If you follow my Instagram stories, you know that I love trying workout classes in NYC and we definitely have some unique options. I’m always asked what classes I recommend people try when they visit the city, so below I put together a list of 10 recommendations (based on my personal favourites) to try.


Soulcycle is a unique spin class that’s great for anyone who hates cardio but needs to integrate it into their routine. Not only do you leave class drenched, but instructors don’t hesitate to blast their music–it’s as close to a nightclub that exercise gets! Check out the instructors’ bios on the website and you can also see their music style.

Price: $35
Class rec: take class with James J or Mantas
while you’re not allowed to take photos in the studio, each Soulcycle has a bike in the lobby (usually in front of a cute neon sign), which you can use for your photo op!
Also check out my quick tips for how to enjoy your Soulcycle experience.



ModelFIT is good for those that are looking for a challenging toning class. modelFIT is a low-impact class that targets toning and lean sculpting. Don’t be fooled, though! Just because it’s low impact, doesn’t make it easy. They offer both group fitness classes and private sessions. 

Price: $34
Class rec: try cardio sculpt
Tip: this studio has amazing lighting with tons of large windows in the studio! 



Tonehouse is good for those looking for a serious workout. Tonehouse is no joke (scope their IG acct for proof, if you don’t believe me). A Tonehouse class will challenge your body like never before. With their athletic and high intensity training style, a Tonehouse class will probably leave you pretty worn out. BUT you’ll also leave feeling like a badass so it pays off!

Price: $40
Class rec: full body classes and anything taught by Greg is my favourite
Tip: take a 101 class and bring a friend–you can also buy a 2 for 1 rookie pass if you’re a first-timer to the studio which I highly recommend because once you try your first class, it’s no longer scary and you’ll probably want to go back!



Spiderbands is good for those of you looking to try something nontraditional. Let me start  by saying: my core hurt for THREE DAYS afterwards. Spiderbands is a class centered around aerial concepts but is a cardio rather than yoga class. The actual workout is nontraditional and difficult to describe, but take a peek at their website to learn more.

Price: $34
Class rec: I took the signature class with Steven and loved it


The Class

The Class is a great option for anyone looking to unwind and tune back in with their mind and body. The Class has several different options ranging from cardio to low-impact yoga. Unlike some of the other options, this class is amazing for spiritual release and checking back in with your body. You’ll dance, jump and even shout in class (yes, shout)!

Price: $40
Class rec: I took class with CJ and loved it!
Tip: check the bathroom out when you’re at the studio–it’s insanely gorgeous and crystal-adorned


Corepower Yoga is good for anyone looking to sculpt and break a sweat. Corepower is a quick full body workout that pretty much promises you a good sweat because the classes are heated. Corepower classes combine yoga with toning, weight routines, so you get the benefit of low and high impact in one session.

Price: $32
Class rec: take sculpt class for a yoga experience + weights that’s great for a full body workout (take Brooke’s class if you can!) or Myra’s CP2 & workshop classes
Tip: you can get one week of unlimited free classes using my link here


Switch Playground

Switch Playground is good for you if you’re the type of person to get bored easily. There are 20 stations in this HIIT class, where instructors lead you through 2 minute rounds at each one, while a live DJ plays the music. You *switch* every two minutes, and you make the rounds with a partner!

Price: $35
Tip: bring a friend with you because each station has 2 people at a time–or go solo and make a friend there!


305 Fitness

305 is good for anyone who loves to dance or get a fun sweat on with their friends! I’ve taken classes with many instructors and can tell you they have a fantastic team of leaders.

Price: $34
Class rec: If you’re already a dancer (and dancing at the club counts as experience here), sign up for the advanced class for an extra challenge.
Tip: this is a great one to take with a friend, and the vibrant décor is great for photos. Dancing boomerangs highly encouraged. 


Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s is good for those of us that hate running but like a fast and effective full body workout. Barry’s is a high-intensity workout that tones muscles and maximizes fat loss.

Price: $36
Class rec: try class with Alicia at the Upper West Side location
Tip: If you’re in a pinch and want something effective + full body, Barry’s is for you!


Rumble Boxing

Let’s be real. Rumble is great when you’re in the mood to just punch shit and wear yourself out. Rumble is amazing for toning and growing your back muscles. This class combines rounds of boxing and HIIT and you alternate between floor stations and a punching bag.

Price: $34
Class rec: I recommend class with Noah!

Classes at Equinox

Included with gym membership

Equinox classes are great for those of you that have an Equinox membership and are looking to mix things up in your routine. If you’re already paying for an EQX membership, you should definitely take advantage of the classes they offer. They have everything from Yoga to Kickboxing.

Class rec: Altetica, Firestarter and the Muse are my three favourites

Let me know if I missed your favourite and if you end up trying out any of the above!


Edited by Bojana Galic
Cover photo by Some Shelly Photographer


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BY Remy • May 26, 2018

10 Workout Classes to Try in NYC

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