Vegan Strawberry Shortcake Popsicles

They’re pink, they’re ombre, and they are made with only 5 ingredients, 2 of which are Cascadian Farm ingredients. Introducing my latest go to dessert–Vegan Strawberry Shortcake Popsicles!

Strawberry Shortcake Popsicles

These pops are perfect for this intense summer heat we’re having in NYC right now and while I’m definitely a warm weather lover (I may be the only one enjoying these temps right now…) I love a good frozen treat in the summer.

Pink ombre popsicle
In exactly 1 week, I’m headed to the PNW, where the weather isn’t quite as warm, BUT it will be my first time in the PNW and my first time in Washington. Rockport, Washington to be exact. Why Rockport you ask? Well, if you take a quick peek at the bag of frozen strawberries or the french vanilla almond granola box, you’ll notice a little stamp that says, “Skagit Valley, WA, since 1972”. Yup. I’ll be visiting THE actual Cascadian Farm with The FeedFeed team!

It’s such an incredible opportunity to be able to visit and see where exactly the food we eat comes from because the production process is usually something that is out of sight out of mind. We’re used to going to the grocery store without thinking too much about where the produce we’re picking up comes from, but as I’ve transitioned into more shopping for groceries more consciously, I have paid more attention not only to the quality of my purchases but also the origin. Everything from Cascadian Farm is organic, including their dry good products like granola bars. My policy on organic is, if you can buy organic, do.

I know organic has a reputation for being more expensive, but consider purchasing frozen organic produce. The produce is frozen right at its peak ripeness, is far more affordable than fresh produce and lasts a lifetime in your freezer. Cascadian Farm frozen organic produce makes organic affordable, and accessible. Take these pops for example, using frozen organic strawberries brings the cost down in comparison with using fresh strawberries and also makes the blending process a whole lot easier. Personally, I try my best to purchase organic when I can, but when I’m buying frozen produce, it makes it a lot easier to do so.

Cascadian Farm Frozen Strawberries

Now back to these popsicles–they’re tart, tangy, sweet and the granola base acts almost like a cakey texture as it becomes a little bit soft during the freezing process. The best part in my opinion is that you can go as crazy (or not) as you’d like with the layering to get an ombre effect, a swirl, or you can go all one colour. Layering gives you a unique experience and different flavours to bite through, but it’s completely customizable and is so easy!


  • 2-3 cups Cascadian Farm organic frozen strawberries
  • 10 oz plain non-dairy yogurt (I used almond based yogurt)
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup or sweetener of choice, to taste
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Cascadian Farm french vanilla almond granola


  1. Set aside your 2-3 cups of strawberries and allow to thaw for 10 minutes, or slightly warm over medium heat in a sauce pan, just so they’re not rock hard and are a little easier on the blender.
  2. Add strawberries to a blender with maple syrup and blend until smooth. Give your mixture a taste and add additional sweetener to your liking if needed. Transfer mixture to a small bowl and set aside.
  3. Divide your yogurt into 2 equal parts in small bowls. Combine half of your strawberry puree with one of the portions of yogurt and mix until smooth. Leave the remaining bowl of yogurt plain, and you can also sweeten this if your yogurt is unsweetened, but it’s optional.
  4. Prepare your popsicle mold and spoon 2-3 tablespoons each of your mixtures in this order: strawberry puree, puree + yogurt mixture, plain yogurt. Fill your mold to the top, reserving about 1 centimeter of space.
  5. Fill remaining space with granola and press down slightly so the yogurt layer mixes slightly with the granola and fills in any gaps. This will ensure the granola stays stuck onto the popsicle, instead of falling out when you remove them from the mold.
  6. Set in freezer overnight and enjoy!

This post is kindly sponsored by Cascadian Farm and The FeedFeed. All opinions are my own!

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Love & all things pink,


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BY Remy • September 5, 2018

Strawberry Shortcake Popsicles (vegan, gluten free)

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