Hey friends! I just shared this post on my Instagram feed today, featuring pieces from the new lululemon x SoulCycle collection and as promised, wanted to share more of my thoughts and tell you everything you need to know. This content is sponsored by lululemon and Shopstyle, but of course, all opinions are my own. In all honesty, when I found out that lululemon and SoulCycle, two of my favourite brands to work with, were releasing a collection, I responded to working with them within about 32 seconds of reading the e-mail. I’m happy to report that the collection did not disappoint, and even put them to the test in class today so I could give you my feedback. Speaking of class–if you ever find yourself downtown, definitely take class with Sydney because her music is my absolute favourite.

T H E   C O L L E C T I O N 

In case you’re unfamiliar with lululemon, I like to consider it one of the OG yoga and athletic wear brands. They have everything from yoga apparel to running apparel and accessories. I turn to lululemon whenever I’m looking for guaranteed quality, performance, functionality and coverage (meaning, no underwear worries in your leggings!). You’re probably familiar with the cult following around some of their legging styles, like the Align Pant II because the fit and quality are always reliable.

If you’ve never tried SoulCycle, it’s an indoor spin/cycling workout studio that I like to frequent, with an emphasis on fast paced, high intensity spinning to really good music. While I used to hate spinning, and am actually not a huge fan of spinning alone, SoulCycle has become part of my regular routine (as I’m sure you’ve seen all over my Instagram stories).

Needless to say, I was really excited that lululemon and SoulCycle released a collection, designed specifically for performance while indoor cycling. SoulCycle has had some branded lululemon pieces for a while, but this line is made with material like Everlux fabric, which is sweat wicking, and ventilation that lets you breathe a little while you’re building up the heat in class.

SoulCycle is one of those classes that are impossible to leave without dripping in sweat, and through trial and error, I know that some fabric/material just doesn’t work in class. For example, thicker, more absorbent materials will definitely hold onto the sweat you work up, and you end up walking home drenched or have no choice but to shower and change. I still do that sometimes…. but more often than not, I’m making stops on the way home to run errands, or spending the rest of my day out and about. Because the material was built to perform and to be worn to and from class, I now have an even WORSE habit of wearing my workout clothes for a little too long but on the bright side, I can say that these pieces live up to their word.

T H E    P I E C E S 

This morning, I tested out the To the Beat Tight Reflective 24″ in Raisons, which features a high waist cut and reflective spots around the ankle on a deep maroon colour. I love the colour because it’s vibrant, but still muted enough to wear around the city and to and from class. The high waist is my personal favourite because it stays on the body throughout all the pushups and tap backs in class, and doesn’t require any adjusting during your workout. If you’re not into the red, it also comes in black and a few other colours.

They also have a banded legging in the collection the To the Beat Crop with an elastic waistband if you want an even more snug fitwith no slip while you ride. This style is a little more cropped on the ankle, so it’s perfect if you want to let your legs breathe a little bit more. It comes in a very NYC appropriate black, too, and matches with almost everything.

The leggings feel a lot more tailored to performance in comparison with my other lululemon leggings. They feel streamlined, and seem to hug the body better. I also wore my sweaty pieces home, but didn’t feel like a walking sponge for once!


I also tested out the Ride & Reflect Bra, which I would describe as a hybrid between a sports bra and crop top (it has a little bit of a longer fit, so you’re more covered than you would be in a regular sports bra). It’s a high neck cut, so when you’re bent over the bike, you don’t have to worry about the girls moving around, and features a fun strappy back detail.

I’m also not usually a hat person, but I wore the hat home after my hair became an unsalvageable mess after class, and I have to say it was really nice to go home 1. with a little less obvious post-workout hair and 2. repping 2 of my fave brands.

Naturally, I’ve only tried the women’s line pieces, but the collection does also feature accessories AND men’s pieces like these socks, unisex bag and men’s shorts.

Some of the additional pieces I have my eyeball on are the rose/dusty pink coloured pieces, which, by the way, there are a ton of. For example, this light pink tank, and this slightly different sports bra that my friend Dommy picked up.

F I N A L   T H O U G H T S 

Overall, I’m pretty picky when it comes to activewear because I’m always looking for unique athleisure pieces, but as someone who’s sweating 6 days out of 7, performance is really important to me too. Activewear takes a big toll on my bank account (seriously, where I spend most of my money), so when I do invest in pieces, they need to tick both boxes for me. If you cycle, or even if you’re just a sweaty spaghetti person like I am at the gym, this collection might just be the one for you. I think the perfect hug, and material make it perfect for any activity where you’re moving vigorously for an extended period of time. I’d recommend this even to runners, or for rowing, and 200% for a Soulcycle or other cycling class.


Love & leggings,


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BY Remy • January 22, 2019

The Lululemon x SoulCycle Collection 2019

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