So excited to bring you another holiday gift guide! This one’s for the fashion lover who cares about the animals and the environment. All the brands and items included are vegan and eco. Enjoy and happy shopping!

  1. Matt & Nat Wallet
    Matt & Nat was one of the first vegan leather brands I became aware of when I first went vegan. The brand is a 100% vegan brand, and uses recycled plastic bottles to line its bags. They are committed to environmentally friendly practices and have everything from bags (men and women’s styles) to boots.
  2. 31bits Star Ring / 31bits Star Mini Hoop Earrings
    31 Bits is an ethical brand that provides working opportunities for skilled artisans around the world. They are committed to paying fair and sustainable wages and believe in the power of using your dollar to effect change.
  3. DIFF Eyewear Becky Metal Frame Sunglasses
    DIFF donates a pair of reading glasses to an individual need for every pair of sunglasses sold. They are a socially conscious brand, made in Los Angeles, USA. The sunglasses cases are also made of vegan leather! I have the Becky style and the Bella, both of which I love and wear on a daily basis.
    You can use my code remy25 for $25 off your orders!
  4. Wuxly Blue Bomber
    Wuxly is an all vegan winter coat brand. They are down-free, fur free and focused on animal free, ethical production. They are a Canadian brand, meaning their winter jackets are made to be Canadian winter proof, and they also have an awesome trade in program. If you retire or trade in one of your fur or down coats, they’ll provide you credit towards one of their coats!
  5. Veerah Vegan Stilleto High Heels
    Veerah is a vegan brand specializing in high heels. Stacey, the owner, founded the brand as she was unable to find stylish and functional vegan high heels herself. They are long lasting, high quality and comfortable high heels and the brand is also very much eco friendly. They even have a shoe made from apple peels!
  6. Stella McCartney Pink Foldover Crossbody Bag
    Stella McCartney is a fully vegan brand, committed to producing ethical fashion pieces. This is one of the only vegan “designer brands” out there, and they offer a wide selection of handbags, as well as clothing and shoes. Stella also has a collaboration with Adidas, that offers activewear.
  7. In the Soulshine Be Nice Shirt / in White/Pink
    In The Soulshine is a vegan brand committed to ethical production and practices. They replaced plastic bag usage in packaging and use certified organic cotton in their clothing.
  8. Rothy’s Pink Slip on Sneaker
    Rothy’s Blue Stripe Sneaker
  9. Rothy’s Garnet Stripe Loafer
    Rothy’s has become my ultimate favourite shoe brand because they are all vegan and very sustainable and eco friendly. Their shoes are made out of recycled plastic and are also recyclable. They’re machine washable and very flexible/soft. I currently own three pairs of the flats, and one pair of the sneakers, which you’ve probably seen on my Instagram all over! This is a great, functional gift, and most importantly, comfortable.
  10. SummerSalt Colorblock One Piece Swimsuit / SummerSalt SideStroke One Piece Swimsuit
    SummerSalt makes their swimsuits using recycled materials and are packaged in recyclable materials as well. Sustainability is a big part of their mission statement and they have really unique one piece suits and also two piece suits. I have the confetti two piece set with high waisted bottom!
  11. Reformation Gracie Dress
    Reformation is a high end, sustainability focused brand. They recently started to sell a few items made of leather (using deadstock, or leftover leather), however aside from that they are vegan and very much sustainable. They don’t package with plastic, and don’t print receipts either. They have beautiful clothing from dresses to jeans and also started stocking Girlfriend Collectivea activewear recently.
  12. Girlfriend Collective Compressive High Rise Legging + Paloma / Topanga Bra
    Girlfriend Collective makes leggings and activewear out of recycled plastic bottles and repurposed material. You may remember them from years ago, when they launched with their “free leggings—just pay shipping” campaign. Since then, they’ve launched a variety of colours, and even come out with tee shirts, a lite version of their leggings and more. I LOVE their leggings and own 3 full sets of their leggings + bras. Their activewear is built to perform and they’re definitely not see through (I own the white/beige colour). On top of all that, they’re a very pro-diversity company, which you’ll see in their branding and image shots online.
  13. J.W. Pei Handbag
    JW Pei is a vegan brand specializing in handbags made from vegan “leather”. They also utilize recycled plastic to create their bags, and have a variety of stunning designs and colours! They have backpacks, makeup bags, wallets and cute crossbody bags.
  14. Noize Original Lilac Puffer Jacket
    Noize Original makes vegan, down-free and fur-free winter coats. They have a variety of styles, and some of the most colourful selection I’ve seen. I personally have my eye on this Lilac puffer now….


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BY Remy • November 24, 2018

Eco & Vegan Fashion Gift Guide | 2018

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