How I Avoid Workout Burnout & Stay Motivated

Have you ever experienced a workout slump where you lacked motivation to stay active, felt physically tired and slower, and found it hard to ease back into your routine? I hope you said yes because I’ve definitely been there. Multiple times. I used to go through waves of feeling really on top of it, where I was super consistent and crushing all my workouts, to lows where I had zero motivation and felt like all the progress I had made was slowly fading.

Today I’m sharing 5 ways to help prevent what I call workout burnout with tips to stay balanced and motivated in collaboration with Nike.

High lunge twist

Try new things

A few months ago, I took a break from SoulCycle because I became so familiar with the classes that I could tell you exactly what was coming next based on the number of songs that had played.

Both my body and mind had become so accustomed to the routine that I was not only leaving the workout feeling less accomplished, but also spending more time focusing on what song we were on and what was coming next instead of enjoying the flow. I took a break from riding for a few months to focus on trying out other workout classes for the first time and now that I’m back at SoulCycle, I’m switching it up by taking classes with different instructors, and different class formats like their HIIT-style classes.

Another way to switch things up is to stop attending classes completely. After becoming a workout class junkie, I found going to the gym independently became harder. I wasn’t used to planning workouts for myself anymore because I was used to having someone tell me what to do. Going to the gym myself forced me to work out more mindfully because I had to be my own instructor, motivate myself, and be more present in each session as I was responsible for the workout.

Switching things up is great not only for your mind but your body too. When you build strength and resistance training a particular way, things naturally become easier for your body, and it takes more and more intensity to continue seeing progress. Keeping the body guessing by training in different ways is actually an excellent way to continue feeling challenged and maintain balance in your strength.

Fuel yourself properly

I’d experience some of my workout slumps almost immediately if I wasn’t mindful about re-fueling myself properly. It was always the days where I wasn’t home much and ended up having my meals hours after my workouts, or forgetting to follow up with post-workout nutrition. My workout routine was changing and increasing in intensity, but the quality of my nutrition was doing the opposite. I fell into a trap of bars in replacement of meals out of convenience and felt the crash (don’t do this!!).

If you’re an on the go kind of person like I am, snacks are your best friend but you want to make sure they’re the right kind of snacks. While protein bars are a great option when you have limited options, if you prepare in advance you can fuel yourself with whole ingredients, minus the added processed sugars and funky ingredients.

My recommendation is to prep smoothies in advance before your workouts, or make your own protein bars or protein snacks. Most of the time, making treats at home results in a much cleaner treat because you have full control of what exactly is going into them. Bonus: you’ll usually also save $$ too!

Try these protein brownies or protein snickerdoodles in replacement of store-bought protein snacks, or have smoothie ingredients on hand so you can refuel with a quick smoothie.

Make recovery part of your workout routine

This tip actually ties into tip #1 by adding something new to your workout routine. Rest! I can’t stress enough how important rest is. Sleeping enough is essential to finding balance, so that you can recover and restore energy and continue to crush your workouts but so is recovery work.

I think it’s pretty common to spend more time working out than doing restorative work like stretching, foam rolling and taking rest days. I am definitely guilty of this, and a few years ago, developed an injury when I took up running because I wasn’t stretching out properly afterwards.


An example of what a week might look like

An easy way to make sure you fit recovery in is by scheduling it, just like you do your other workouts because recovery work can help you prevent injury (which, by the way, also prevents you from working out consistently!). At least one day a week, make time for a dedicated hour of stretching, foam rolling, or even an infrared sauna session. And of course, make sure you take at least one full rest day. Your body will thank you, and be able to perform better if you give it the rest, and you’ll be able to avoid workout burnout.

Refresh your workout look

We know that getting dressed for the gym can be the key to overcoming a lack of motivation to work out. That almost always used to work for me, but as someone who admittedly wears activewear clothing 90% of the time, I found that putting on workout clothes started to become less effective.

Nowadays, I opt to refresh my workout wardrobe, so that I’m excited to get dressed for my sweat. It not only makes me want to test out new workout apparel, but feeling good definitely results in my having a better workout. There’s nothing worse than having to focus on adjusting your clothes in the middle of a workout, or feeling insecure in what you’re wearing.

I’m not saying you should indulge your activewear shopping habits on the regular, but if you find that getting dressed for the gym isn’t enough motivation anymore, try investing in just one new item. It could be a new sports bra, pair of leggings or a pair of sneaker, and this goes without saying, but make sure they’re made for performance! If you’re worried about burnout, you need to make sure what you’re wearing won’t burn out either.

My latest addition to my wardrobe is the Nike Epic React shoe in Light Silver/Mica Green, one of the gorgeous new colourways. They also have a pink pair that I’m head over heels for (no pun intended). The Nike React is not only stylish, but also built to perform—designed for distance so that your first wear feels no different than your hundredth wear. I’ve run a 5K in this pair, logged 3 boot camp classes and countless New York sidewalk miles so far.

Complete the outfit with some other pastel Nike accessories:

1. Pink Swoosh Training Headband
2. 8mm Polar Blue Pilates Mat
3. Pink 24oz HyperCharge Twist Bottle
4. Nike AF1 Tote Bag
5. Cobalt Blue Tote Bag

Get active without “working out”

My last tip is to work out without realizing you’re working out. You see, working out doesn’t mean you need to be sweating profusely, or lifting serious weight. Staying active is the key, and there are endless ways to do this outside of the gym. Some of my favourite ways are:

  • Long walks with friends (great for catching up and getting some vitamin D)
  • Going for a swim at the pool
  • Walking my commute (also saves you $)
  • Taking the stairs every now and then
  • Exploring a new neighbourhood

I hope you find a few of these tips useful, and remember it’s completely natural to experience workout burnout every once in a while. I believe it’s our body’s way of communicating to us that it needs rest, so put in the preventative work before that happens by taking measures to stay balanced.

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This blogpost was kindly sponsored by Nike. All opinions are my own.

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BY Remy • September 21, 2018

How I Avoid Workout Burnout & Stay Motivated

High lunge twist

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  1. Madison says:
    I lied this and it made me feel amazing, keep up the awesome work and keep inspiring. Lots of love sent your way xxxx

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