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I recently went to the movies with my mum (we watched Crazy Rich Asians and I highly recommend it!) and in general, I tend to be on top of coming prepared with snacks. Some of my favourite snacks to bring with me to the theatre include nuts, dried fruit or homemade cookies but this time, I was really feeling popcorn. Oil free popcorn to be exact!

vegan popcorn
Here’s the thing about popcorn. It’s generally not very healthy for you because of the way it’s traditionally made, but popcorn itself is not bad for you. It’s just corn, and it’s naturally gluten-free for all my fellow gluten-free friends, but what makes it unhealthy is usually the butter and oil used to prepare it and season it.

Popcorn in bed
So how do you pop corn without oil? I use an airpopper. My grandmother actually gave me her airpopper because she wasn’t using it, and it was an instant game changer for me. Sure, you can cook popping corn over the stovetop without oil, but the chances of burning your cookware are high (I’ve done this… trust me), so using an airpopper makes it easy. Alternatively, you can also add your kernels to a brown paper bag and microwave sans oil and you end up with fat free fluffy popcorn. The only thing that I was still having trouble with, was making the seasonings stick to the popcorn without oil, so I used to squeeze lime juice on top of my popcorn then toss in seasoning, but found that it still made a few pieces too soggy/soaked.

Popcorn in bed

Finally, I discovered using a spray bottle instead, which distributes the moisture in more of a fine, even mist, and makes the popcorn much less soggy and wet in texture. I know what you’re thinking, it sounds like a lot of contraptions, but it’s the key to making light, flavourful popcorn. Below, I’m sharing my personal go-to combo, but I’ll also list a few other suggestions because the spice blend is completely adjustable to suit your flavour preferences!


Air popper (or a paper bag + microwave)

– Spray bottle

– Large bowl with cover OR large tupperware/large paper bag


– 1/3 cup popcorn kernels (I like to purchase mine in the bulk section of my grocery store!)

– 1/2 lime, juiced

– 2-4 tablespoons nutritional yeast

– 2 tsp garlic powder

– 1/4 tsp pink himalayan salt

– smidge of paprika or cayenne for a little spice (optional)


  1. Pop your popcorn in either the microwave (about 2-3 min on high until popping slows), or air popper and transfer to a large bowl or tupperware that you can cover.
  2. In a small bowl combine your seasonings and whisk with a fork to combine.
  3. Add the lime juice to your spray bottle and mist over the popcorn.
  4. Pour half your seasoning blend on top, close the lid to your container and toss to coat.
  5. Spray again and pour remaining seasoning on top and toss once more.

*I recommend eating this immediately, as adding any liquid usually will start to soak into the popcorn and make the texture soggier.

Other combos:

  • simply lime + salt
  • mexican spices
  • lemon + japanese furikake blend
  • whatever flavour your heart desires!

Girl with popcorn

If you try this recipe out, be sure to share it with me by tagging me on Instagram @veggiekins


Love & popcorn,



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BY Remy • September 8, 2018

My Oil Free Popcorn Recipe (vegan + gf)

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