Clean Beauty Holiday Gift Guide
Can I just tell you how hard it was to streamline this gift guide? There are so many incredible vegan + nontoxic beauty products available now that I had a hard time keeping my list short enough for one blogpost! I’m incredibly grateful that these products are becoming more widely available. As I’ve mentioned before, finding clean beauty products can be difficult, and finding products that are vegan on top of that can be even harder.

That being said, there is no shortage of recommendations in today’s gift guide for your clean beauty lover. Here’s a breakdown of some of my recommendations, plus a few extra at the bottom of the list! For even MORE recommendations, check out my clean beauty makeup blogpost and my clean beauty skincare blogpost. Both blogposts include an additional list of my personal holy grail products. Last but not least, all these products are of course vegan, too!

Here’s the thing about clean beauty. I personally love to gift it to friends and family because it’s good for them. Even if they aren’t currently clean beauty users, introducing them to one product at a time can be a great way to expand their horizon. Especially if you have a skeptical friend or loved one (and trust me, I’ve been there so I get it), it’s a great way to show them high quality and effective clean beauty products.

All that said, let’s get into the list!

1. The Makeup Eraser 2-Pack
This is the secret tool I use to remove my makeup without any makeup remover needed. Yup! No makeup remover needed, just add water. This cloth removes even waterproof and long lasting makeup and will save you lots of $$ in the long run that you may spend on single use makeup removing wipes. On top of that, it’s a lot more earth friendly! This cute 2 pack comes with a classic pink and a printed cloth. Perfect for a stocking stuffer or to add to any clean beauty fan’s bathroom!

2. One Love Organics Gentle Cleansing Sponge
This cleansing sponge is made from konjac root, and is hard when dry but softens up once wet. It becomes a gentle, pillowy sponge that is perfect for sensitive skin, but exfoliates your skin too! My sister with sensitive skin loves this because it’s gentle, natural and feels amazing.

3. Biossance Squalane + Mineral SPF 45
You know this is one of my daily products! SPF is essential but it’s hard to find one that is both vegan and nontoxic. Biossance has you covered, and you can find this product at Sephora too. I use it after moisturizer and it leaves no white cast. Make sure you use SPF in the winter too! The sun never hides 🙂
Also see: Biossance Love Your Face Gift Set

4. The Detox Market Opalite Gemstone Facial Roller
I love facial rollers because they’re an incredible way to show your skin some love. It’s best used after applying serums to the face, and actually helps your skin to absorb the serums better, while de-puffing your face and encouraging circulation and blood flow. This opalite roller is definitely one of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen yet!
Also see: The Detox Market Best of Beauty Gift Set, available Dec 2!*
This is a curated box of some of the best products at The Detox Market (clean beauty retailer) and would make for a great complete gift set. It’s priced at $149 with a value of $288! Included are products from Odacité, Goop, Detox Mode, Agent Nateur, Josh Rosebrook, W3LL PEOPLE, Osea, Innersense & Maya Chia. *Just be aware that a couple of these brands to use beeswax in some of their products, so if you’re vegan or the receiver is, make sure you double check the products in the box before purchasing, as always!

5. French Girl Sea Bath Soak
This beautiful blend of dead sea salt, peppermint, French lavender, and rosemary make the most soothing bath. I personally love gifting this bath soak to friends because it encourages them to take some me-time, and the product is also beautifully packaged.

6. Face Halo Makeup Remover
Similar to the makeup eraser, these smaller microfiber rounds are perfect for eye makeup in particular, or travel! I’ve got my sister and mum hooked on them, and I NEVER leave for a trip without them!

7. Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Biotin Dry Shampoo
This nontoxic dry shampoo is actually good for your hair! As someone with very long hair who works out almost daily, dry shampoo is a MUST. This helps me space out my hair washes, which is actually healthier for your hair, and also gives my hair a refresh whenever it’s looking a little flat.

8. Goop Dry BRUSH
Dry brushing is so incredible for your skin, especially in the winter time! It’s a great way to slough off dead skin cells, encourage circulation + blood flow, minimize cellulite and firm up your skin. I’m betting if you’re looking for a gift for a clean beauty lover, they’ll appreciate this 😉 Read about more of the benefits of dry brushing here!

9. Osea Cleansing Milk
This is my go to cleanser. It’s versatile and works for most skin types! The creamy cleanser is great because it doesn’t dry out skin, and it’s completely vegan and natural. My holy grail!

10. Odacite Serums (for Combination + Pimple Prone Skin)
I rave about these serums NONstop so you’re probably tired of hearing me talk about them, but here we go again. These serums have been one of my best finds in 2018. There’s more info about why I love them on my clean beauty skincare post, but essentially they are super potent serums (you only need one tiny drop!). There is a serum for almost every skin concern, so you can pick your target concern and add it to whatever moisturizer you’re currently using. It’s a great way to upgrade your skincare routine without having to change everything. Also, amazing to use with a facial roller or gua sha tool! Ok I’m done now I promise.

11. Elate Beauty Vegan Brush Set
Don’t underestimate gifting tools as gifts. It may seem less exciting, but sometimes the most functional gifts are the most appreciated gifts too! When it comes to brushes, many makeup brushes are made with animal hair and are therefore not vegan, so I recommend gifting some vegan tools to your clean beauty loving friends!

12. Elate Lipstick – Becoming
From the same brand, Elate, this beautiful lipstick is free of beeswax and carmine (two ingredients that aren’t vegan, commonly found in even clean beauty products). Not only that, but the brand is dedicated to creating sustainable products, and they’re beautiful! They offer lipstick in several colours so head to the website to check them out.

13. Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist
Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish
Herbivore Trio Gift Set
Herbivore is one of my favourite vegan and nontoxic products and one of the OG brands in the space. Any/all of their products make for great gifts because they’re absolutely beautifully packaged, and their products are high quality and luxurious. My top recommended products above!

14. 100% Pure Gemmed Luminizer, Rose Gold, 0.32 Ounce
100% Pure Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder (Brow Gel)
Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream
Luminous Primer
100% Pure is one of my favourite vegan + nontoxic brands that create wonderful makeup pigmented with FRUIT. Yep. It doesn’t get much more natural than that. Listing some of my favourite products above!

& MORE things I love, because I just couldn’t help it!!

Franklin & Whitman Northern Liberties Face Mask
You all probably know by now how much I love Franklin and Whitman. For those of you who don’t know, this fully vegan brand donates portions of their sales to dogs in need. They’re also very much environmentally minded, using vegetable based packing peanuts for shipments, and even repurposing empty product bottles into glass blown face mask bowls! Use my code VEGGIEKINS to get a 20% discount on their products!

Face Tools:
Mount Lai Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool
Funny story about Mount Lai. I actually used their jade facial roller about a year or more ago, and was introduced to it by a spa I visited in LA (The Now). I ended up doing a story takeover including the jade roller but then a year later (this year) met the Mount Lai founder, Stephanie, IRL on a press trip! Not only that, but we have an odd number of mutual friends from even my high school back in Shanghai. Small world. But back to the product–you probably already know this is a daily MUST for me. A day without my gua sha tool is a terrible day. Lol. For real though.

Seed Phytonutrients Shampoo
Seed Phytonutrients Lightweight Conditioner
This is the shampoo and conditioner that I use daily! Not only is it a great, natural and vegan product, but it also comes with a seed packet inside that you can plant when you finish the bottle. The packaging is made of a unique recycled cardboard that is water resistant, and this brand is really a leader in the sustainability space–read more about them on their site, but I love them!

Kure Bazaar Nail Polish in Rose Milk
in Hippie
Top Coat
Sundays Studio Nailpolish
Both brands make vegan and nontoxic nailpolish that is just as long lasting as standard nailpolishes!

Basdbody Creme Brulee Body Wash
Basdbody Creme Brulee Body Lotion
Funny story–a friend of mine gifted these to me and at first I thought I would have to give them away. I assumed that there was no way a creme brûlée scented product could be vegan, but as it turns out, it is! As you can imagine, they smell INCREDIBLE, and they do come in a few other scents too.


If you liked this gift guide, check out the Gift Guide for Foodies, Eco Vegan Fashion Gift Guide & stay tuned for 2 more gift guides coming soon!

Love & light,


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BY Remy • December 1, 2018

Clean Beauty Gift Guide (& Vegan!) | 2018

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