Last week my friend Willow from C&J Nutrition gave me her recipe for really easy coconut yogurt (vegan of course), while we were sitting on the F train together.

Before I was vegan, I loved yogurt so much! And I know that for many, giving up dairy is really difficult to adjust to when you are going vegan or trying to eat more plant based. When I had first gone vegan, there weren’t really any vegan yogurts out on the market but luckily nowadays there are multiple brands, made with all kinds of bases from soy, to nuts, to coconut. Now more than ever, there are no excuses not to give up your dairy based yogurt and if you’re wondering why dairy is scary, check this video out for a quick explanation.

Now, although there are many vegan yogurts gracing the grocery stores these days, store bought products tend to be made with preservatives, unnatural ingredients, processed sugars etc. and purchasing a non-dairy yogurt can get pricy if it’s a staple in your diet, so here’s where making your own comes in! It’s cost effective, healthier, very very adjustable to your preferences/diet and surprisingly easy! (p.s. that’s not coffee in that mug haha).

The result is a beautiful, creamy and rich cashew yogurt and I served mine with frozen berries + turmeric mulberry rawnola. Maybe I’ll post a recipe on that later, but for now, enjoy this recipe! Give it a try and let me know what you think if you try it.


Here’s what you need:
1 cup raw, unsalted cashews (the best deal imo is from trader joe’s or a bulk store)
1 medjool date (optional)
3/4-1 cup water (more or less depending on how thick you want it)
1 tbsp lemon juice
2-3 vegan probiotic capsules *
vanilla bean pod (optional)

Soak dates and cashews overnight in water.
Blend dates, water, cashews, lemon juice and the scrapings of a vanilla bean pod until completely smooth.
You can add more water to thin if you like, keeping in mind the mixture will thicken later on.
Add the contents of your probiotic capsules (open them up), then stir using a non-metal utensil.
Store the mixture in a jar or bowl and cover with cheesecloth or thin kitchen towel and let sit in a room temp area for about 11-12 hours (check it by smelling it to see if it has that yogurt smell) then refrigerate until you eat. If you like it more tangy, ferment it for longer!
To flavour with fruit, add it *after* fermentation is done, the flavour combos are endless.

When you purchase your probiotic capsules, make sure they are not strains derived from dairy, and also make sure the capsules are not made with gelatin to ensure it is vegan. I highly recommend the Jarrow Formulas Dophilus Allergen-Free Capsules which is what I used. If the bacteria count is lower or higher you may need to use one more or less capsule.


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BY Remy • August 31, 2017

Probiotic Cashew Yogurt (vegan)

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  1. Lindsey says:
    Hi :) This is the probiotic I usually take. I realize the strain count of these is less, so I could add in more, but are these specific strains okay or does it even matter? Just wondering if the actual kinds of strains make a difference in the taste/fermentation process. Do you think these would work? Thank you!

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