So here’s the deal. I intended to shoot some stretches you can do utilizing walls around New York City, but tomorrow is the first day of December (what??) and it was W A Y too cold. Instead, I decided to focus on stretches you can do while at your desk, whether you’re a work-from-home human or working at the office. You can also do all of these stretches while seated, so if you work in a busy office, or you’re a student in class, these stretches are totally doable! Seriously–if you’re reading this right now, you can probably do all of these stretches right now.

It’s particularly important to stretch during the winter months because when your body is cold, your body is a lot more injury prone. Your muscles become less flexible and when you do workout, you may feel the stiffness afterwards a little more in the winter. Stretching also gets your endorphins going, which is key for a feel good winter, when there’s less sunlight and we become more prone to feeling blue. Show your body some loveeee!

reebok sole fury
So think of these stretches as modified yoga. You can find ways to modify traditional asanas to suit your level and also your environment. If a mat is not always accessible, you can still find ways to stretch out. I’ll also share outfit details with you, along with the deets on the Reebok Sole Fury sneakers I’m wearing, and I’m excited to be partnering with Reebok to bring you these seated stretches!

Reebok’s new Sole Fury shoe is a supportive sneaker that comes in 4 colours including one in black for you New Yorkers. It’s a lightweight shoe intended for casual wear with great breathability. In other words, perfect for brisk NYC walks to and from and the best part is they’re actually really good looking shoes. I’ve definitely sacrificed function for fashion in terms of sneakers, so when I find a shoe that performs AND looks good, I’m over the moon about it. No surprise that I went for the lilac colour–I love how it fits my pastel style.

OKAY, Now let’s stretch

SEATED BABY BACK BEND – Because we’re often hunched over when we’re working at our desks, this stretch feels especially good. It’s a heart opener, and will also relieve tension in your shoulders. I recommend grabbing opposite elbows over head for a deeper stretch, or you can take a more traditional cactus arm. The top I’m wearing in this outfit is the long sleeve tee that matches perfectly with the sneaks.

SEATED APANASANA – KNEES TO CHEST – This is a great way to release tension in your lower back and can reduce pain or stiffness. You can take this posture with one knee at a time, or both at the same time. Aim to hug your knees into your chest as much as possible and tuck your chin towards your knees. The white leggings in my outfit are not available anymore but here’s an alternative white camo legging. I can vouch for Reebok’s leggings being not not see through, even in their white colours!

SEATED EAGLE POSE – GARUDASANA – This posture is my go to after a wild typing session. It feels amazing in your shoulders. Pull your elbows upwards and away from your body, and be sure to switch sides.

SEATED PIGEON – Ahh pigeon, everyone’s favourite (or least favourite) posture. This is an amazing stretch for the hips, which is where most people hold tension, especially after sitting for long periods of time. Focus on leveling your leg on top parallel to the floor. Place one foot on the ground, the other ankle on top of the base leg knee and focus on pressing down the top knee, aiming for parallel with the ground. I had a little bit of a giggle attack at this point, but you all know this pose, right?

This is an easy one to take so long as you’re in a chair. Plant base leg firmly on the ground, cross top leg over it, and then twist so that the elbow opposite to your top leg hooks across the outside of that top leg. That was confusing to read… but hopefully it makes sense. Legs twist one way, body twists the other, and you can use your hands on the arms or back of your chair to pull you deeper into the stretch. Ok, I definitely couldn’t stop laughing at this point because of something my boyfriend was doing, but that’s another story.

Hope you enjoyed these stretches, and a big thanks to Reebok for partnering up with me on this post!

Some other pieces I have my eye on…

This gorgeous Nature X Cropped Long Sleeve Top – love that lilac colour too!
This neutral/pastel Freestyle X Face Backpack – I’m a sucker for pastels, what can I say?
This pink Graphic Crop Top

Love & stretches,


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BY Remy • November 30, 2018

5 Stretches You Can Do at Your Desk

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