In honour of Earth Month, I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been loving lately. I’m sharing some incredible fashion finds below, in addition to some handy finds that have significantly helped me to decrease my carbon footprint and decrease the amount of waste I produce.

As I’m not really much of a fashionista myself (because I’m wearing activewear probably 99% of the time…), I didn’t know too much about the fashion industry from a sustainability aspect, but after research and chatting with some of my favourite sustainable brands, I’ve learned a lot more about the industry and its environmental impact. For example:

  • Polyester production releases about 706 billion kg of greenhouse gases!
  • Approximately 15 million tons of used textile waste are created annually in the production of clothing.  Think clothing scraps, odd end pieces of fabric, samples and mistake or error pieces.

In relation to veganism and animal product based fashion: 

  • Leather production is one of the most harmful practices related to the fashion industry, responsible for releasing tons of harmful carbon emissions. 
  • A large portion of the fashion industry’s animal derived products, whether it be fur or leather, come from India or China where there is a severe lack in animal welfare legislation and regulation.
  • Fur is a totally unsustainable product and wreaks havoc on the environment, too. Once animal skin is removed, it is treated in tons of toxic chemicals in order to prevent decay.
  • It takes 4 times more energy to produce a fur coat than a synthetic alternative.

I’m not one to share facts without offering solutions, so below are some of my favourite recent sustainable and vegan fashion finds. You may feel like you aren’t creating a lot of change as an individual, but any step in the right direction creates a tremendous amount of change.


Reformation: Reformation not only uses sustainable fabrics but also rescues dead-stock fabric and repurposes vintage clothing items. As the company continues to grow, Reformation plans to make efforts in creating more sustainable fabric options. Reformation frequently uses a fabric called Tencel, made from renewable Eucalyptus trees. To learn more about Tencel, head to Lenzing. Modal, a wood based fiber, and recover, yarns that are recovered from old clothes/fabric waste, are two other forms of sustainable, eco-friendly materials that you can find in Reformation’s clothing. I love Reformation dresses in particular!

Able: A key part of Able’s efforts is the brand’s accountABLE social impact measurement program, which provides unparalleled transparency into the social impact of their employment and manufacturing practices. Not only does Able focus on women in the workplace, but the company also highly concerns itself with its workers’ rights and safety. Able manufactures its products in the communities it hopes to impact, giving women the opportunity to earn a living. Not only is Able a sustainable business but the company is on its own economic mission.
(Quick note: the website does not list leather as a material, but it is used on the back patches of jeans. I found out the hard way, but wanted to include this brand for their social impact. I’ve already e-mailed the brand to suggest a move away from leather back patches!)

BC Footwear: BC Footwear was created in LA in 2002 and manufactures PETA-approved vegan products. All products sold by BC Footwear are created with 100% animal free components. I own a pair of their chunky wedges and they are not only the most comfortable heels I own, but cruelty free! 

Girlfriend Collective: Looking for high end activewear that engages in sustainable practices? Girlfriend Collective is what you’re looking for! The company prides itself on transparent manufacturing practices and diligence. Not only does Girlfriend Collective use recycled fabrics in its garments, but the company also ensures that all water used in the dying process gets sent to a wastewater treatment plant (as opposed to being dumped in a nearby river or lake). From fiber to fabric, they ensure a sustainable and ecologically safe practice. They recently launched T-shirts made from materials that typically go straight to the landfill. I own the T-shirts and 2 sets of activewear. I especially love that the brand champions diversity and body positivity AND most importantly, their activewear is insanely flattering!

Rent the Runway: Rent the Runway is a company that lets you rent high end clothing at a low rate–it’s all in the name! While the company doesn’t necessarily focus on using eco-friendly fabrics, the rent/reuse nature to it is a totally sustainable and eco-friendly option. Every time you rent a garment, you save all the water, electricity, and emissions that usually take to make the piece. After all, who needs 100 dresses sitting in their closet? If you’re the type of person who likes to switch up their wardrobe frequently, this is a wallet and environment-friendly way to do so. Fast fashion and the mentality of shopping for pieces only to throw them out after a couple months or years is another environment killer!

Thinx: I’m sure you’ve heard all about Thinx since the company first began gaining popularity. Essentially, Thinx produces anti-microbial, absorbent underwear, which can be worn while you’re on your period–pad & tampon free. While they don’t claim to use sustainable fabrics, Thinx provides a sustainable way to have a period, by reducing the use of cotton and single use feminine hygiene products. They’re also reusable and can be tossed in the wash–not the trash–after use!


Food Huggers: Food Huggers produces reusable silicone food savers, which keep your fruits and veggies fresh even after they’ve been sliced! The company guarantees to reduce your use of plastic wrap, tin foil, and ziplock baggies–all of which are harmful to the environment. You can even use them to seal cans or containers. No one deserves a brown, mushy avocado! Shop via this link for a discount using my code VEGGIEKINS.

Stasherbag: Stasher can provide you with the perfect alternative to your ziplock needs! Their storage bags are made of 100% naturally healthy materials. Environmentally safe and long-lasting, Stasher bags can be tossed in the microwave, freezer, fridge, and even oven! The airtight seal promises to keep your food fresh and flavorful!

Lunette Cup: Lunette Cup is a reusable menstrual cup that knocks out the need for coton tampons and pads, both of which are unsustainable products. The company also seeks to encourage “period positivity.” Lunette Cup has also teamed up with organizations across the world to provide women with access to menstural hygeine–a luxury that many of us don’t realize is really a privilege, not a given. Personally, I use a Lunette Cup + Thinx and have not needed to purchase a single menstrual product for the last 2-3 years! 

Ancolie: If you’re a New Yorker like myself, perhaps you’ve heard of Ancolie? The cute little cafe can be found in Greewich Village and seres the most charming dishes–in jars! When you purchase a salad or even an iced coffee, it’s brought to you in a large, reusable, resealable jar, eliminating the need for harmful plastics. Not to mention, if you decide to return the jar, rather than keep it for yourself, you get a little wooden coupon, which gives you a dollar off your next purchase! Is that not the cutest thing ever?


Did I miss any of your earth friendly faves? Let me know! And if you try out any of my faves, also let me know because I am so excited to share this list with you!

Piece edited by Bojana Galic.
Photos by Shelly Xu. 


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BY Remy • April 19, 2018

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  1. Veda says:
    Bookmarking this post now! I am always looking for sustainable products, but it can be so hard to sort out nowadays with so many different companies. Thanks for sharing!

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