It’s Wednesday and I’m coming to you with an unplanned, unfiltered stream of consciousness about the difference between high and high vibrational.

For about 2 or 3 years of my sobriety, I avoided and was somewhat afraid of taking part in select activities like going to festivals, parties, clubs and even weekend brunches. Sobriety was a complete lifestyle change for me and a very difficult adjustment because aside from drinking and substances, I really truly enjoyed going to music festivals for the music, clubs for the dancing, and weekend brunches because… I mean breakfast food is always a good idea whether or not champagne is involved.

I’ve shared openly about how it’s possible to go to clubs and continue to do the same things without being intoxicated, and I did here and there, but never really felt drawn to do so as frequently until this month. I went to a sober dance party a few weeks ago called Daybreaker, where you start the morning with 6am yoga, take part in a sober rave/dance party right after, and end with a collective moment of gratitude and good energy. In that moment, I was reminded how much I loved dancing and how much I missed it because maybe I had convinced myself that I no longer enjoyed it, or maybe I was tired of being the only one in my friend group who went sober, or maybe it became more difficult to find sober friends who were interested in taking part. To be fair, I suppose it is a big ask to find someone sober that is also willing to subject themselves to an environment in which they used to drink/use. Oh and my partner really doesn’t like EDM so music festivals are kind of off the table.

Last week, I listened to Ruby Warrington lead a conversation about sobriety or about being “sober curious” at the Good Fest popup in NYC and started thinking about sobriety once again. I walked in late (thanks MTA delays) but the first thing I heard as I walked in was “a difference between feeling high and high vibrational energy”. I’ll be completely honest and say that I zoned out the second I heard that because I had never, until that point, drawn a comparison between the two. I started to make a mental venn diagram and I immediately started jotting down my thoughts in my notes app. By the way, since we’re talking about the notes app, I guess I’ll share that I write out most of my blogposts in my phone notes first because when it comes to me, I have to get it down otherwise I completely lose that train of thought. I tuned back into the discussion just as it started to come to a close, and remember Ruby describing a dance party similar to Daybreaker. People kept saying that they couldn’t believe they weren’t even drinking, but were having so much fun nonetheless.

Below are the thoughts that came to me, straight from my iPhone. I don’t know whether I can offer you much insight into what significance my comparison notes have to offer, but I would recommend jotting down your own thoughts on the two if it interests you as I’m sure it will differ for everyone. There’s something to be said about being able to reach an energetic high, without the need for substances of any kind. I would even go so far as to say that substance highs will make reaching a high vibrational state more difficult.

H I G H 

Used to escape
Lasts temporarily
Not always true to who you are
Interacts poorly with mood disorder medication
May or may not be remembered
Negatively impacts your health
Can be a positive high or a scary trip
External catalyst

H I G H   V I B E 

Becomes your reality
Is a state of being
Reflects total alignment
Conscious and intentional
Positively impacts your health (holistically)
No negative aftereffects
Attracts positive energy
Internal catalyst

To wrap up this blogpost equivalent of word vomit, the conclusion I came to while absorbed in my phone note session was that the primary difference is that a substance high stems from an external source, while a vibrational high comes from a conscious, internal energy. It feels like taking training wheels off and learning to ride a bike on your own. It’s all you and it’s a great fucking feeling.


Love & light,



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BY Remy • January 30, 2019

High vs. High Vibe

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