How I stay grounded and connected to nature while living in a city

I’ve grown up living in several different countries, but New York has always been home to me. I was raised here, and came back to New York for college about 5 years ago. I love New York but the only thing I wish we had was better weather and more nature. My mom likes to say that I’m “granola” deep down, because I’m always happiest wearing no shoes, by oceans, out in nature and off the grid, but oddly enough, I feel like I thrive in cities. I used to cope by taking frequent trips out of the city, to places with more nature every now and then, but I’ve found ways to feel grounded without having to travel as often.

Today, in partnership with Hi Tec, I’m sharing some things that have helped me the most! Hi Tec supports the idea of being #ComfortableAnywhere and the modern outdoors so whether you’re in a city like me, or off the grid deep in mother nature, you’re ready for adventure.

Enjoy what nature your city has to offer

While most cities are further away from large forests and national parks, I can pretty confidently say that all cities have small parks, at the very least.

In New York, Central Park is a huge plus and I spend so much time there. Whether or not your city has a park as large as Central Park, it’s beneficial to spend time in more densely green areas. When you spend time in a tree dense environment, like a forest or a nature trail, you are breathing in terpenes, which are released by plants. Imagine an essential oil diffuser, but every tree and plant is diffusing terpenes! Terpenes may have a positive impact on not only physiological health, but also mental health and mood, so take a deeeep breath next time you’re in a green area.

Even if it’s a teeny tiny park in your city, take advantage of it!

Take a hike

While there aren’t any real hiking trails in central New York City, you can definitely hike by taking a quick trip via public transportation or car if you have one. Also, it may not be a true hike, but you can definitely walk up and around the rock formations in Central Park for a sort of mini hike. My Hi-Tec boots are great for scaling the rocks in Central Park, and I’m happy to have a go to pair for travels this summer.

Here are some hikes I’ve done close to the city:
Storm King Nature Park – 1.5 hour drive, accessible by public transport
Van Cortlandt Park Trails – accessible by the subway on the 1 train line
Fort Lee Historic Park – 15 min drive from the Upper West Side, located just over the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey, access by bus or car 

Join the house plant club

Back to what I mentioned earlier about the benefits of plants and greenery, you can also bring that magic indoors! Investing in a few house plants may support your mood and will also serve as natural air filters. 🙂


Protect your energy

When you live in a city that is densely populated, there is so much energy around you every day. To clear my energy and protect it, I like to routinely practice meditation and I like to find ways to stay connected to myself. I recommend creating a routine check in with yourself. It could be weekly, or daily and it could be something as simple as taking a moment to connect with yourself over your morning matcha, or maybe a weekly yoga class. I find that doing this helps me differentiate my own energy from all the energy I absorb from others in the city.

Opt to walk 

This is something that has helped me the most! Especially when I still worked a corporate job, I found that I was often going into autopilot mode. I could mindlessly get myself from home to work, navigating the subways and transportation without even thinking about it. I almost zone out while doing this.

When I had time, I used to choose to walk home from work. It not only forces you to be more aware of your surroundings, but it also allows you to move a little bit (and avoid feeling like a sardine in a can on the subway during rush hour). Because New York is conveniently grid-like, I could also navigate my walk home without checking my phone, so I liked to take that half hour walk with my phone off.

Whether it’s your commute, or a quick uber trip, every once in a while, you might try opting to walk and along the way, you’ll likely discover some hidden gems too.

These are some easy ways to feel grounded while living in a city. Fortunately for me, I’ll be traveling to a few different places that have a little more nature than NYC, but I hope these tips help you out too!

Love & terpenes,

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Hi-Tec®, but as always opinions are my own.


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BY Remy • June 9, 2018

How I Stay Grounded and Connected to Nature While Living in a City

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