Here’s my FINAL gift guide of the year! In case you missed my previous ones, there’s one for everyone. The foodie in your life, the vegan/eco fashionista, the clean beauty lover, the wellness junkie and finally, this one’s for the fitness fanatic in your life. OR maybe someone who’s just starting out on their fitness journey. These items are not only guaranteed to be put to good use, they’ll also improve your friend’s fitness game. There’s a good mix of equipment, a lil’ bit of fashion, and recovery. The majority of these things are items that I use regularly, so here we go!

1. Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones
So listen, I don’t own a pair of these hey family & friends, take a hint! 😉 but no exaggeration, all my friends do. These are like airpods but for the gym, made to withstand all the jumping around your heart desires, and most importantly, sweat proof. And of course, we know Bose kills it when it comes to sound, so this is a great gift that will be guaranteed to be put to good use (whether at the gym or for other purposes).

2. Dagne Dover Landon Carryall
Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack
If you watch my Instagram stories, you’ve DEFINITELY seen me with my Dagne Dover bag. I currently have the Landon Carryall in grey, which I use for both travel & daily life, and I now own the backpack and a few toiletry pouches. Dagne Dover is the perfect marriage between functional and beautiful. I never used to carry gym bags because I honestly never found one that I liked, but these neoprene bags are so beautifully designed. I use the backpack just for day to day life, and I always get questions about it IRL! I love this gift idea because once again, it’ll be put to use whether in the gym or not.

3. Manduka eKO Lite 4mm Mat in Carval
Manduka is one of the OG yoga mat brands, that recently came out with the eKO line of eco friendly mats. Psst. You don’t have to use these mats for yoga. These mats are great for stretching, foam rolling, and also functional bodyweight workouts or HIIT. It’s also great to have in the home if you live in an apartment building, to cushion some of the impact for both your neighbours and your joints.

4. Invisibobble Slim Pink Hairties
I’ve talked about these on Instagram seven too many times, but these hair ties were my favourite discovery of 2018. I have a LOT of hair, and it’s very thick too, so I am really good at breaking hairties. I also have trouble finding hairties that will keep my ponytail up through a workout, and these telephone-cord-looking-ties have been a game changer. Great grip, and also supposedly won’t leave dents in your hair!

5. Nike Recovery Foam Roller 20 Inch
Recovery is an essential part of working out–especially if you like working out frequently. Give these to your fitness friends and they’ll definitely love you for it because they relieve muscle tension, loosen up soreness and are great for pre and post workout.

6. Takeya 24oz Blush Pink Insulated Water Bottle
My go to water bottle! Also seen all over my Instagram because I store it in my bag 24/7, even when not at the gym. I personally love the 24oz size, because I find it’s perfect and fits in most of the gym machine cup holders. It’s insulated and will keep your drinks cold, or hot. No seriously, to the point where if you store hot water in it, and wake up, you’ll still burn your tongue. It’s plastic free, and also really sleek!

7. APL Techloom Bliss Rose Gold/White
APL Techloom Phantom Sunset Sand/White
APL Techloom Phantom Blush/Cream
One of my favourite sneaker brands that apparently, was banned from the NBA because they can potentially enhance athletic performance. I first fell in love with them because they are sleek, comfortable and come in a wide range of colours from pastels, to metallics, to jawbreaker patterns. I own three pairs and love them all for casual wear and for running.

8. EIR NYC Post Session Bath Salts
I love this gift idea in particular because it encourages an act of self care, and once again, recovery. These bath salts were actually created to bring relief to sore muscles post-workout and are formulated with epsom salt, a bath time essential, plus arnica, which soothes pain and swelling. Also, the packaging is beautiful, so it makes for a great gift.

9. Yuni Sweat, Reresh, Go Set
This is one of the best all in one kits for fitness lovers, or people who sweat a lot. It comes with shower sheets and a no-rinse body cleanser, for emergency situations when you don’t have time to shower in between gym and your next appointment. It also includes an aromatic body mist and a chillax muscle recovery gel. My favourite item in here is the recovery gel, which is another great recovery tool. Great for sore muscles and gets you back on your feet after a tough workout. You know, for those mornings when you wake up after a heavy leg day and you can barely walk? Yeah.

10. Gaiam Resistence Band Kit
These are amazing to add resistance to your workout, or can be your equipment of choice period. Great for travel, or to help you focus on form/activation while working out and they’re virtually weightless. Your fitness loving friend will absolutely get a lot of use out of these!

11. Amazing Grass Protein SuperFood Powder, Chocolate Peanut Butter, 15oz
Protein powder!!! This one’s a toughie because there are plenty of not-so-great-tasting powders out there with not-so-great-for-you ingredients in them. My go to is Amazing Grass, in this choc-pb flavour in particular and it’s not only plant-based (meaning whey free) but also contains superfood ingredients. I actually love the flavour of this so much, it’s the only powder I can drink with just water added, although I highly recommend it in smoothies/shakes.

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Happy gifting!




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BY Remy • December 10, 2018

Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic | 2018 Gift Guide

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  1. Jenny says:
    woah! i have been wondering what to add to my xmas list because i couldnt think if anything but now i think i know. The headphones are definitely something im adding for my first marathon in in january!! @justlickthebowl on ig
  2. Kelsey Wang says:
    I want all of it !!
  3. Kristin says:
    This is soooo cool I’ll probably get some for myself.
  4. Helen @astepfullofyou says:
    I need to try those bath salts! I’ve heard a lot about them and need to give it a try. Thank you for the amazing guide!
  5. Lindsey Briggs says:
    All of these are amazing! The matcha brewing is a dream and I’ve been meaning to read woman code. Thanks for the ideas!!
  6. Ellie says:
    Omg I’m so selfish because all I could think about reading this was how much Iiiiii wanted all of these items.... but thank you so much for the great ideas! I never would have thought of these yet somehow they’re absolutely perfectly what is now on my list for friends and family with similar interests!
  7. lauren d says:
    thank you for all of these amazing ideas! def going to keep them in mind when ordering gifts this week ????????????
  8. Destiny says:
    Thank you so much for putting out such great content! Everything you post is so helpful!
  9. Faith O’Higgins says:
    This gift guide helped me so much!! All of the products are thoughtful and it’s not the same things that you would see over and over again on most gift guides. I love the creativity and thought put into this list. Thanks Remy!✨????
  10. Lexie Swift says:
    I LOVE this. So helpful for the person who has everything because who couldn’t use more wellness in their life!
  11. Kayleigh says:
    Once again your content is so spot on!! this would be perfect for my mom who is super into fitness...& I just love all of your blogs and all of your holiday guides for all of the sweet people that I have in my life.
  12. chinnychinwynns says:
    I love this guide! It's the perfect A-Z, from warming up before your workout to the recovery after a workout. I can't believe APL sneakers were banned from the NBA!! I'm so interested in the research behind that. So interesting and odd! They MUST be good or its a great marketing tactic ;) Thanks Remy!
  13. Annelise says:
    Tyna get that bonussssss. Ps: love these recommendations and everything you do. So inspiring ⭐️
  14. Hayley says:
    So many great ideas in here! Have a couple people who are hard to buy for so this list is perf.

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