I periodically get my aura photographed and read and I always receive a ton of questions when I share about it, so I figured I would share my reading and give you some insight into what to expect should you choose to have yours read too!

What is an Aura?
An aura or a human energy field is a magnetic field that surrounds each living being. and is sometimes described as a colored emanation or body around a human body or any animal object. The aura is comprised of seven layers or bodies–the physical, astral, lower, higher, spiritual, intuitional and absolute planes. They typically reveal traits and qualities of your energy or personality and affect and the colours may be read and referenced against your most open chakras. Your aura can provide insight into aspects of your spiritual, emotional and physical life

What is it like getting your Aura photographed and read?
When you get your aura photographed, you sit in front of what looks like an old polaroid camera. You place your hands on two metal boxes, each which has a metal handprint on top (they almost look like a handprint reader from a spy movie or something). Then your photo is taken and you wait for it to develop, which takes about 1-2 minutes in total.

The reader then walks you through how to analyze the photo. Time travels from the bottom left corner to the bottom right corner from past to present to reflect your energy from past weeks or recent history and your near future on the right. You will receive a general reading based on your reader’s perception and the colours present, and you may also receive a reading against the chakras for more insight. Your experience may vary slightly but you can also give yourself your own general reading based on the colours in your photograph against guides.

A quick guide

Keep in mind that auras may be interpreted differently based on your reader, and educated aura readers are likely to have more insight into your aura, but for reference here is a basic guide to colour meanings.

  • Red: Strength, willpower, new beginnings, leadership, action, passion
    • Red auras are encouraged to get plenty of exercise and get into nature to achieve balance
  • Orange: creative, confident, collaborative, loves challenge
    • Can be emotionally aloof
  • Tan: Detail oriented, cautious, logical, strategic
    • Great planners and work well with structure
  • Yellow: Optimistic, enthusiastic, open-minded, loves variety and freedom
  • Green: growth, goal-oriented, determined, focused, ambitious, competitive, perfectionist
  • Blue: Depth of feeling, trust, devotion, loyalty, nurturing, personal relationships, supportive, intuitive, sensitive
  • Purple: visionary, unconventional, non-judgmental, playful
  • White: higher consciousness, destiny, intense energy, cosmic wisdom
  • Top of Picture: Everything above the ears represents your consciousness
  • Left of Picture: Lower left color represents energy thats coming in (lens through which you see the world)
  • Right of picture: energy you’re pushing out (how the world perceives or sees you)
  • Arch: represents a goal or something you hold in high esteem

Is it accurate?
There is science that shows that everything is energy–and your aura and energy are so highly related but it really comes down to your personal opinion. You may think that the machine emits colours at random and although auras change, and are affected by environment, and others around you, generally the colours stay the same. At the time of getting your aura photographed, it may reflect an encounter from moments before your photo was taken, or even your interaction with the reader, or others around you but still, I’ve found that my readings have all been very consistent, with the same colours showing up despite who I have been around and what my emotional state/energy state and mood were.

I’ve also been read by individuals who are able to visually able to see/feel auras, and upon meeting one have always been told that my aura is the same colour that it is when I am photographed. Additionally, I’d like to think I know myself very well, and I will say that my readings are always very characteristic of me. Still, skeptics will say that readings are always broad enough to be able to apply to anyone, but decide for yourself 🙂

My personal opinion is that auras are a very real thing, but I think you can only get out of it as much as you are open to.

How to use your reading to your advantage?
What I like to tell people is that you should use your aura reading not as a guide for life but just as a resource, something to refer to every once in a while should you feel drawn to it and need guidance, or really if you’re just curious. There are so many ways and angles from which you can attempt to understand yourself and your spirit. There is no harm done in having your aura read. At the end of the day you know yourself best, so if something doesn’t sound right to you–it may not be, or it may be indicative of something to come.

It is rare to have an aura that shows every single colour. Oftentimes, it leans towards a certain couple of colours or one main colour. When referencing chakras, this reflects your most open chakras and the colours not present represent your closed off chakras. In order to achieve chakra balance, it is important to pay attention also to what is missing and you can also do this by picking up crystals according to your aura reading. Typically, people tend to gravitate towards crystals that are in tune with their most open chakras, and may not naturally be drawn to crystals corresponding with their closed chakras. Intentionally picking up pieces that correspond with your closed chakras can be a great way to ground yourself and assist with chakra balance.

My aura reading experience:

On spiritual topics:
I like to think that readings, horoscopes, zodiac signs, birth charts, personality types, element signs etc. are all different perspectives from which you can learn more about yourself. In speaking with my friends and just looking at my own readings, I have always found that my readings based on all of the above tend to align. For lack of a better simile, I would compare it to a room full of artists who work with different mediums all creating while looking at the same scene. Each will interpret it slightly differently but the subject matter is the same.

Magic Jewelry Chinatown
Address: 238 Canal St # 108, New York, NY 10013
Price: $20/photograph & reading

Piece edited by Bojana Galic. 


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BY Remy • March 31, 2018

I Got My Aura Photographed and Read — Here’s What You Should Know

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