dress the part, I mean wear clothes MADE for running because they will definitely give you a leg up in terms of performance. There’s nothing worse than having to pull your leggings up while running, or feeling chest pain because your sports bra isn’t supportive enough, right?

Now you know that I own a lot of activewear, but most of that is made for yoga specifically and most of my sets are not ideal for runs (I learned this the hard way). Look for pieces that are designed for runs, and also pieces that make you feel good. Seriously, I’d go so far as to go in store, touch the fabric and try on the pieces to make sure they feel good on your body. Also, remember that looking good can help you feel good too–it’s all about confidence baby!

Here’s what I’m wearing on my runs lately. These leggings (in this sage grey colour, so functional but also flattering), this stash and dash bra (holds keys, cards and little bits while you run), this UV protective short sleeve tee with fun sheer stripe detail, and a longer sleeve version in pink (for cooler days, or a decorative waist-tie). Finally, this pink hat for sunnier days.

4. Sign up for a race

Hear me out–this one sounds crazy but signing yourself up for a race like a 5k can be the perfect motivation for you to practice your running. Or, don’t practice, but go for the experience and be open to running and walking the race. My very first 5k was the first time I actually felt that “runner’s high” because running with a crowd of other people was such a mood booster and motivator for me. I also sprinted at probably my fastest speed ever as I neared the finish line because I felt so encouraged by those cheering me on at the end. It was fun. Genuinely.

5. Music, music, music!!!

Music, or a podcast can make all the difference. It’s always a bummer when I forget my earphones because it really improves my run most of the time. If I’m going for distance, or going at a slower speed, I’ll opt for a podcast because 1) it takes my mind off of the fact that I’m running and 2) I get to learn something while running.

It’s also wonderful for timing a run if you have a goal length of time in mind. For example, pick a 20 min podcast if you want to run for that long. Music is a great choice because it can be really energizing, so I’d recommend picking music to match the speed you want to run at. You can even choose songs to create a playlist with BPM in mind to perfectly match your pace.

Trust me, if you don’t love running, a distraction will do you good.

6. Break it up

Even today, I prefer running intervals over distance runs. The 15 minute run chunks at a Barry’s Bootcamp or Orange Theory class are doable for me because they’re broken up into shorter chunks of time and they keep you guessing. Usually, the runs vary in speed and incline, which to me, feels like a new “chunk” every time it changes. For example, you can break up a 15 minute segment into 5 different speed intervals, or different inclines. You can also play around with setting a really high incline and doing sideways shuffles on the treadmill. It’s really about switching it up so that it doesn’t feel monotonous, or like a daunting loooong run.


I hope you’ll try out some of my tips and I hope they’ll make running a little more enjoyable for you. If someone like me, who hated running with a passion, can now confidently say I do really enjoy running sometimes, then there’s hope for you too 😉

If you want to join me on Strava, by the way, there’s a lululemon Run club on the app so you can virtually become part of the lululemon run community. If any of these tips help you out, please let me know, send me a DM, or tag me in a story!

Big thanks again to lululemon for partnering with me on this blogpost, and you can check out more of their run apparel here!

Love & leggings,


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BY Remy • April 24, 2019

How to Enjoy Running (for People Who Hate Running)

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